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2012 New Earth Quantum Shifting, an energy art for this Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling from Cosmic Consciousness Online.
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2012 New Earth Quantum Shifting
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chi'Ra 1/9/12

To solidly anchor our conscious being and experience within the reality of the New Earth Hologram requires being able to make the quantum shift from the older limited patterns into the new patterns AT WILL.

We truly need to be able to learn to do this and be able to repeat it as necessary. Every time we do, we are further hard-wiring the New Earth Hologram and the reality it represents into our physiology and consciousness.

The leading edge of science even tells us now that making such shifts repeatedly changes the epigenetic mechanisms which control how our DNA works. There are all sorts of ways of speaking about this. Yet, it is the same basic mechanism by which we learned how to ride a bicycle or anything else.

At first you have to focus hard on that new skill. Then once you have learned it the new skill becomes second nature to you. You then no longer have to focus on it consciously, it just happens when needed.

The Metatronic Councils of Light have been repeatedly reinforcing to me for about a year now that this is the one of the primary physiological mechanisms which will facilitate our ascension of consciousness into the New Earth reality system.

We are actually in the envelope of the New Earth reality system now believe it or not! Previous to 11:11:11 this was not true. We would make the shifts I am speaking about to some degree but the reality system we were in was not fully supporting them and we had great difficulty in sustaining them.

This in and of itself... shift then slide back some... became a very strong limiting pattern unto itself! We have come to EXPECT it to happen. It was a given. The Metatronic Councils of Light are telling me now that this is nothing more than a lingering limited belief now. They are encouraging us to do everything in our power to step out of it.

This does not mean going into denial about what may be actually happening for us either while we are in the process of doing that. It does mean being aware and honest enough with ourselves to recognize we are repeating an old limited reality pattern when it happens. It is only from such an objective and detached awareness that we will ever find our way to something beyond the old limiting pattern.

The moment we spot any old pattern, we need to send it LOVE! Not hatred, frustration, anger, judgment or any of those types of energies. However, you are NOT loving the limited energy pattern because that is what you want to be experiencing. You are loving the limited energy pattern to help it expand and be no more!

You have to TRUST IN LOVE and the ultimate power it has to expand, uplift, transmute and ascend ANYTHING! Same goes for all the people in the world we see doing things we do not want to see happening in our world. We send them love to help them expand into larger patterns of energy that are not based in fear and pain.

If we send them energy that is also based in fear and pain, then we just strengthen the fear-pain pattern of energy that we do not wish to see in our world. This is basic New Earth metaphysics!

My Trust in Love Video Workshop is designed to help you develop such skills. It is NOT specifically about significant-other relationships, although it certainly applies there.

My co-facilitator Karen Ani'Ra holds a very lovely space for work like this to occur within. This really frees up a lot of energy! Her energy will also call you into knowing, loving and accepting yourself at the next level. It just happens when you are interacting with her and it's quite magical!

2012 is a year of power, but the not the old power. If we do not understand how to access our true power we will be challenged in every way imaginable to do so. Being a step ahead of the curve is always helpful!

I hope you will tune-in and experience this bit of New Earth practicum on accessing your true power!

Trust in Love Video Workshop
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