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Return of the Blue Star Kachina
Channeled from
the Orion Blue Fire Command
by Simeon Chi'Ra 03/05/11

The Return of the Hopi Blue Star Kachina by Amy TurnerI received a transmission from Tashab'va, the Orion Blue Fire Command, as I was working on the program for the "Ninth Rainbow of Universal Consciousness" Web'Cosm Transmission.

The Orion Blue Fire Command is a very prominent energy in this transmission.

I was originally just planning on relating this information about the return of the Blue Star Kachina of Hopi prophecy in the webinar, but this morning I was prompted to share it as a stand-alone transmission with everyone on this web site as well.

Blue Star Kachina art at upper left by Amy Turner

First, I need to provide some brief background info. Over 20 years ago, before I had even met my dearest kindred Maia, I began seeing small electric blue diadems of light. I saw these quite frequently.

I was going through major activations and awakening at the time. I always just intuitively knew these were "merkabic penetrations" into my field from higher energy sources related to the galactic brother/sisterhoods of Light. I never bothered exploring it any further as that intuitive knowing seemed complete enough for me.

Seeing these small brilliant electric blue diadems of light continues to this day. They are more frequent at some times than others. They traditionally have usually appeared in the periphery of my vision, but of late they have also appeared front and center many times. I can see them with eyes open or closed, it does not matter.

What follows is the related transmission that came through from the Orion Blue Fire Command which is regarding higher-level planetary dynamics taking place right now.

The Orion Blue Fire Command (Tashab'va): the Hopi prophecy about the return of the Blue Star Kachina originates from true Wisdom Keepers from the Hopi lineage in very ancient pre-historic times.

These Hopi Wisdom Keepers were from among the Solarians who entered the domain of Earth from the Blue Star Rigel in Orion very early in the Earth's developmental Programs of Light. Many of these ancient Hopi Wisdom Keepers were, and still are part of the Orion Blue Fire Command, which is one of the Jewels upon the Key of Thoth.

As ancient Hopi Wisdom Keepers these beings were working to hold open and further embed the frequencies of the Blue Star Rigel as the Higher Solar Logos or vibrational pattern for consciousness evolution in the Earth.

Earth is not the only planetary domain which we, Tashab'va, work with. All worlds we are involved with are accessing the higher Solarian encoding being transmitted by the Blue Star Rigel in Orion.

This star is a Master Celestial Node for transmitting and administrating higher evolutionary Programs of Light. Its functions are overseen by the Orionian Councils which we, Tashab'va, work closely in concert with and are a part of.

The frequencies of the Blue Star Rigel are being interfaced, in part, by our efforts to bring the frequency patterns of the Blue Star Rigel into fusion with the indigenous Solar patterns in your native Sun.

On Earth human beings have their energy bodies very intimately inter-woven with their planetary electromagnetic fields. As the Blue Star Rigel's frequency patterns are interfaced with the Solar and Planetary fields there are 'blue needles' of inter-dimensional penetration which occur.

Human beings who are aware, sensitive and receptive enough to these frequencies will experience these blue needle penetrations as the brilliant electric blue diadems of light that you (Simeon) and an increasing number of others have been seeing.

We, the Orion Blue Fire Command, hold the frequency pattern of the Blue Star Rigel so powerfully in our collective field that any time we interface for any reason with your planet or any being on it, these blue needle penetrations will be exponentially increased for a period of time. Our activities on Earth and in your Solar System are increasing with great rapidity now.

In the very ancient of days when the Hopi Wisdom Keepers were working to further embed the Blue Star Rigel's vibrational patterns into the Earth and your native Sun, they frequently saw these same electric blue diadems of light, but they were generally larger and more frequent in those days.

There came a time when the veils of density were closing upon the consciousness of your planet as part of the forward evolutionary thrust your human collective was taking - this was meant to be, but that is another story.

As such there was a time when even the Hopi Wisdom Keepers were no longer able to see the brilliant electric blue diadems of light which they had come to refer to as "The Blue Star Kachina." They might on occasion see them, but to those who were so used to seeing and interacting with them so frequently and fluently it was the end of an epoch.

They then developed ceremonies and rituals, some of which persist to this day, in order to facilitate maintaining the planet's vibrational state in such a way wherein the Blue Star Kachina could at some point "return" in their full regalia once again. They were in effect holding open a vibrational doorway to the Blue Star Rigel through the Higher Solar Logos of your Solar System.

Through this period of density on Earth there have occasionally been some individual's with specific para-genetic resonances with the Blue Star Rigel, usually souls birthed from that star, who have been able to see these blue needle penetrations and the Blue Star Kachina. This has occurred primarily during specific astrological alignments that are well beyond the scope of your current astrology.

As of the date of what you have named the original Harmonic Convergence on Earth in August of 1987, the gateway to the Blue Star Rigel has once again begun to open. An increasing number of people are again starting to see the Blue Star Kachina. Most people who see them are unaware of what they represent.

It is now that the time field on Earth is conducive for us to make this insertion of awareness into the planetary consciousness once again. The ancient Hopi Prophecy about the return of the Blue Star Kachina has many elements woven into it today that did not originally exist. They all have their part to play in the overall consciousness evolution on Earth and should not be discarded.

However, it will help align the energy field of this prophecy to its intended vector of evolutionary activity if even a few humans on Earth outside of the Hopi lineage understand its origins and final completion and work with it consciously from that awareness.

In this light, we Tashab'va, say to you of the Earth, the time of the return of the Blue Star Kachina is already upon you. It will come enmasse soon wherein many people will see the Blue Star Kachina dancing and marvel.

It will be a truly magical time, yet many other challenging circumstances will be unfolding on the Earth simultaneously. It is therefore our gift to you, to help you open your eyes to see our blue needle penetrations into your collective reality once again and to dance with the Blue Star Kachina into the New Earth Star.

Each time you see the Blue Star Kachina as brilliant electric blue diadems of light (and at times also gold-white) and simply cognize what they are, the doorway opens wider for all your brothers and sisters on Earth.

Attune your vision, be aware, and call upon us by name, Tashab'va (ph tah-SHAB-vuh). Use our name as a mantram and we shall more directly interface with your field as a point of entry into the Earth.

You are a child of the Earth and at one with her. She now needs your conscious interface with the vibrational pattern of the Blue Star to weave those frequencies more fully into her body. She longs to dance with the Blue Star Kachina.

These frequencies contain the codes of her true origin and her return. In turn, she shall then quicken you and your entire human collective to your true portal of return.

In the Brilliance of Heavenly Blue Fire,

Take a moment to be with that, then read on...

As previously stated, Tashab'va was a very prominent energy along with Archangel Arhaiel for the "Ninth Rainbow of Universal Consciousness" webinar. They were our escort for a guided journey into the Holo-Crystalline Lattice of Universal Consciousness and they were using our Golden Orbs of Divine Solar Chi (GODS Chi) as an entry point then transporting us from there using their own merkabic field.

I could not have imagined a better way to experience the activation of the Ninth Wave's Rainbow of Universal Consciousness. I am so grateful that we were actually given the opportunity by Tashab'va to pre-cognitively experience the actual completion of the Ninth Rainbow of Universal Consciousness and to bring that pattern back to our beloved Earth for the benefit of all!

I had tears rolling down my cheeks just bringing through the structure for this guided group journey... Maia will also joined us to speak a little about the Orion Blue Fire Command just prior to our guided meditational journey.

The Ninth Rainbow of Universal Consciousness
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