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Comet Lovejoy Survives energy art for this Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling from Cosmic Consciousness Online.
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Comet Lovejoy Survives!
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chi'Ra 12/16/11

I had just created the main energy-art for the Sen'Su 12:22:11 Solstice video transmission when I received an email notice from SpaceWeather.com about a small comet that was named "Lovejoy." Well that caught my eye given what is happening in our cosmic energy environment right now!

This was a comet of a very common type that originate from a debris field. There are comets of this type plunging into our Sun quite frequently. Comet Lovejoy, however, was brighter than most and was considerably larger at about 200 meters across.

Scientists were predicting it might possibly survive as its trajectory caused it to barely graze the surface of our Sun by passing through its coronal envelope about 140,000 kilometers from its surface.

Most scientists felt it would be vaporized in a flash of hot gas though. Keep in mind that many of the larger solar flares shoot out from the Sun further than the distance this comet was passing by!

As I read this info online I had a very strong intuition this comet was going to survive! Today I got another message from SpaceWeather.com indicating it had indeed survived!

Now you may think this weird, but I was so over-joyed that I was almost in tears about this little comet surviving! It is just so symbolic and carries such a message of New Earth hope!

A tiny comet that was passing through our Sun's corona very close to the 12:22:11 Solstice (solar event) and on the cusp of entering into the highly pivotal year of 2012 named Lovejoy! That alone is a small miracle in and of itself!

Then, against all odds this tiny comet survives the ordeal. It is only made up of rock fragments glued together by ice. For an iceball to pass this close to the Sun and survive is totally amazing!

So a comet assigned the vibrational signature of "Lovejoy," the joy of love, passes through the furious solar intensity, the re-creative fires of transformation, and survives to run free into orbit once again!

Its orbit too was altered greatly by the gravitational field of the Sun. So it was also set onto a new path to carry the frequency of the joy of love into the universe in new directions!

Its loss of mass as a result of its transformational passage represents a loss of density... now its love is now more free to experience the joy of just being itself flying free in a new direction!

There is a little bit of each of us in Comet Lovejoy! Do you feel it?

This is also so amazingly resonant with the sounding of the 2nd Sacred Tone which activated on 12:22:11. The Metatronic Councils of Light gave me the name of "Sen'Su" for this 2nd Sacred Tone and said it meant "Ecstatic Union."

I have since done a bit of research and found that there is a Latin word "sensu" which is also the root of the word "sensual." What I have gained in awareness about this (it's still coming in) is that the Ecstatic Union of Sen'Su is a harmonic that unites the higher-lower sensual realms.

Now look at the energy-art above that I created for the Sen'Su: 12:22:11 Video Transmission... I was guided to put a small comet in it before I knew about Comet Lovejoy! It is heading for the large orb which is holding our Earth in my energy-art.

There is a lot of symbology in that energy-art, but I now know that the comet in it represents Comet Lovejoy.

In this energy-art the Earth is being held within the Divine Solar Orb of transformative fire. The comet is grazing both the Divine Solar Orb and our Earth to then fly free in the joy of Oneness Love! All aboard Comet Lovejoy...

Hope you engage this video transmission and fly free with Comet Lovejoy into new directions in the universe!

Sen'Su 12:22:11 Video Transmission
Sounding of the 2nd Sacred Tone

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