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The Cosmic Egg of No-Time
and the Nardee Network
by Simeon Chi'Ra Nartoomid (3/13/10)

I previously announced the Solar Galactic Gateway Energy Transmission wherein you have an excellent opportunity to enter the "Cosmic Egg of No-Time" with this gateway.

I am being Divinely inspired to share more with you on this dynamic. After watching the movie "Avatar" I had a transmission come through regarding what was being referred to as the "Nardee Network."

I received awareness that this is a network which inter-connects all worlds in the universe that have achieved unity within their own reality sphere.

The name is derived from a specific star-tribe language, and this network has many other names throughout the universe. We can use the Avatar movie as a symbolic means to understand how the Nardee network works because the Na'vi would be connected with it as they were portrayed in the movie Avatar.

While the movie does not depict the residents of Pandora physically interacting with beings from other unified worlds, they are depicted entering into crystalline communion with the Divine strata of their own world.

This subtle unity the Na'vi were so keenly attuned to would automatically put them into simultaneous crystalline inner communion with all other worlds in the entire Nardee network.

Thus, when the Na'vi sat touching each other while singing, chanting and swaying in unison around the sacred tree, they would also have been in direct communion with all beings in all unified worlds within the entire universe thus drawing upon the unified power of all those worlds in unison.

Some of the the immense power most people felt in this scene was in fact also an experience of the Nardee Network's unified Divine Power.

In the upcoming Solar Galactic Gateway Energy Transmission, the "Cosmic Egg of No Time" is a zero-point energy space or "node" we can be accessed within the Nardee network for the purpose of embodying energy from that network in behalf of our own evolution and that of the collective consciousness on Earth.

You will then enter into a state of "infinite embryonicness" in order to allow your deeper cellular consciousness to become somewhat like undifferentiated stem cells which are then able to differentiate back into whatever your higher light body instructs them to at that critical moment in time.

The Nardee Network will be infusing your light bodies at this critical moment with the Divine Codes of unified experience -- Solar Galactic Christ Consciousness. Thus your cellular consciousness will be directly informed within the "Cosmic Egg of No-Time" by the unity consciousness of the Nardee Network.

I invite you to experience this very powerful and sacred activation for your own personal evolution and transformation and that of the collective consciousness upon our beloved Gaia as well.

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