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New Earth Dream Time Corridor
Opens Fully in Cosmic Cradle

A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chiron 06/17/11

New Earth Dream Time Corridor Opening

This morning (6/17/11), while experiencing a truly ecstatic state within the Cosmic Cradle that we entered on June 15th, 2011, Sirafana of the Merkabah of the Host appeared within my field of awareness.

Sirafana related to me that with the formation of this Cosmic Cradle, the Dream Time Corridor for the New Earth is now open fully and will remain so from here on out.

The New Earth Dream Time Corridor is something I had not actually heard of before! I inquired of Sirafana as to what exactly it was and how its opening would benefit us. She responded as follows...

Sirafana: the New Earth Dream Time Corridor is the place in consciousness where your human thought waves and consciousness intersect the New Earth collective reality that is forming. You are both the creator and the created in this corridor.

The New Earth Hologram is still in the process of forming. All aspects of the collective consciousness on Earth that operate above a specific threshold of vibration are co-creating this hologram.

The Celestials and Illumined Ones in higher dimensional aspects of your collective, such as myself, are setting an overall tone and direction right now. Your own higher dimensional aspects join us in this creative endeavor as well. Some of you are more aware of these aspects than others, yet you are all participating because you are all multi-dimensional beings!

The New Earth Dream Time corridor opening fully, means that the potential for a more direct conscious awareness of your co-creative engagement with the New Earth Hologram has greatly expanded. Until the formation of the Cosmic Cradle that your world is currently being held and nurtured within, there were still some remaining veils. These veils thus had to be transcended by an individual's consciousness to achieve a state that reflected this direct co-creative awareness.

These veils are no more because the Earth's collective has reached a vibration that has allowed the Universal Goddess Mother, Ishkea, and your world reality on Earth, to touch each other directly through this portal now. This is occurring in a way and at a level which has never before been accomplished on Earth.

It is the Universal Goddess' infinite love that has dissolved these veils forever now. She has responded to the Earth's collective desire to know itself as love, this is what has made it possible. She is WITHIN you, and as you have connected more deeply with the part of your own nature that she represents, this then became possible in conjunction with the current cosmic alignments.

This desire to know yourself as love often generates a deep pain at first. This is a pain that is born of an increased awareness of your separative state of consciousness. It serves to quicken you to what you know to be true and possible. Embrace it with love and it will have served its purpose.

As you embrace it in this manner the pain will be dissolved like a grain of salt within the greater sea of infinite love. It is this greater sea of love where you have the foundation of your very existence.

This is a key entry point into the New Earth Dream Time Corridor. As you begin to experience the full opening of this corridor, you will gain greater conscious access to the existing awareness and power within the New Earth Hologram.

As you gain greater conscious access to this awareness and power, you will then also be enabled to co-create more directly with it. This allows you to be a more conscious participant in co-creating the New Earth Hologram and reality, and to be transformed by it simultaneously.

The world you currently exist within will then be quickened all the more rapidly into its transformation. This will occur as the current tsunami of universal awareness and consciousness pushes further inland, consuming evermore dry ground until only the universal sea of consciousness exists.

Your ability to operate successfully within the New Earth Dream Time Corridor determines how many "tsunami proof" boats and safe havens there will be for those who have not yet developed the ability to do so.

Allow your deep heart's desire, to be able to contribute an "adequate number" of tsunami proof boats and safe havens for your less-aware brothers and sisters on Earth, to be the powerful wave of Platinum Ray compassion energy that propels you forward into our New Earth carrying all your brothers and sisters along with you.

I'm there with you always.

In the Platinum Ray Radiance of You,

Not much I can add to that... it resonates totally with the energy transmission in the "Cradle of the Platinum Universal Goddess" video too!

See you in the New Earth Dream Time Corridor!

Cradle of the Platinum Universal Goddess
Video Energy Transmission

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