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Ascended Master Menon on 2012 Sha'alura Cosmic Wave and Equinox

Ascended Master Lord Menon
2012 Sha'alura Wave & 2nd Equinox
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling
by Simeon Chi'Ra 9/20/12

Today I was reflecting upon some of the energetic nodes and gates we have passed through in 2012. I came to July and remembered the Sha'alura Cosmic Wave that inter-penetrated our planetary core and re-programmed our Planetary Logica to trinary versus binary code. That shift was huge, I am still assimilating it as are we all!

This reflection opened a gate and I then received a transmission from Ascended Master Lord Menon on how we are about to experience another ripple of this Sha'alura Cosmic wave as we move through the window of the second 2012 Equinox as a point of balance in polarities of energy and consciousness.

Ascended Master Lord Menon: the Sha'alura Cosmic Wave which inter-penetrated your planetary core on July 23, 2012 has a series of ripples that may be following it. These ripples are not such that their arrival within the Earth reality can be predicted. Some will arrive and some will not. Their time of arrival also depends on many factors.

These secondary ripples of the Sha'alura energy are of a somewhat different nature than the original wave. They exist in hyperspace dimensions and not in the primary dimensional matrix of the universe.

You could think of hyperspace dimensions as being highly energetic zones of pure energy which exist between the dimensional membranes of the universe. The cosmic event which spawned the Sha'alura Cosmic Wave sent vast quantums of energy through every dimension in existence and its impress was recorded within the hyperspace dimensions as well.

This set energy into motion within these hyperspace dimensions that had similar frequency patterns to that of the original Sha'alura Cosmic Wave. There are thus Sha'alura Cosmic ripples rebounding and pulsing all through the hyperspace dimensions of the universe.

These energy ripples may at times escape their hyperspace energy zones. The meta-science of all the factors involved is complex, so I will simply state that when resonance attunement is correct within any reality system in the universe, such as your planetary consciousness matrix, then these hyperspace Sha'alura ripples will suddenly escape their hyperspace dimensional field and become manifest within that reality system.

Your planetary reality matrix now carries the vibrational imprint of the original Sha'alura Cosmic Wave which it was exposed to in July. This in and of itself now creates a strong field of resonance that has an attractor field effect on the hyperspace ripple components of the Sha'alura Cosmic Wave.

The September 2012 Equinox window along with the astrological influences it is occurring within combined with specific movements of consciousness taking place in your world are creating the exact vibrational conditions necessary for the hyperspace aspects of the Sha'alura Cosmic Wave to manifest within your collective field. We were fairly certain this would occur but we could not say for certain until this moment in your linear time flow.

This Sha'alura hyperspace ripple energy will begin appearing around 12am GMT 9/21/12 and will build in strength through the 25th then be absorbed back into hyperspace reality. It will, however, leave an harmonic imprint that will remain with you forever. This imprint has a very unusual vibrational waveform that will then be carried by your planetary geomagnetic field. This waveform will amplify the signal of the new trinary encoding in your Planetary Logica in a very dramatic way.

Energy-forms and thought-forms in your world that are still based in the older binary code will increasingly lose power. Anything of significance in your world which is based in the older binary code, which is still a great deal, will begin to undergo an even more rapid transformation as your planetary energy rushes more quickly towards its further liberation and eschaton.

As a Family of Light, it is becoming increasingly important for you to come together in unique and creative ways to support each other. The vibration of that type of focus and activity will help stabilize you in the new trinary code. You will thus be able to help stabilize your world reality.

Do not under any circumstances allow any of the drama unfolding on your world stage to become your truth. It is a manifest reality, yes. It is, however, not the only one available to you. Express only that which expresses your Core Self, the Self of Love.

Acknowledge when you have something unlike that arise, do NOT deny it because you only feed it power when you do. The Shadow has no power in the conscious light of acknowledgment and acceptance of what is in the moment.

Be completely self-honest, but NOT self-judgmental. Know that you are not less than anything for acknowledging when density arises within you to be released. To acknowledge this takes great strength and courage and is in and of itself a earmark of higher consciousness.

Density cannot be released unless you acknowledge it has arisen within you. If you do not acknowledge it is there and still love yourself, it will grow and amplify within you very powerfully, especially now.

You must find the place where you can reside in stillness and peace within your self regardless of what is arising to be released through you for the benefit of all your brothers and sisters on Earth. It is for this reason the Metatronic Councils of Light requested that the Temple of Sha'Lem transmission be facilitated in this second 2012 Equinox window.

Even a few souls working with this transmission will help weave the harmonics of the Temple of Sha'Lem into the energy imprint of the hyperspace Sha'alura Cosmic ripple that leaves its vibrational imprint during the second 2012 Equinox window.

This is true even if you were to engage this transmission at a much later date long past the September 2012 Equinox window I have outlined.

In this way, you are joining us in leveraging the immense power of this hyperspace Sha'alura ripple to help embed the vibration of the New Earth Pure Consciousness Temple of Sha'Lem more fully into your planetary field.

In the Unity of Cosmic Brother/Sisterhood,
Sha'Lem, I AM Lord Menon

Temple of Sha'Lem Video Transmission

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