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The Alchemy of the Cosmic Seed
by Simeon Chiron 04/18/11

The Cosmic Seed of Universal Consciousness Undergoing Deep Alchemical Transformations


We are in the 3rd Heaven-Pulse of Light which is a yang pulse. Things seem to be rather quiet for many people given we are in a yang pulse. Quite a few people are also reporting feeling tired, lack of energy, motivation or direction as well.

I myself have been experiencing this energy as a very deep alchemy taking place within the Cosmic Seed of developing universal consciousness. Lots of yang activity, but its not so much on the outer more tangible and visible levels as we might have expected.

This yang Heaven-Pulse of Light is an energy that involves deep alchemical transformations. It is about cracking open the Cosmic Seed's shell to prepare for full germination and emergence of the new tender green shoot of universal consciousness. The seed's shell in our analogy is the old Earth containment field which has been used to give birth to the universal New Earth consciousness.

This yang energy is thus at work very deeply within our individual and collective being making preparations for the "break-out." Experiencing lack of energy, motivation and direction are largely related to this deeper process in conjunction with any limited conditioning or old Earth patterns of consciousness we may still hold within our physiology and consciousness.

Our usual pattern of day to day motivation is also needing to shift into one that is more resonant with the New Earth universal consciousness of love and joy. In other words, if you do not love doing something, it is rapidly becoming increasingly less viable for you to engage it.

This deeper alchemical process also has its individualized aspects which are defined according to each of our Soul's unique Cosmic Blueprinting (special sessions available - hit reply and share what you need help with). We will thus each have our own unique version of this universal dynamic taking place.

The universal component is a deeply powerful universal consciousness type alchemy. Cosmic yang energy working below the surface preparing for what is to come. Take a moment to try to get a sense of how a much deeper universal power is building and working within you right now.

In the "Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry" workshop we multi-dimensionally engage a process for Metatronic re-patterning of our epigenetic and neural circuitry. This involves using some techniques to resonance-match and upgrade our human consciousness patterns with the New Earth Crystalline Circuitry star-energy patterns within our light body.

These star-energy patterns are also held within the Crystal Etheric City of Light, Korbola, at 8000 A.D. over Masada. We worked directly with Korbola and its central cortex the "Temple of Mirah" in the recent Zenhidron Crystallex Transmission webinar.

In the Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitr workshop you learn to use nine New Earth Crystalline Circuitry (NECC) Resonance Keys I have been given for this purpose. This is a very "hands-on" experiential workshop type of workshop. It encourages you to start flexing your Metatronic New Earth muscles just a bit!

This workshop also includes some very enlightening  transmissions of awareness regarding how the natural epigenetic mechanism of your physical body can rapidly change your neural circuitry in response to New Earth patterns of energy and consciousness. This is what the relatively new science of epigenetics is now demonstrating.

It is not your body that holds you back like it may often times seem. It is the onus of the old Earth's limiting patterns that the body has crystallized to help us survive up to this point that are the problem.

Survival in the New Earth paradigm requires being able to shift into more expanded planes of awareness, consciousness and love in response to life's many varied circumstances. Those who learn how to adapt to this new matrix will do very well. The time is now to learn how to do this!

You will receive tools in this program to use therein and afterwards to achieve this goal.

Creating New Earth
Crystalline Circuitry Program

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