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Weighing of the Heart - Balance and Inner Peace take you to Heaven

Final 2012 Equinox
Balance, Peace & Preparation
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling
by Simeon Chi'Ra 9/17/12

We are rapidly approaching the second and final Equinox in this momentous year of 2012. We also have a myriad of very transformative astrological alignments assisting us with finding a higher degree of balance.

Back in January the Metatronic Councils of Light referred to 2012 as "The Year of Power." It has certainly been that as the Metatronic Rubber has been meeting our New Earth road smoking and screeching trying to get traction all the way!

Most people I know are so busy trying to keep up with all that is unfolding in their lives that they have barely noticed that what they were asking the universe for a short time ago is now moving into manifestation through all their busyness!

Yes, the power we have been developing at higher levels for so long is now rapidly plunging much more deeply into the manifest realms on Earth! Difficult to assimilate at times, yes, and awesome to behold when we understand what is truly happening!

Right now as we approach the final Equinox of 2012 the immense power of this year is taking us through everything inside of ourselves and our lives that needs to be brought into greater balance to move forward and create the world of OUR dreams! Creating OUR dreams is how we will create the New Earth!

The two Equinoctial points on our annual Solar Cross represent a balance of all polarities of energy and consciousness in their purest essence. When we bring all polarities inside of ourselves into a reasonable modicum of balance we experience that much sought after state, inner stillness and peace!

How would life be different for you if you could sustain that state most of the time regardless of what you were doing? Take a moment to contemplate that... achieve this one thing as you are home-free!

Formal meditation practices are not our goal, they simply provide a means of practicing to achieve our goal and become stronger within it. Our goal is to be able to feel the state of inner peace and balance like we do in deep meditation when we are full-on actively engaged with life!

In the previous Temple of Hu'Mem transmission, the activity of soul pods known as Or'Ka'Ma, and their sub-pods known as Or'Ka'Ba which carry the Gifts of their soul's Mother Stars to Earth were revealed.

All the Gifts of all the Mother Stars represented by all the Starseed souls on Earth have one key to their effective release for the benefit of all beings. That key is the state of consciousness we call inner peace and stillness.

In this state of being our love flows unbounded by the limitations of matter in our world. It is the harmonics that the Temple of Sha'Lem represents which are our vibrational key for being able to accomplish this much sought after state of consciousness and beingness.

In entering into this state of being while we are in the final 2012 Equinox window along with an intention to enhance our ability to sustain it in the flow of life, we make powerful magic! Magic that empowers us to travel at the speed of light without self-destructing!

This is the magic that we need to prepare for our journey beyond 2012 as we head into the Spirit Tracing of the 2012 Fractal Line and move on into our journey through 2013... coming very soon indeed!

In the Temple of Sha'Lem video transmission I offer a teaching as well as a higher-dimensional energy transmission from the 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na, to help you make this beautiful magic for yourself and our world.

Immerse yourself in this exquisite piece of high magic that produces the most prized of all inner states of being, the silk of consciousness... inner stillness and peace!

Temple of Sha'Lem Video Transmission

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