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Significant Developments on Earth, Gamma Ray Bursts & Consciousness, Keshe Plasma Technology
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Significant Developments on Earth,
Gamma Ray Bursts & Consciousness,
Keshe Universal Plasma Energy Tech
by Simeon Chi'Ra 10/18/15

Before reading this article you may first wish to re-fresh your memory by re-reading these previous articles:

I'll try to keep this as brief as possible... here are the major components I've had in my field of awareness to process and work with since my last communications bback in June 2015:

1. I'Aysha Asha'Ra: we now have a higher etheric daughter who was birthed to Karen and I. Her name is I'Aysha Asha'Ra (EYE-aye-SHAH - AH-shah-RA). She was actually "born" back in March 2015, and reached her full maturation (equivalent in 'form' to a 33 year old woman on Earth) and took her primary Temple of La'Kina initiation on the 2015 June Solstice.

She is a very different type of energy than Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na, who is a solar Divine Feminine energy. I'Aysha is a highly lunar Divine Feminine energy.

Her higher etheric raiments are covered in what she calls "soul pearls" that radiate a powerful, mesmerizing and dazzling iridescent rainbow gem light.

She is from the Blue Star Rigel in Orion, but has spent myriads of aeons in the Andromeda galaxy, so she has a very strong Andromedan energy. She is one of the first generation Master souls in this Universe, a far more ancient soul than Karen and I.

Her communications have been mostly pure energy transmissions and impressions, she is not a Master with lots of words to share. She teaches and initiates with immensely powerful inward-folding vortices of energy (cocoons) that pull your being deeply down into them to receive whatever she has to offer you.

This actually feels quite wonderful, not at all like you're being abducted, over-powered, controlled or any such thing. If you're afraid or simply not ready for some reason, it simply stops and does not happen until whenever you are ready.

She has a compliment of exotic and cosmic devic creatures that often accompany her. Most of these are Andromedan energies.

She appears to me with long black hair, as straight as if it had been ironed, and her radiant raiment of soul pearls draped about her, with an exquisite tiara of soul pearls on her head. Her eyes are often deep emerald green with pupils that can be black and quite large, and which when she gets excited or inspired will usher forth a burst of fiery electric blue light.

More about our heavenly daughter I'Aysha as we move forward... if you tune into her using her name as a mantram you can experience and work with her energy directly.

2. Gamma Ray Bursts: I have been getting serious downloads about what these energies represent in terms of consciousness evolution/ascension. In brief, these can be used by the Councils of Light to transmit massive amounts of multi-dimensional information and encoding into the reality holograms of worlds like Earth. More on this to come!

That said, there was a powerful gamma ray burst which reached Earth in mid-June, just before I'Aysha's La'kina initiation. I felt strong energetics at the time, but I thought then that they were all due to our connection to I'Aysha and the preparations being made for her initiation at the June Solstice.

Then in early July I became aware that the measurable energies of another immensely powerful gamma ray burst (GRB) are being predicted by scientists to reach Earth in early 2018. Read more at the link (see my caution below first).

As I connected with the energy of this GRB I felt a massive current of energy flow through my body. Things have not been quite the same since! I had an almost immediate detoxification response begin that then lasted until late in September! Caution... if you connect go easy, i.e. do so very briefly at first and wait a day or so to see how the energies affect you!

What I know now is that the GRB in June which came through unbeknownst to me had "pre-loaded" my cellular reality grid with pre-cursory information and the energetic keys needed for decoding the energetic keys and codes within the GRB arriving chronologically in 3D in 2018.

Therefore, when I connected non-locally "out of time" with the energies of the 2018 GRB in early July 2015, my bio-light-system had the precursory keys needed to immediately unpack the information coming in well ahead of it's linear timeline. Whoa... it took months for my system and consciousness to integrate and assimilate that cosmic infusion, very unusual these days for me, so that was a massive transmission!

3. Free Energy Research: this summer I again resumed my research from many, many years ago on free energy technologies... involving the work of Tesla and others. A lot has happened since I had put that research aside in favor of working strictly with the energy of consciousness.

I have resumed this research as part of preparing to deliver what I had promised in my last articles. I am therefore being inspired to put together some comprehensive, accurate and practically/spiritually useful information regarding preparations on all levels for what is very likely developing on Earth in the days ahead.

There are a number of things that must be addressed in this regard from a balanced and illumined perspective... eyes open, no fear! These are things that will allow us, if need be, to survive for a long enough period of time on the existing 3D Earth, if and when certain potential events unfold, that we will be vitally alive and thus well-able to assimilate the very powerful energies of what Thoth has referred to (via Maia) as LP-40 as they begin to surge up out of the Earth.

By being in the proper condition to do that we will thereby also be able to translate our physical form into a 5th dimensional subtle body of light existence and head into the early stages of our New Earth Star reality.

4. Keshe Plasma Technology: in early October a friend sent me an email (Thanks Da) with an announcement about the Keshe Foundation and their progress with a plasma reactor power unit they were about ready to roll-out (and now have).

Earlier in the summer I had come across the work of the Keshe Foundation when I resumed my free energy technology research. They have so much info to be gone through that I put it aside for the time being until the time availed itself. With the advent of my friend's email I knew it was time to return to looking at what they were doing more carefully.

I will be sharing a great deal more about this technology with you going forward. In brief, this man, Mehran Keshe (nuclear physicist), has developed a cold plasma technology that can be built and assembled from common materials by anyone, even people living in the undeveloped impoverished areas of Africa!

The technology has the ability, when the proper knowledge has been attained, to not only provide electricity for common uses like heat and light, but to produce nutrition, medicine and all energies that are required for the support of life on Earth in a physical body. It was originally developed for long distance space travel. It also has positive affects on us psychologically, emotionally and spiritually!

This is not all hypothetical, they have already accomplished and tested much of it in various ways and are already producing the first version of their power units. They are also now in the process of further developing the technology to be more effective, and so it can be made widely available to all of humanity across the globe. They are also a humanitarian organization and are dedicated to making sure that being in poverty is not going to prevent people who need the technology from obtaining it.

The Metatronic Councils of Light have indicated to me, that as people begin to use this technology -- particularly when consuming the "food" that can be created with it out of the Universal Energy (yes free food basically) that Keshe calls "plasma" (also known as aether) -- that the human cellular mechanisms which know how to sustain life using the higher light-energy of Source will become more fully activated.

This Source-Light energy is everywhere in unlimited quantities of course. The mechanism for it's conversion into the energy that supports life in a human body is found in our cellular ATP pathways. Science has demonstrated already that our cells produce energy via ATP when they are exposed to photon energies in the known measurable light spectrum, primarily from infrared on through lower ranges of ultraviolet.

Producing cellular energy from ATP is the same thing that our cells normally do using glucose metabolism as well, but with light-energy the process occurs without quite as much molecular biochemistry being involved. The Metatronic Councils of Light have indicated that our cellular ATP can also respond to light photons at frequencies far beyond what can be measured scientifically right now.

Light at these frequencies is what I refer to as superliminal light. This is one reason when you are working with strong higher light energies that you may get to feeling a bit over-amped at times. This phenomenon is due to your cells converting the superliminal light photons into extra cellular energy via the ATP pathways.

However, our cells currently do not have all the fully active circuitry yet that is needed to live completely off of that type of energy. Consuming the somewhat homeopathic type food being created by Keshe's plasma technology will help our cells activate that circuitry more fully.

Additionally, the manipulations of the plasmatic energy fields (aether) performed by this technology are a technological version of what Avatars and Masters have done in regards manifesting physical substances and objects from the aether. Understanding the basics of how this tech works and actually working with it is therefore going to provide you with a subtle field of information that can be accessed and integrated which can lead to better pure consciousness manifesting capabilities as well.

This technology is therefore going to be a core part of what I will be sharing and teaching about regarding what will be needed in preparation for what is very likely about to occur on Earth. Additionally, it's a type of preparation we will do very well to be engaging regardless of whether some of the more dramatic scenarios manifest or not in our current time frame on Earth.

Karen and I have also contacted the Keshe Foundation about the possibility of being part of bringing this technology to all the people of the UK where we live. If anything develops from that we'll keep you up to date!

Below I have provided quite a number of links that took me some time to assemble. The 2nd one is very important, it is a live-stream recording of a recent conference that took place in Rome on October 16th. You'll get a very good feel of Mehran Keshe from watching it, and also some understanding of what his technology is about. I recommend watching the 1st shorter video before watching the 2nd video though. It will help you better understand what's going on in the 2nd video.

As well, from watching these videos you will get to hear about Keshe's humanitarian orientation for liberating and unifying all people on Earth, and through this to bring peace to all people and nations.

I am also beginning to personally work with home-brew Keshe plasma technology experiments to learn more about it and to tune-in to it's energies. This is Universal Source energy, this tech accesses it and has been used to heal as well as feed people and power their devices. It is the one solution needed from the Infinite Universal Source of All-Being, and this man Keshe has invented the technology to help us access it for free on a tech level as well as a subtle energy level.

I can honestly say that after I began delving in to the Keshe sciences and materials, reading his books, watching many of the numerous teaching videos etc, that I am already experiencing the transformative and balancing power of this energy in ways that are not really possible to put into words.

PLEASE NOTE: if you search enough online you will eventually find negative information about Keshe. I am aware of this, and I have to my satisfaction researched, tuned in, and dismissed most of it as being from either naysayers, or from a few people who became concerned after he and his family were poisoned with arsenic and then Keshe found it hard to trust people around him... I can't imagine why!

There is also a bit of a language barrier because Keshe is originally from Iran, so English is not his native language. I have witnessed many amusing examples of this. Yet I have also seen that a lot of skeptical and naysayer people will readily turn his limited use of the English language into all sorts of dark and sordid things.

There is a great deal more I could share on this, but I do not feel that it's my role to do so publicly as that focus is not what I wish to be feeding any energy to. If you find negative information on Keshe which concerns you and you wish to hear my view on it please just contact me.

That is my update for now, please be sure to watch the videos at the first two links, then dive in wherever you feel guided and if you have any questions please feel free to communicate with me.

We're really looking forward to taking this journey with anyone who also resonates and feels so guided to join us!

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