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2012 and the 9 Dimensions of the Heart, an energy art for this Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling from Cosmic Consciousness Online.
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2012 New Year's Message
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chi'Ra 1/1/12
w/ 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na

Blissed New Year my beloved Family of Light! As I went to the Metatronic Councils for the 2012 New Year's message they had indicated would be forthcoming, Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na flowed in with grace and power once again with the message that follows below!

First, I would like to also share some additional information I have recently received about Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na with you. She has become quite prominent in my work and getting to know her a bit better at the start of 2012 seems in order!

Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na is a soul-ray projection of her Magna-Soul that is entirely focused within the 7th Dimension. She is not a higher-dimensional aspect of Sirafana as I had originally thought. Sirafana is soley a 5th dimensional soul-ray projection of the same Magna Soul.

Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na states that her single-pointed focus within the 7th dimensional reality of the Temple of La'kina is also partly what concentrates her Magna Soul energy into the amazing power we feel with her. She therefore truly desires and needs to work with/through us humans in this dimension to help our world through its transition.

She is also not an Ascended Master in the general understanding of that honorable distinction. Her soul-ray projection has never directly existed in the 3D Earth reality.

However, she informed me that her Magna Soul has indeed had seven soul-ray projections in the 3D Earth reality over time that accomplished what the Ascended Masters have done. One of them has been popularly known to the world as Ascended Master Lady Nada.

Her 7D soul-ray projection as Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na consolidates the energy from all seven of these other Ascended Master soul-ray projections into one extremely powerful soul-ray projection of Divine Feminine Solar power in the 7th dimension. Her Magna Soul is also the direct Twin Flame of Thoth's Magna Soul (more info on Magna Souls etc).

Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na's New Year message to us below is one of hope, but with some real guidance as to how we can manifest that which we truly hope for!

Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na: my beloveds, 2012 demarks a major mile marker on your journey upon the Earth. It is not a year of apocalypse nor of instant ascension or transformation. It is rather a significant point of transition in the longer process of ascension which holds some significant potentials.

On planet Earth you now have your wings, yet very few Earthlings have truly learned to fly. 2012 will offer many more souls on Earth the opportunity to attain this critical skill.

To truly fly you must first find your way into the Divine Nest where the Universal Mother/Father can properly nurture you. When you have been properly nurtured your wings will then be strong and mature enough to fly upon the Divine Winds of Oneness Love and not falter, whereby you come crashing back to Earth like a fledgling bird.

Your desire to leave the nest is so very strong, yet you have for the most part not truly found your way into it just yet. You see, the nest is an unfolding multi-dimensional fractal reality, just like the rest of the universe. The nest you found yesterday is not the nest you need today. So in this way your desire to leave the nest, is actually by design and meant to take you to the next nest.

The nest of 2012 can be your final nest if you so choose my beloveds! The old planetary programming no longer exists except where it was duplicated over time within the consciousness of beings upon the Earth.

There is thus no background support for this old programming now. It requires your energy alone to maintain it. If you cease maintaining it and giving it energy, it shall vanish more quickly than you currently may believe is possible.

You may feel small and insignificant as one being in a collective of over 8 billion incarnate beings doing this. Yet, the reality the others choose to experience is not your direct concern. You are all inter-connected and as one, yes.

This can, however, be to your advantage rather than being a detriment. This is possible if you learn to experience the Oneness Love that you are regardless of what is taking place around you. Then a part of the other 8 billion will be experiencing Oneness Love as well.

The more deeply and fully that you are able to experience your True Self of Oneness Love, the more concentrated is the drop of Oneness Love elixir that you represent. Even but a few drops of highly concentrated elixir have the power to transform everything else in the entire solution!

You can see this effect represented in a drop of highly concentrated dye being dropped into a large container of water. The water of the entire container changes color from the addition of that single drop of dye. The more concentrated that dye is, the more of an effect it will have on the color of the whole container of water.

This effect is similar to how the quantum field effect works my beloveds. The more powerfully concentrated your ability to vibrate at Oneness Love is, the more it affects the whole that you are a part of.

It will not take huge numbers of highly concentrated drops of Oneness Love elixir to transform the fluidium of the human collective consciousness!

This is more highly possible now than ever before. 2012 is offering you a unique opportunity to greatly increase the concentration of the drop of Oneness Love elixir you represent in your collective fluidium.

To do so you must move into your final Divine Nest and receive the proper nurturing from your Mother/Father God Self. Your entire personal world must come to reside within this final nest. It is only when your entire world has become fully focused within this final Divine Nest, that your wings will be strong.

You will then be ready to fly free on the Divine Winds of Oneness Love and carry what you have experienced in the final nest out into the world to help others do the same.

The one primary thing that is required to take up full residence within this final Divine Nest and receive the nurturing of your Mother/Father God Self, is that you learn to continually and incessantly bring all of your energy back into your sacred center.

If you feel anything unlike the Oneness Love that you are resonating inside of yourself, then you must immediately take this as a sign that you have left your final Divine Nest too soon and head straight back into it.

Do not blame anything or anyone else for your having left that nest. Take responsibility and head back, that is all. This is simple, just stay focused upon it and you will gain great strength in this simple action very quickly.

Each time you become aware that you need to return to the Divine Nest, also strongly affirm "I choose to experience only Oneness Love." As you affirm this, do your best to FEEL Oneness Love vibrating throughout your whole body and being.

In this one action alone my beloveds, you can achieve true miracles and learn to experience them continually.

If you dedicate yourself to this effort, I and the other higher-dimensional members of the Metatronic Councils of Light, shall join you and amplify your efforts greatly!

You are part of our Family of Oneness Love-Light... we find no greater joy than lifting you into Ecstatic Union with your True Self of Oneness Love!

In the Rarified Beingness of Our Oneness Love,
I AM Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na
Solar Higher Priestess ~ 7D Temple of La'kina

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