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Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na - channeling on USA elections and new quotient of light

Light Quotient of USA Elections
by Simeon Chi'Ra 11/08/12
w/ 7D Solar High Priestess, Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na

First, let me be clear, this is not a political channeling article, it is about shifts of light-engendered consciousness taking place within the political arena and consciousness of our world.

Politics has its nasty side in our world and this election was true to form in that regard. However, there were some significant shifts in consciousness that were represented and this is what Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na is wishing to highlight for us.

If we can clearly focus on what is of value taking place in our world versus what is still falling short we will add energy to it and help amplify it in our collective evolution.

To this end our beloved 7D Solar High Priestess from the Temple of La'kina, Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na, has been nudging me to give her some of my ever-shrinking linear time to share this with you through this Station of Light.

Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na: my beloveds, the elections just completed in the USA became a vessel for a significant shift in energy and consciousness to take place in your collective and your world.

This is the further manifestation of a significant quotient of light that now ushers in the beginning of a truly new era for humanity on Earth. It is not the people who were elected that so much represent this quotient of light although many of them represent a new level of integrity and honesty in politics.

This new quotient of light is represented moreso by the people who saw through the deceptions presented by wealthy self-serving interests and who voted for the greater quotient of honesty and integrity they saw and felt.

The power of money to buy and control whatever it wants in your world has diminished greatly as a result. The power of people united and working together has increased accordingly. You will see many more changes coming along these lines in the near future as the balance of power in your world shifts to a more light-engendered expression.

This new era has been building for some time. Now it has crossed a threshold whereby an entirely new quotient of light has been released into the collective consciousness on Earth. The power of individuals to determine their own destiny and to not be deceived, coerced or dominated by various financial and governmental powers and forces has been strengthened considerably in your world.

This quotient of light must continue to grow in order to carry its momentum forward. Each time you move forward in your lives from a place of higher awareness, self-responsibility, integrity and honesty, you add to this light quotient's momentum. If you are also conscious that you wish to contribute to this light quotient's momentum as you are acting from this light-engendered place, then the effect is greatly amplified and enhanced even further.

My beloveds, each and every moment of your lives you are offered some opportunity to be conscious and participate to this end. Some of these opportunities are much more significant and clearly defined than others, yet they all contribute to this momentum.

Each day as you arise, greet the new day with a prayer-affirmation to help you align to this intent. I offer you the following brief prayer-affirmation for this purpose my beloveds. However, I encourage you to create and use something that resonates very strongly for you if what I have offered you doesn't.

This day, I choose to be a vibrant and radiant living expression of conscious higher awareness guiding love and truth for the best and highest good of all beings in my world. I commit my entire being to this intent and choice. Ame'Na (it is sealed in pure light)

11/11 Temple of EL'Sha
Zero Point of Divine Stillness

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