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Compassion and the Golden City
by Simeon Chiron

Shambhala and the Golden City

In relation to my recent webinar the "Zenhidron Crystallex Transmission" I shared information on the Golden City. To summarize briefly, the Golden City is both a planetary and individual dynamic. It is an esoteric perspective on what is occurring relative to the evolutionary development of our collective and individual consciousness.

What is taking place in consciousness is also taking place in our human physiology. Physiological transformations are necessary in order to be able to allow the universalized consciousness of the New Earth to be in full resonance with the genetic and neural patterns in our physiological vehicles.

The Golden City as an archetype is held within the matrix known as Shambhala. The etheric Crystalline City of Korbola at 8000 A.D. over Masada is a primary neural hub in the "New Earth Planetary Brain." In effect then, they are both part of one holistic dynamic that is leading us into direct manifestation of the "Golden City" within human experience on a much broader scale than ever before on this planet.

Shambhala is also a planetary reservoir for the energy of universal compassion and goodwill. As per my recent article related to the "Crystal Moon of Compassion" webinar it is charged with this energy by the Masters and Angelics and a host of other dynamics, including us! It is the universalized frequencies of compassion that are the nectar which enables the New Earth 1000 petaled lotus of consciousness to unfurl its petals within the human experience.

This 1000 petaled lotus has 9 octaves of 111 petals each, or 999 petals total. WE are the 1000th petal that completes the lotus! This relates also to the "Lotus Stalk" Maia wrote about a few years ago which gives us access into Numis'OM, an early transitionary stage of the New Earth. The nine New Earth Temples of Pure Consciousness I introduced recently in my "Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry" program represent these nine octaves of 111 petals each in the New Earth Lotus of consciousness. I will be sharing more on this soon.

The nectar of compassion in its universal form is what also ignites the higher Golden City consciousness and all corresponding crystalline genetic and neural circuitry within our physiology. It is therefore important to start understanding what compassion truly is in its higher universalized expressions.

We all have an innate sense of what this energy is. It is inherent within our nature because we are pure love. Compassion is an expression of pure love. Yet we also have a myriad of older energy patterns crystallized within our physiology that limit this energy and its expression in various ways.

Becoming more consciously aware of what the different levels of compassion are as this energy expresses through these various patterns of energy is one excellent way of being able to more gracefully navigate into New Earth consciousness and the manifestation of the Golden City within our human forms and experience.

There are three basic octaves to the energetic expression of compassion. Each octave has a corresponding gem and ray. Within the highest octave there are both old and New Earth patterns and expressions of this consciousness.

I have spoken to these two different expressions a bit in some of my other transmissions. The transmission I did entitled "A Drink from the Platinum Grail" (free MP3 at very bottom of this page) worked directly with the highest octave of compassion in its New Earth expression. This is where I first made the distinction between the old and New Earth expressions of this energy. I related the difference between the "Golden Rule/Grail/Ray" and the "Platinum Rule/Grail/Ray."

Quan Yin requested that I offer a further expansion of awareness around this in the "Crystal Moon of Compassion" transmission. In this it you will be powerfully embraced within the graceful and compassionate energy of Quan Yin as she offers you the nectar of universal compassion from her Shambhala Heart at a whole new level to help you with this expansion.

Shambhala is literally bursting and overflowing with the Golden Nectar of compassion and its charge is still expanding. It is flowing into all receptive human minds and consciousness in a very powerful way. Quan Yin will be working with you to bring more of this energy down into the planetary crystallex grid which then makes it even easier for all of humanity to be quickened to their true nature by its ecstatic unity frequencies.

I know you will be deeply moved by your experience of this ecstatic energy of compassion and the immense stellar heart of one of the most exquisite Universal Goddess energies on Earth expressing through the portal of Venus, Quan Yin!

My dearest kindred Maia also joined us as a guest in this transmission to share her lovely heart, wisdom and a special channeling of Quan Yin with us as well!

Crystal Moon of Compassion Video Transmission
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