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The Antahkarana
Rainbow Bridge of Light
into Oneness Consciousness
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chi'Ra

The Antahkarana is esoterically known as the "Rainbow Bridge of Light" and it takes you into oneness consciousness. Therefore the Antahkarana represents a state of awareness, yet there are energy channeling structures or threads which participate in and facilitate this state of awareness.

These threads or cords connect the conscious mind and personality to the Soul Lotus and also the Magna Soul, Monad, Atma or God-Self... the I AM Presence. They also connect us to our true family of light in the higher consciousness planes.

The Antahkarana can be imagined as starting out as narrow footpath-bridge across a mighty stream, like a walking log that is a precarious crossing. Soon that log is developed further into a nice safe walking bridge, then a one lane road, then a two lane road, then a four lane road, and so forth.

The Soul Reality Lotus is continually working to develop and refine the personality structures it uses in incarnation. This is a many-lifetimes endeavor, often lasting through hundreds of embodiments.

At some point wherein the Soul Reality Lotus has attained sufficient infusion within the personality structures, the Magna Soul, Monad or God-Self also starts infusing the Soul Reality Lotus to a greater degree and therefore the personality structures as well.

Ultimately, at some point in the soul's journey the Soul Reality Lotus will dissolve into Oneness and the God-Self or I AM Presence will be in direct incarnation within human form.

This is what was witnessed with the incarnation of Isho'a/Yeshua/Jesus. His statement "I and my Father are one" is in fact stating that he had fully incarnated the Magna-Soul-Reality level of his being in human form. This is the destiny of all human beings.

One of the keys to accelerating the development of the Antahkarana is developing the ability to be able to hold one's focus upon the highest point of Light and Awareness accessible to them in each and every moment.

We must then also LIVE according to that highest point of Light and Awareness at all times to the best of our ability. This activity develops the Antahkarana, Rainbow Bridge of Light into Oneness Consciousness. This is also greatly facilitated when used in conjunction with proper meditation techniques.

The duality which profoundly enters an individual's experience once they have started developing the Antahkarana can be very intense. The awareness which emanates from the High Self is seemingly continually juxta-positioned against the more limited awareness of the concrete mind and instinctual-cellular levels of awareness.

The conscious human mind must become the vehicle for these radically different spheres of awareness to find parity and harmony with each other. In so doing a sacred alchemy occurs wherein the more expanded state of Soul Reality oneness awareness transforms and entrains the more limited versions of awareness that are crystallized within the incarnational vehicle.

This process leads to what has oft been described as a battle, although that is not entirely correct. The Battle of Armageddon (Biblical) and the Battle of Arjuna (Bhagavad Gita) are two scriptural examples which refer to these dynamics using divine metaphor and mythos.

In my experience I have found that it is better to avoid analogies that may include any form of opposition or conflict. I have found that it is better to relate to this purely in terms of the energy laws of the universe and the highest level of our being.

It is very important to become aware of how any sense of conflict at all is ultimately born of the limited ego-mind. The High Self in fact has no conflict with anything, that type of energy is simply not resonant with its true nature, which is rooted in the Soul Reality of oneness consciousness.

Therefore the most powerful thing we can do to build the Antahkarana, our Rainbow Bridge of Light into oneness consciousness, is to simply recognize this and STEP OUT of any perceived conflict between High and Low Self, it is an illusion.

To accomplish this requires a realization that it is in fact the ego operating on BOTH sides of this conflict. The ego disguises itself as High Self, then puts Low Self and the perceived High Self into conflict. The ego does not care which side wins, it only cares that we stay engaged with the conflict, because that is how the ego remains strong.

When you recognize this and then step out of the conflict to observe both sides without trying to figure out which is "right," you then move into a position that is actually in resonance with your True Self, your Higher Self which operates in the Soul Reality of oneness consciousness where there is no polarizations of duality to cause conflict.

As you become increasingly able to accomplish this, you are building your Antahkarana, your Rainbow Bridge of Light into oneness consciousness, in a very powerful and effective way which will go the distance with you.

If you would like a personal spirital mentor to help you with this, I am available!


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