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9D Angelic Realms of Den'hir and Ang'La'Ja, the Angel of Divine Joy, an energy-art for my Family of Light and Oneness by Cosmic Consciousness Online
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The 9D Angelic Realm of Den'hir
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chi'Ra 3/2/12
with the Metatronic Councils of Light

In bringing through the information that goes with the Oneness Love La'kina video transmission which activates on 3/3/12, our beloved 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na opened me up to a 9D Angelic Realm she refers to as "Den'hir" (DEN-hear).

This brought forth some significant expansions of awareness. She opened me up into this Angelic Realm for the purpose of embracing the "home" of Ang'La'Ja (AHNG-la-JAH - w/ "j" sound), which is an Angelic universal life-stream of energy that takes form on planet Earth in the hummingbird! This energy manifesting as the hummingbird is the focus of the 3/3/12 Ang'La'Ja transmission/activation!

The name Ang'La'Ja, when translated from the higher-dimensional Star-Tribe language that it originates from, basically means "Angel of Divine Joy."

The Angelic Realm of Den'hir, in and of itself, has a specific purpose of expanding energy patterns of Unlimited Joy in the universe, and in particular within the Greater Orion star system and thus our galaxy. It is like the Magical Heart of Joy for our Galaxy.

The 9D Angelic Realm of Den'hir is therefore within the primary dimensional matrix of our galaxy, yet it also represents a holographic universal manifestation of the energy which we call Divine Joy. This energy is an unlimited and unbounded joy that knows no limits, and which needs no other purpose or reason to exist, it just does!

Ang'La'Ja takes form within Den'hir as a further differentiated manifestation of this Divine Joy energy that is unique to our galaxy in various ways. Ang'La'Ja takes the universal energy of Divine Joy and forms a "life-stream" energy from it.

A life-stream energy has specific light-encodings that then allow it to further differentiate into form within the myriads of worlds held within that galactic domain of energy.

Simply put this results in Ang'La'Ja, the causal or primary Angel of Divine Joy in our galaxy, dancing within the Magical Heart of Joy represented in the 9D Angelic Realm of Den'hir!

In turn, Ang'La'Ja then holographically manifests through "hosts" within worlds in various dimensions of existence in our galaxy. In our world, the hummingbird, which is also part of the same Un'La'Ma universal life-stream that "hosts" the Da'Ga'Na (think Dragons - see "the video 7D Dragon Weaving w/ Bin'u'Ra" for more details) also then hosts Ang'La'Ja, the Angel of Divine Joy!

There is a whole teaching possible here on how all of this occurs that is not possible to relate in this brief article. However that little bit should quicken you into the greater holographic field of awareness to get some of your own downloads!

To further this awareness expansion process and to experience more Divine Joy, I highly recommend engaging the 03:03:12 Ang'La'Ja Oneness Love La'kina Transmission from Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na. There is an energy of Divine Joy definitely present in this transmission.

It has moved me to tears of joy each time I have engaged it. It is simple, yet utterly beautiful the way Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na comes through and lifts you into the Angelic Realm of Den'hir to experience Ang'La'Ja, the Angel of Divine Joy, then brings you back to Earth through the lifewave of the hummingbird!

If you are currently subscribed to the Oneness Love La'kina Transmissions, you will be getting the announcement with the link to this 03:03:12 Ang'La'Ja transmission video about 12am 03/03/12 GMT/UTC which is when it "officially" activates in our linear time reality.

If you are not yet subscribed, you can quickly subscribe here. These transmission's subscription matrix is open to all, sliding-scale love-offerings and honorary are both possible using the online forms. I also appreciate the support you can provide, it takes a lot of time, effort and expense to offer these!

As my heart-gift right now you can access the informational PDF that goes with this transmission as well as the amazingly beautiful Ang'La'Ja ~ Angel of Divine Joy song MP3 that our brother Josh Farmer channeled and created specifically for this video transmission.

An Additional Announcement

I also now have sharing from people's experiences from the recent 2/22/12 "7D Dragon Weaving w/ Bin'u'Ra" posted online as well, click here to partake. This is truly a "timeless" transmission for understanding Dragon energy from a universal perspective and moving more closely into working with it on all levels.

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