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Mass Ascension, Magnetic Pole Reversal and Mass Extinction
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Physical Translation,
Solar Grand Minimum, Pole Reversal
Mass Ascension, Magnetic Pole Reversal, and Mass Extinction
Expanding Awareness on LP-40

by Simeon Chi'Ra 06/10/15

This is a further update to the informational article I recently shared entitled "Mass Ascension, Magnetic Pole Reversal, and Mass Extinction ~ Expanding Awareness on LP-40," and the first update that followed which was entitled "Magnetic Pole Reversal & Magnetic Field Strength." If haven't already, it is highly recommended that you read those two articles before reading this one.

This is a body of information and awareness that is being developed over a bit of time to facilitate proper integration and assimilation. It is setting the stage for having a better understanding of what we could well be experiencing here soon. This then forms a solid foundation for being more effective at preparing yourself at all levels for what may come.

My focus will be primarily on the energetic, consciousness and spiritual side of the preparations. I will, however, be providing some highly targeted information on the more practical aspects of preparation as we go along.

That said... a Solar Grand Minimum is a regularly occurring cycle wherein our Sun's activity subsides and becomes much quieter than usual. There are minor Solar minimums that are part of the repeating 11 year cycle of Solar maximums and minimums.

A Solar Grand Minimum, however, is quite different. It identifies periods when the Sun's activity is far quieter than it is in the normal 11 year cycle minimums, and which lasts a lot longer, sometimes over a hundred years!

The last two 11 year solar cycles have been progressively quieter than any others in over a century. Our planet has actually also been in cooler trend for about two decades, which defies all the scientific computer model predictions for global warming.

In line with this is the fact that Antarctic ice is more plentiful now than it has been in a very long time. The news about rapid decline in the antarctic ice sheet is mostly relative to only one ice sheet which has a large active volcano under it. That particular ice sheet is where the news media has been focusing. Much of the scientific world knows otherwise.

However, those facts are not what this article is really about. They only point to what many scientists are now seriously considering... which is that we are headed into the next Solar Grand Minimum cycle. Many scientists also feel this one could well be similar to the larger Maunder Grand Minimum that occurred between 1645 and 1715 and which ushered in what has been called the "mini ice age."

However, the real reason that I feel it is important that we understand the possibility we may be entering into a Solar Grand Minimum is that we are also clearly headed into a magnetic pole reversal as evidenced by our now rapidly weakening planetary magnetic field. So let's take a closer look at why these two events occurring together is so important to understand!

A Solar Grand Minimum results in a much weaker solar magnetic shield and solar wind. Both of these usually combine to provide a very strong degree of protection from highly energetic ionizing cosmic rays from deep space. These are things like gamma ray bursts (GRB's). With a much weaker degree of protection from our Sun our entire solar system will be inundated with much higher levels of these potentially lethal radiations.

A Magnetic Pole Reversal leads to a very weak planetary magnetic field. Our planetary magnetic field creates a shield which normally protects us from highly charged particle emissions from the Sun and the few lethal cosmic rays from deep space that still manage to get through the Sun's shield around our solar system.

The combination of these two events coinciding would seem unusual in that we have not had a magnetic pole reversal for about 782,000 years, and the last really serious Solar Grand Minimum was 400 years ago. We really do not know if these two cyclical events have ever coincided previously, or how often if they have.

One thing is clear though, this coincidental occurrence would result in our having very little protection from deep space cosmic rays like gamma bursts and our Sun's own charged particle emissions! In such a situation the Sun's activity would be much quieter than usual, but without the protection of our planetary magnetic shield we would still be receiving vastly more energy than usual into our bodies and our planet from our Sun's emissions.

Why would gamma ray bursts from deep space outside of our galaxy even pose a threat to us at all? Good question, and to answer it you truly need to understand the magnitude and nature of deep space gamma ray bursts, and this requires a few rather astounding scientific facts.

Most serious gamma ray bursts (GRB's) originate billions of light years from us! So here is the high-energy scoop... most GRB's we detect are radiations that were the result of massive stellar explosion/implosion events billions of years ago. This places them in the earlier stages of development of our current universe. Things were a lot more energetic back then!

For example, a typical GRB burst releases as much energy in a few seconds as our Sun will release in its entire 10 billion year lifetime (Wikipedia)! Trying to understand such massive short burst energy releases truly boggles the mind!

This means that the kinetic energy and power stored within the ionizing proton streams from GRB's is also going to be many, many times greater than the protons streaming out of our Sun! These proton streams also do not appear to lose any of their stored energy potential until they collide with something, like our planet or our human bodies.

This is why many respected scientists seriously consider the possibility that massive GRB's could in fact have been responsible for some of the larger mass extinctions our planet has experienced in it's history.

To put this in scale from another perspective... there has never been any GRB's seen originating from within our own galaxy. If there was one within our own galaxy that was Earth-directed, all life as we know it on Earth would very likely perish in a relatively short period of time. This would be true even if it occurred a 100,000 light years away on the other side of our galaxy!

Because it would take approximately 100,000 years for the light and gamma rays from such an event that was Earth-directed to reach us, we really do not know if something like this has already happened in linear time and is headed our way.

There are many effects such an event would have if one should ever reach us. One of these adverse effects would be that it would very quickly ionize and destroy our atmosphere's unique mixture of gases that support life on our planet. The amount of GRB energy injected into our planet itself would cause massive tectonic plate movements resulting in huge frequent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and their resultant tsunamis all over the face of the Earth.

There would also be extreme weather events across the face of the Earth. These would be the norm in weather for quite some time if the planet was hit with a deep space GRB without the same solar and planetary protections that we usually have.

All of these effects can also be produced by radiations from our Sun if we have a very weak magnetic field. Our's is very rapidly weakening right now and could reach the near-zero state attributed to magnetic pole reversals within 2-12 years.

Our weakened magnetic field/shield combined with a Sun which is entering into a Solar Grand Minimum presents a much larger potential that we increasingly will be exposed to very highly energized quantum particles and radiations in the near future from multiple sources.

As I stated before... most of you who have known me for awhile know that I am not an alarmist, I never have been. I believe in working within my own being to resolve things and helping others to do the same. In fact, I had to carefully consider whether this topic was something I even wished to put any focus upon at all. This deep consideration I went through was primarily due to the "where your attention goes energy flows" universal axiom.

After deep contemplation and consideration I came to realize that the necessity at hand warranted bringing forth some communication about what is occurring. We cannot adequately prepare if we are unaware. We would be like an ostrich with it's head stuck in the ground oblivious to what was happening until it happened. Having one's head in the ground so you're comfortably unaware would not be any protection or preparation at all.

Personally I am calm, centered and reserved about all of these possibilities. I also feel I must start sharing what I know with you. I know that there is even more preparation required of me and everyone else for what may be coming in our near future. This is the journey I will be offering for those who wish to take it with me. So here is the good news!

As with all things that we can observe and measure at the physical level of reality, there are higher-dimensional subtler realities associated with them. This type of scenario is no different.

The same highly energized gamma ray bursts that can fully extinguish 3D life on Earth, can also supply the energy and light-encoding frequencies and information necessary to translate a physical body which is the human vehicle for a soul in incarnation into a higher-dimensional and more subtle sphere of reality.

The light curves of gamma-ray bursts are extremely diverse and complex. No two gamma-ray burst light curves are identical, with large variation observed in almost every property (Wikipedia)

According to the Metatronic Councils of Light, gamma rays can be used by them as a vehicle for delivering very sophisticated higher-dimensional holographic information. Their complexity speaks to this potential for them to be used to transmit higher light-encoding. Generally speaking more complex waveforms can embed a lot more information than simpler ones can.

The highly energetic and complex nature of gamma rays allows also for information from varying levels of reality to be encoded simultaneously. Such higher-light frequency information, combined with the massive energy potentials present, can easily be utilized to trigger and facilitate multi-dimensional events like mass ascension or LP-40.

It will, however, only be possible for us to make use of such embedded higher light-encodings and the very high energy states found in GRB's and various aspects of our Sun's charged particle emissions if our physical, energetic and spiritual bodies are properly prepared.

If you are prepared, you'll be able to make use of these highly energetic cosmic rays for beneficial purposes such as an ascension... a physical translation into higher spheres of reality.

An analogy to help demonstrate how this translation from one dimension into another while maintaining an overall aggregate form on some level will be helpful. One analogy would be that of the Star Trek transporter system. A body being dematerialized, transported, then re-materialized in another location.

However, in our ascension scenario we are not speaking of re-materializing in another location within the same reality sphere we were dematerialized within. Instead, we would be re-materialized in a subtler level of reality.

In order for this to occur all the "matter" of the old form that was dematerialized would have to be brought to a higher atomic spin state. In fact, this has to occur for the dematerialization process to occur in the first place. Therefore, in the analogy we are using we would never again re-materialize at the other end of a transporter.

We would remain in that higher spin state and take up residence in a World System II planetary reality sphere which Thoth has been referring to as the New Earth Star.

Dematerialization has to occur in a way whereby the aggregate of energies and subtler states of matter that are achieved as we hit higher spin states remain cohesively bound together as a higher-dimensional vehicle for our continued incarnation in a subtler vibrational reality system.

This is one area of importance for our preparations. In simple terms, being very strongly centered in your heart is what is needed. However, there are differing levels to what that means which I will be sharing as part of the journey of preparation I will be offering soon.

If you do not have the necessary heart-coherence and a sufficiently expanded awareness so you can maintain cohesion in your form during transport into subtler states of reality, then what occurs will be similar to an ice cube being heated. This is where it rapidly turns to water then water vapor which simply disperses into the atmosphere. In this case, the "atmosphere" is the equivalent of the universal sea of energy.

I firmly know in my heart at this point that the LP-40 mass ascension event spoken of by Thoth will be synchronous with such a high-energy Earth changing event. I do not know all the details, but what I am relating is the essence of it.

I know this may sound far-fetched to some. However, I absolutely know in every fiber of my being that this is what I have been internally preparing for my entire life. Some years ago I had come to believe that it that this larger movement probably would not occur in my lifetime.

Now it appears it indeed very well may happen, and it could be fairly soon. Either way, being prepared will bring lots of other benefits even if it does not occur in your lifetime.

I will also share with you that I have a very deep internal understanding of the energetics involved. I carry the program for this in my paragenetics (soul genetics). I have also gone through a number of amazing shifts in the last 6 years relative to how my body and being respond to highly charged particle solar emissions like CME's.

I used to be seriously adversely affected when our Sun would blast us. It would take me down very hard physically, emotionally and mentally. I was able to maintain my spiritual sense of reality, but that was about it, the rest of my human self was frequently devastated.

I then began making some powerful key consciousness shifts internally. I also learned a lot about the biology of higher consciousness and aligned various aspects of my body and life to take advantage of that knowledge and awareness.

I was not consciously doing this at the time as a means of dealing with how I was adversely impacted by CME's etc. Rather, I was doing it because I wished to expand my conscious awareness into the place whereby no matter what was happening on Earth or in my life, I would be empowered to experience it from the place of who I really am... Pure-Love Soul-Self (PLSS). This is largely what my work represents to this day!

As a result of these shifts, now when CME's or other highly charged particle events occur from our Sun or deep space, I usually feel a surge of powerful positive energy in my body and being. It does NOT take me down or affect me adversely... unless I allow myself to over-extend because of the increased energy flow and then I exceed my design limits.

Doing that has it's own set of problems, of course! These types of problems are easily dealt with though, and I have become much better at recognizing the moment this increased energy flow begins to occur and then I make adjustments to stay in balance.

It is from this platform of experience, knowledge and wisdom, combined with connected guidance from the Metatronic Councils of Light, that I will be offering you the journey of preparation I have been speaking about.

Next up will be Part 2 of the original article this update is part of! This is where I will start sharing about what you can do to best prepare yourself and start living from a more empowered space as a result of your efforts right away!

You may wish to stay on top of what is happening each day at SpaceWeatherNews.com.

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