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Love Offerings = Good Feelings and More Fun Cosmic Stuff!!!

w/ Dolphins and Unicorns
Simeon Chiron 12/19/10

In my upcoming "Shamanic Christ in the Earth" Solstice-Eclipse webinar on 12/21 we will be working with the Dolphins and Unicorns to assist them in a process called "Christ-Crystalling" being done for the etheric and physical waters of the Earth. Keep in mind our human bodies are mostly water too!

The Dolphins and Unicorns are primary players in the Shamanic Christ work being done on this planet. They are currently involved in this very powerful yet delicate Christ-Crystalling process which is an intricate mechanism within the overall ascension of our planet into a higher expression of its energy and consciousness and they invite our assistance!

Once the water element in our planet is properly holding the higher crystalline matrix needed for ascension then the rest of life on Earth that depends upon water for its existence will have the door swinging wide open to a much easier movement into the 4th and 5th dimensional frequencies and a greatly expanded ability to sustain them.

Additionally, Maia is hoping to be present on this webinar and if she can make it she will also be offering some of her insights for the benefit of everyone present. This webinar is largely based on previous work that Maia and I have done together in the past and which is still very relevant to the whole planetary ascension process.

There is also some very nice meditation imagery going to be used which has taken me a bit of time to prepare. Much of it is based on energy-art Maia has done which I composited in various ways to get the proper dynamics.

This webinar transmission includes the following:

The Solar Christ Cycle  

Understanding Solstice-Equinox cycles and their correlation to the annular involutionary and evolutionary movements of the Christ Consciousness as a shamanic power in the Earth.

Understanding how the Shamanic Christ energy fluctuations between northern and southern hemispheres occurs and how this affects the equatorial zones of the Earth - special visual diagrams utilized.

The Christic Sun Spirit

 This is the main section that draws upon work Maia and I have done previously. We will sharing how the Macro-cosmic Adam Kadmon comprised of 9 fully integrated Master Souls entered our Solar Logos and the Elohim, then subsequently entered the Earth through the two Christ souls. Thoth and the Archangel Arhaiel and thus powerfully set the Earth and her human collective into the next octave of their journey into the New Earth Star.

The Shamanic Christ is Initiated

This is a continuance of the Christic Sun Spirit section that addresses where, when and how the Shamanic Christ in the Earth annular cycle and main work began. Hint: it is associated with the final portion of Yeshua's physical mission on Earth.

Shamanic Christ Activity

Understanding how the Shamanic Christ is facilitating the higher-dimensional interface with Earth's Natural Kingdom and beyond into galactic and even inter-galactic realms. The purpose and mechanisms of graceful transmutation of karma at various levels. Basic higher-dimensional mandates this activity takes place under.

Working with the Shamanic Christ

The necessary requirements for successfully working with the Shamanic Christ energy in the Earth are covered and we then will enter into working directly with the Shamanic Christ in concert with the Dolphins and Unicorns to assist them in their process of "Christ-Crystalling" the etheric and planetary waters of our planet.

The webinar is being recorded as a WMV video and will be available later in the day of the live event. You can thus benefit from this webinar and engage the Dolphins and Unicorns at your own convenience if you are unable to make the live event!

I truly hope you will join me in this special webinar. It is available on my sliding love offering scale. I am offering this sliding scale to allow more people to participate and I truly appreciate your support in this effort.

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Love Offerings = Good Feelings and More Fun Cosmic Stuff!!!

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