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The 2012 Fractal Line
by Simeon Chi'Ra

The 2012 Fractal Line

The harmonic progression of universal consciousness evolution represented in the Mayan Calendar completes on October 28th, 2011. This is according to Carl Johan Calleman's calculations.

If Calleman's accuracy was not entirely clear before the Ninth Universal Wave began, it certainly is now. His timing points for the activation of these cycles has been very close to being right on. So many people are reporting experiencing these shifts right on cue that its amazing!

Yet most of the people on the planet who are even aware there is a Mayan Calendar end date are focusing on December 21, 2012 as the point where this occurs.

Master Menon related to me sometime back that because of this factor there is a secondary collective fractal line of consciousness that will continue to unfold between October 28, 2011 and December 21, 2012.

The collective consciousness on the Earth will thereby take a pathing wherein what has been completed by the universe will not be fully accepted into the collective consciousness on our planet as a whole until December 21, 2012.

Individual acceptance and realization of these harmonics within the overall collective will of course be possible. Those who are on more advanced and accelerated fractal lines will have the Metatronic light harmonics necessary for accomplishing this ahead of the collective fractal curve so to speak.

There are several key "linear time coordinates" on this 2012 fractal line. 11.11.11 is the first one, coming only 14 days after the entire 16.4 billion year evolutionary harmonic progression of Mayan Calendar completes! 11.11.11 also has its own unique dynamic that weaves in which I will address more fully in the not too distant future.

Here is a list of all the time coordinates in the 2012 fractal line as indicated by Master Menon:

  • 11.11.11
  • 12.22.11 (Solstice - GMT / UTC)
  • 6.6.12 (second Venus Transit)
  • 12.12.12
  • 12.21.12 (Solstice - GMT / UTC)

Master Menon indicated that 11.11.11, 6.6.12 and 12.12.12 are the main coordinates in this fractal line. The two December Solstices on it are more like secondary "modulators" for the movement of this energy in our collective consciousness.

These two secondary modulators use the celestial "moment" of the two December Solstices as fulcrums to leverage the completed universal consciousness harmonics into a better (12.22.11) and final (12.21.12) position within our collective matrix.

The three main coordinates on the 2012 fractal line are key harmonic alignment points where our collective consciousness will be more completely infused with the completed universal consciousness harmonics in such a way that they become more accessible to a far greater number of people.

Of these three main nodes, the 6.6.12 node which is formed by the second Venus Transit is the most significant. It is the point where the completion of the Venus Gate will occur. This Venus Gate was opened on June 8, 2004 with the first Venus transit of this pair.

Here is an excerpt from I wrote back in 2004 about this Venus Gate:

"As Ishkea's daughter Venus transits across the face of your solar orb on June 8th, 2004 her compassionate and nurturing vibrational register will be cosmically imprinted upon your planetary ether - forever - with a cosmic hug. There is no turning back from this event.

On June 6th, 2012 comes the second in this pair of Venus Transits. This is when Ishkea and her daughter Venus seal Earth's humanity within their destiny of compassion with a passionate kiss upon the brow. The 8 year period between these two Venus Transits is the time of acceptance of Ishkea's Gift. "

If you experienced my recent Crystal Moon of Compassion transmission with Quan Yin, you are well aware that Maia's channeling of Quan Yin at the end of the meditation included a kiss on the brow by Quan Yin.

A number of people commented on how powerful that gesture in particular was for them. Additionally, Quan Yin had indicated she was of the Greater Venusian Temple which I had not previously known definitively.

I had completely forgotten about this kiss on the brow detail in my previous writings about the Venus Gate from 2004. It was only just now when I was guided to go back and include some of that previous information in this article that my memory was refreshed. I was kind of blown away when I read that part!

Quan Yin came to me as I re-read that article and said that she had used this same kiss on the brow gesture specifically through Maia as a precursory planetary initiation into what will be happening on a much vaster scale during the finalization of the Venus Gate on 6.6.12. Her gesture placed that energy into a "ready" mode.

Our job right now is of course to be present and successfully surf the Ninth Wave into the beach of universal consciousness' harmonic completion on October 28, 2011.

However Master Menon was prompting me to make time to share this 2012 fractal line information right now. He felt that having it in a greater number of people's field of awareness as we make the journey through the last half of the Ninth Wave would be very helpful to the collective evolution.

And yes, you heard that right, we are almost to the half-way point (June 15-16) already in the Ninth Universal Wave! Yikers, what a ride it is too!

I know there will be some further information and awareness coming through this 2012 fractal line, I will share it with you as it shows up!

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