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World Financial Energy
an inter-dimensional channeling from
Sirafana of the Merkabah of the Host
in communion with Simeon Chi'Ra
on January 29, 2011

Preface from Simeon: there are so many people I know, and I'm meeting more every day, that are going through what one very wonderful woman recently called "a cosmic distancing from financial flow" right now. I too, have had my challenges with this recently.

I was therefore inspired to ask for an explanation from any one of the beings I work with (like hello, anyone willing to answer) to get a bit of a reality check.

I simply don't buy into the whole "bad economy" reality. I never have because I have prospered in such times in the past and I therefore know experientially that we are not necessarily bound by popular belief or mass consciousness trends.

I therefore got into the right harmonic attunement and I posed the following question:

Can one of you please provide more insight into what is going on why so many aware and fairly advanced souls on Earth are currently experiencing such financial difficulties?

Sirafana of the Merkabah of the Host came through as follows:

Your world is currently undergoing a crisis of values and identity. As the deeper waves of Spirit upwell from within the souls of humanity seeking to fill the collective soul with the infinite waters of love, knowing, and oneness, all that has prevented humanity from fully experiencing this natural state of being is being pushed ahead of this tidal wave of Spirit.

A physical tidal wave on your planet will temporarily raise the level of the sea allowing the waters to push further inland engulfing everything in their path. They soon thereafter subside and return to normal.

With this tidal wave of Spirit pushing inland upon the shore of human experience as the Spirit's sea level rises, it shall not recede and subside. It shall continue to rise until there is no dry land left and everything has been submerged forever in the deep waters of Spirit.

The tidal wave of Spirit is highly intelligent, it meets each in the way that suits them best. Yet, it also meets the entire collective soul of humanity on Earth in the same manner. There are many who have dedicated themselves to the transformation underway in your world for a long time.

They are more open to the flow of the tidal wave of Spirit now moving through the human experience. Just as physical water flowing will find the route of least resistance to its flow, so Spirit will flow through the human collective in the same manner.

As those who are open to this tidal wave receive the incoming waves and ripples of Spirit, anything that remains within them of the limiting collective patterns will become highly accentuated for a time. For those who have stood on the beach inviting and welcoming this wave, they will receive the full effulgence of its glory as it arrives.

It has arrived my beloveds, and you who are now feeling its power coursing through you have stepped forth as representatives of the human collective to take its flow through your being for all. Its glory may not be what you expected either, at least not for the moment.

The limiting patterns that remain within you and that are presenting the most difficulty for you right now are also those that have held humanity back from its ultimate potential though the last cycle. Those of you who find yourselves in this experience must now release your self-judgements and accept your collective roles more fully.

Re-align your focus to that which you know is possible on Earth and hold fast to it without waiver. You must serve as anchors for this New Earth consciousness even as the fearsome tidal waves of Spirit break upon you tumbling you hither and thither.

Money is but one form of energy in your lives. It is the one which you have collectively and progressively hinged your survival upon for the last cycle. This too is in the process of transformation and is at the core of the values and identity crisis taking place in your world.

The financial system in your world is in the process of becoming a greater vehicle for the unlimited Spirit. There is much fear around this in many. That which has been the sustaining stable force that secures and ensures survival in the physical form is now being de-stabilized due to the shift in frequencies.

Money is becoming the love it originates from. Look around you and you will see many representations of this forward movement taking place even as the old way seems to become more entrenched in its fear.

If you will look to your own life, you will see that your experience of love is growing by leaps and bounds and you are therefore becoming more abundant regardless of how much money you may appear to have or not have. It is also entirely possible to have both love and money or abundance in whatever vehicle of energy exchange you collectively choose. These are in truth of the same energy, everything is born of love.

The difficulties that many who are dedicated to the New Earth reality face financially right now, are one mechanism by which the tidal wave of Spirit is opening you up to be leaders in love and co-creating a new way in your world. These experiences help deepen the sense of how inter-connected you are and how senseless and ineffective the "every person for themself" approach truly is.

You are becoming the truly wise on planet Earth. Your collective betterment is also based on each individual component being anchored in what is correct for them in any given moment. As your awareness expands how much is perceived as "you" also expands.

You must live within where your awareness is in the moment and not try to fool yourself that you are more aware than you truly are at an overall baseline of consciousness. You may have awareness at one level that is not yet integrated and therefore does not represent your overall awareness condition in the moment.

It is this wisdom and the love that accompanies it that will soon be recognized as the greatest asset one can have on your beloved planet. These energies will magnetize support for you in ways that do not conform to the tenets of your current financial system of exchange and the ways of achieving wealth that are so deeply ingrained within the civilized human world of today on Earth.

Many of you look to the indigenous cultures on Earth to remember how it was before your modern society came into manifestation. You find much of value there which can be brought forward once again, and this is as it should be.

Yet I say to you that you are not returning to that way of life no matter how appealing it may seem at times. Modern society in your world has much to offer as well. It is the integration of the values which were forgotten in the old ways with that of value which has now emerged within your modern civilizations that forms the basis of your future world. There are things of value and also things which need to be released from both.

There are also many, many other reasons why one may experience poverty or lack on Earth right now. The dynamics of this manifestation are extremely complex. No one simple formula can be applied to explain this condition as many propose to be the case. There is, however, one simple solution to them all.

This solution is to become a greater vehicle for the flow of the infinite Spirit and Love within your human experience regardless of what the manifest conditions in your life would seem to indicate. You can no longer truly look to how money is flowing in your life as a measure of your consciousness evolution or your success at what is ultimately most important, which is living as the Being of Love that you are.

Some beings will do well financially during these times. They should not be seen as somehow being stuck in the old ways, nor more masterful than everyone else. These things may or may not be true. Spend no time attempting to even determine what is happening for others in this regard. Look only within yourself and endeavor to adjust your own experience and response to whatever conditions are taking place in your own life, whether they involve a fluent financial flow or not.

For those of you experiencing fluent financial flow, I say to you, be grateful and do not identify with this condition as being something superior to your brothers and sisters that do not enjoy this condition currently. Superior and inferior positioning is based in egoic identity alone.

Look instead as to how you can use your position of financial stability and strength for the betterment and benefit of humankind and to help those of your brothers and sisters that you find within your daily experience that need help in some way.

To be of real help you truly must listen to the voice of your inner Spirit. This voice will not apply simple formulas that are always the same. Feeling guilty because your survival needs are being met simultaneously as others are not, will not serve anyone.

You contribute to the collective limitation with such limited energies and worsen the condition for those whom you wish to see receive some help all the while thinking you are being compassionate. Compassion fundamentally underlies this energy, but it is being hindered and limited by the pattern which makes you feel the guilt and thus ultimately contributes to the problem and not the solution.

In each such circumstance you find yourself faced with, and there will be many, you must attune yourself with great clarity as to what is appropriate for your response to the opportunity to assist others financially or in any other way.

Your inner responses will be relative to your overall awareness and ability to trust in the infinite Spirit in that moment and nothing else. Therefore, the type of inner guidance and responses you may receive will vary from moment to moment. This could be true even for the same situation that re-presents itself to you. Listen carefully to your inner voce in each and every moment and adjust and act accordingly.

For those of you experiencing a lack of fluent financial flow in your lives right now, I say to you also, be grateful for whatever forms of the infinite love and abundance you are currently experiencing in your lives.

Recognize that the whole illusory reality of the "haves" and the "have-nots" is breaking down. In order for this to occur the intelligence of the morphogenetic planetary field will place individuated beings in various roles upon the world stage so that the imbalances can be brought into the greater light of conscious awareness for the whole.

Do not use this awareness to blame planetary conditions, others or anything else for your current experience. Do not blame yourself either. Do not feel guilty or forelorn that all your years of preparation spiritually and in consciousness have lead you to experiencing a role within the field of lack on the planet at this time.

None of it is personal to you in truth. However, if you feel guilty, angry, frustrated, forelorn, unworthy or any of the egoic thoughts or emotions like these, they will act like glue and cause you to become identified with the condition you may believe you are putting effort into breaking free from.

Rather, constructively re-direct your energy towards that which you know is possible, that which you desire to experience. As you do, watch how you can start to experience the energy of a different state or condition internally even before it comes into manifestation externally in your life.

This is a key to bringing these changes about on your planet. If you are a reasonably enlightened and aware being, you will know that there is a condition on Earth that is more balanced and desirable than what you currently see around you. This will be true regardless of whether you have fluent financial flow in your life currently or not.

I say to both the have's and have-nots, join your hearts together in the place of focusing on this New Earth reality, feeling it deeply within you regardless of the current circumstances of your life and break out of those limiting identities, for they both are just that.

Focus on the liberated and balanced New Earth reality feeling intently each and every moment of your life. Allow all life's challenges to simply be reminders that you need to focus more intently on this feeling of the New Earth of balance and fluent abundance on all levels for all beings at all times.

As you move through your day to day reality with this feeling clearly being held in your focus you will find that it becomes what you are experiencing internally and that external circumstances in your life will start to match it.

As you each accomplish this personally you are very powerfully contributing to this New Earth reality for the benefit of the entire human collective. In this way, your true purpose is served even as the mundane physical life may seem to consume you at times.

BE the love you are, express it in every moment in every way you know how. That energy will transform your life and the world faster than anything else you can begin to imagine.

Identify with nothing else but the LOVE that you are in truth. That is the only truth there is and it has no opposite. It is the power of the One that I and you are.

In the eternal song of Oneness,

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