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2012 Equinox, a Potential for Balance of Being, an energy-art for my Family of Light and Oneness by Cosmic Consciousness Online
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2012 Equinox
Potential for Balance of Being
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chi'Ra 3/20/12

We have just passed through the first Equinox of 2012! Equinox being the point of balance between light and dark in the cycles of celestial time on our planet.

This is one of the two positions within our annual planetary orbit where the axial tilt of our planet is positioned such that it is "side-on" relative to our Mother Star or Sun.

In these two positions our planet's northern and southern hemispheres are equidistant from our Mother Star resulting in the length of our nights and days being equal wherein they are also the same lengths in both northern and southern hemispheres.

The tilt in our planetary axis is known as "obliquity" and it actually varies in a regular cycle, being about 23.5 degrees right now. You can read more about this in the Wikipedia topic "Axial Tilt".

From a cosmic plane perspective, the dynamic of balancing polarities is present within every Equinox. The Equinoxes within a highly pivotal year like 2012 take on even further significance. They represent the energetic fulcrum whereby the significant transition that 2012 represents finds its point of true foundation.

For us as human beings embodied on this lovely orb, it means finding that deeper point within our being that holds the potential of a much higher degree of balance so we can make it our new reference point in consciousness going forward.

We can also relate to the Equinoxes as cosmic "NOW" points. What we refer to as the "NOW" becomes experientially tangible when we have all polarities in balance. HOW we will experience an Equinox will thus be in part dependent upon what degree of polarity balance we have achieved.

If we are out of balance in some way then the energy of an Equinox will tend to bring various things into manifestation within our lives to help us see the imbalances and achieve a greater balance. If we are in balance relative to our own "evolutionary moment" then an Equinox will tend to bring things into manifestation within our lives that represent our state of balance.

The Equinoxes are therefore always powerful cosmic mirrors for balance. Yet in a year like 2012 they are especially so. One polarity dynamic that is very important in achieving balance as we all know is the yin-yang or feminine-masculine energies within our being. This balance within ourselves also relates to our ability to experience the NOW.

This primary polarity balance is also going to be relative to what our particular soul genetic encoding is for our current incarnation. Some genetic encoding inherently has a great deal more yin or yang energy in it.

In seeking a true balance of being it is important that we honor our soul's intent for our current incarnation versus attempting to use some abstract idea of what is supposed to be right for everyone, which simply does not honor our differentiated uniqueness and thus does not work.

The key to this is to really be true to YOU! If you have difficulty accepting YOU because of self-judgments and/or beliefs about what SHOULD be versus what IS, then this will pose a significant obstacle to truly achieving a balanced state that is appropriate for YOUR being on Earth.

To correct such situations the most powerful thing you can do is to start paying better attention to what your body feels about things. If you have a specific thought, feeling, belief, thought, idea etc that makes your body feel not so good, then it is attempting to tell you something! If you do not listen to it then you will not be a happy being in the end!

The Hawaiians have a word "unihipili" which roughly correlates with the concept of "nephesh" in the Kabbalah. This is the natural soul which is closely associated with your body. It is the devic partner you have teamed up with for the journey of life on Earth. The Hawaiian spiritual traditions will tell you that "if you do not listen to unihipili then you will lose!"

This is a statement of where your power as a human being truly lies and also that your happiness is rooted in honoring and listening to the most fundamental aspect of your human beingness.

This is the basis for what I have termed Core Energy Resonance (CER) in the New Earth Crystalline Circuitry program except my concept takes it a bit further. The basic process is the same though.

Right now is an excellent time for achieving greater balance by aligning yourself with the powerful energies of the devic nature of your own body-being through expanding your field of awareness!

Do so by taking your ability to listen to your body and honor it to another level. This will empower you at a whole new level of experiencing true Balance of Being. It is from this place that all that we seek comes to fruition.

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