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Nir'Ti'Si ~ 7D Cosmic Dragonfly Medicine<

7D Cosmic Dragonfly Medicine
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling
by Simeon Chi'Ra 7/5/12
w/ 7D Solar Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na

Reality is so amazing, fluid and cosmic! Even the seemingly mundane reality here on Earth is totally cosmic. We simply have to expand our awareness enough to perceive the cosmic energy manifesting within the mundane!

As it turns out that has been a main thrust brought forth by the amazingly radiant 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'EL'Fa'Na in her Oneness Love La'kina transmissions. She has given us a truly powerful means of witnessing reality from an entirely different macro-cosmic perspective than we are used to!

This macro-cosmic perspective is that of the universal life-streams that various life forms on our planet are manifestations of. Most examinations of the subtle energy related to life forms on our planet only look at the component of that energy which is manifesting within our planetary domain. This is quite helpful, but it does not stop there!

This month on 7/7/12 Shi'Ra and the Metatronic Councils of Light are activating a transmission of energy from a 7D planet known in higher worlds of light as "Wirana" (WEER-ah-nah). Amazingly, this 7D planetary world is perched on the edge of a major abyss wherein she is about to leap into the 11th dimension and be gone from our galactic plane of reality all together... forever! THAT is another level of ascension!

This 7D planetary world is thus gifting energies to other planetary worlds... energies that she has evolved over vast epochs of galactic time. Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na requested a Gift of her unique form of Nir'Ti'Si for us, which on Earth manifests as the Dragonfly/Damselfly. This is powerful 7D Dragonfly Medicine to be sure!

Shi'Ra chose this Gift from Wirana for our world because it holds the vibrational pattern of transformation which we see represented in the life cycle of a Dragonfly/Damselfly. This is a pattern that well embeds the energy of Divine Grace.

The Dragonflies/Damselflies start life under water as nymphs which hatch from eggs. They lurk around in the dark watery depths for some time slowly undergoing small transformations called "moults." Then, when their time is at hand, they emerge from the dark watery depths into the the world of light and air.

They then undergo one final transformation and take flight as Dragonflies/Damselflies. This is a slow gradual pattern of transformation. The Butterfly and its Ir'Bin'i universal life-stream involve a rapid large single transformation. Both involve transformation, but they anchor differing pathways energetically on Earth. Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na indicates that BOTH patterns and pathways are necessary.

The other-world Gift of Nir'Ti'Si from Wirana adds a unique quality to the energy of this more gradual and graceful transformational pattern. It has developed a very highly refined harmonic for facilitating the incorporation of pure First Cause archetypal thought-forms straight from Source Intelligence.

These archetypal seed-thought-forms are then translated into the perfect essence of the Light of Mind specific and unique to the collective soul-mind matrix they are working within. They become integrally woven into that world's patterns of gradual and graceful transformation. As beings undergo this gradual transformation they also then start incorporating this essence of the Light of Mind specific and unique to their collective soul-mind matrix!

This Gift of Nir'Ti'Si was developed on Wirana over vast epochs of galactic time. In our receiving this Gift our Earth collective then benefits from Wirana's highly developed Nir'Ti'Si evolution!

Nir'Ti'Si is a significant dose of 7D Dragonfly Medicine that we truly need right now more than ever! As Shi'Ra says in the video transmission I just put together for her... "Break free with this Gift of Nir'Ti'Si and transform anything remaining hidden in your watery depths so you can fly free to display your true beauty."

The Dragonflies/Damselflies in this video are truly stunning! I never knew just how beautiful they were, although I always felt magic around them. Also, the animated kaleidoscopic mandalas are awesome, not to mention Joshua Farmer's custom music which he channeled from Nir'Ti'Si just for this transmission. You can read the Nir'Ti'Si info PDF and listen to Joshua's Nir'Ti'Si song as our gift! Joshua is almost at his goal for producing his first EP... help him reach it please!

The awesome Nir'Ti'Si Dragonfly/Damselfly video transmission is made available in the Member Portal. If you are already subscribed to ANY of our Member Portals you will get an email newsletter on 7/7/12 at 12pm UTC/GMT with a direct link as usual!

If you are not already subscribed to any of our Member Portals you can read more about this Program of Light and subscribe here. There are honorary options and Maia is now offering her videos through these Member Portals as well so it is a great way to get just about everything we both produce in one place!

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Other Important Announcements

1) You can now access Maia's "Light Language of the Pure Gem" video which has all 12 of the amazing flame geometry Pure Gem Light Language Mandalas she used in her portion of the meditation during the awesome 6/6/12 3rd Sacred Tone and Venus Gate transmission in it. This video is available in her Kyi'Ra Member Portal and also in her Spirit Store as a one-off purchase.

2) If you missed the recent Temple of Vim'Na transmission, you really owe it to yourself to grab a copy of the video and experience it! Seems the energy went truly quantum on that one! Here are but a few examples of what so many people who experienced it had to say:

There are no words to define the collective and vibrant unified fields of pure consciousness …Sublime light energy present during this webinar. I state "no Words" because of one major KEY point mentioned during this webinar. That key is "de-personalize"... ~ RayMond Tao'Ra, WA, USA

The crystal highway was perfectly layed out and working, I'm glad to say... so beautiful... I took those crystals to all my cells, all around my body. I have to say that tonight I slept exceptionally well and long. I can feel myself light, joyful and even playful the day after. ~ Amanda BR, Spain

Thank you so much for the beautiful Vim'Na Webinar! It was perfectly Sublime... Touching into the Essence of All Things is really getting at the core of Life, beyond our often distorted perceptions... I appreciate having a practical means of applying moving into the Essence of whatever is before me (or even within me).

The closing meditation was wonderful! Thank you and also Karen for bringing this energy in so profoundly through a meditative focus. I was in such a relaxed state. I guess that's to say that I was so open to the energies that it was sinking in (syncing in) very deeply! I love contemplating the crystalline streams of light, and how that is helping all of us to touch into this and all of the Temples.

As always, Raymond's geometric for this Temple was/is quite stunning! He really captures so much beyond words in these masterful images. ~ CP, USA

Temple of Vim'Na Video

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