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2012 New Earth Resolutions of Choice, an energy-art for my Family of Light and Oneness by Cosmic Consciousness Online
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2012 New Earth Resolutions of Choice
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chi'Ra 1/16/12

Instead of just coming up with New Year's resolutions for 2012, I felt inspired to suggest some possibilities that can go a bit more distance with you... all the way into the New Earth Hologram beyond 2012!

I have worded them to take advantage of your power of choice! I know you will feel the New Earth power of Oneness Love these choice statements take you into experiencing as the real YOU!

Deeply breathe-in that Oneness Love that you are in truth... amplify it, give it a home within your human-being more than ever before!

We NEED you to do THAT! Our world's transition into the New Earth depends on on us ALL doing THAT! I truly hope these New Earth resolutions of choice help you to achieve THAT!

The portion of each of these New Earth choice statements which comes before the three periods (...) is the core energy, and the rest is the modulator. Once you have the full understanding with the modulator included, then using just the core activates the the whole thought-form!

I have placed just these 13 New Earth Resolutions of Choice into a PDF for you, click here to download! Feel free to share!

1) I choose to be more aware of what I am feeling in my body and being... each and every moment of my life as a human being on Earth.

2) I choose to make an effort to shift... anything I feel in my body and being to Oneness Love anytime I feel anything else.

3) I choose to do my best to take 100% responsibility for everything I feel inside of myself... to not blame anything or anyone else for what I feel.

4) I choose to trust more fully in the Source Intelligence and Oneness Love of my true being... so it can guide my life perfectly.

5) I choose to let go of something limiting each and everyday... to become a little more enlightened and expanded each time that I do.

6) I choose to become increasingly self-aware... of how my perceptions and thoughts about everything else define only ME.

7) I choose to treat everyone and everything with respect and honor... even if I do not resonate or agree.

8) I choose to align myself with the Infinite Power of the universe... by opening more fully to an expanded awareness wherein everything has a purpose and reason for existence.

9) I choose to be focused on working for my worthy goals... instead of against or in opposition to anything else.

10) I choose to send Oneness Love to everything... to help it expand into its true nature in Oneness Love.

11) I choose to perceive life and reality with an eye that is single... and without duality or divisiveness.

12) I choose to consciously express the Oneness Love that I AM each and every moment of my life... to expand the beauty, textures, colors and radiance of love in the Universal Heart.

13) I choose to be at peace in myself by witnessing the Divine Flame of Love in everyone and everything... to amplify that energy in others, myself and my world.

These 13 resolutions of choice are like the New Earth Holy Grail my beloved Family of Oneness Love-Light! Each and everyone of them has been a point of reference for me for quite a long time now. They represent core universal awareness and consciousness alignments.

Once I had arrived at these universal reference points my outer quest was over and the real inner work began. This was to live what they represent as fully as possible, to embody them as a human being living on Earth. This has produced very delicious Oneness Love fruit!

Anytime you feel you are not experiencing who you truly are to the degree you really wish to and know is possible, simply look at these 13 universal reference points and see which of them seem to apply and then implement them!

I suggest reading them each and every morning upon rising, and just before going to bed at night. These are particularly receptive times of day when the theta gateway between your conscious and subconscious mind is much more open.

Use some meridian tapping as you read each one, or just ask your body where it wants to be tapped for each one. The general idea is that you are tapping these choices for universal New Earth awareness and consciousness into your body's epigenetic and neural programming.

Notice how GOOD it feels to just read each one of those New Earth resolutions of choice too! You are not trying to affirm something that some part of you may feel is not true yet. You are stating your choice to do something that liberates you! That feels awesome!

Allow yourself to just really FEEL that awesomeness! Revel in it, bask in it! Let it ALL the way in!

If you would like my assistance with any of this I can be available, please contact me for details!

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