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Cosmic Gateway for the Earth, an energy-art for my Family of Light and Oneness by Cosmic Consciousness Online
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Cosmic Gateways,
Universal Life Streams & Koalas
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling
by Simeon Chi'Ra 4/26/12
w/ 7D Solar Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na

Much to my delight, Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na chose the lovely little Koala marsupial's universal life-stream of energy, Kre'Mem'O'Ka (kray-MEM-oh-kah), as the focus for her 5/5/12 Oneness Love La'kina Transmission!

Koala, Gatekeeper of Earth's Cosmic Gateway, a family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article by Cosmic Consciousness Online.As I was working with her to put together the information and video for this 5/5 transmission, a vast realm of awareness and knowledge was revealed to me. This was far too much to place into the transmission itself. In this article I am focusing on sharing one of these key areas of awareness that is helpful in so many ways.

Each planetary world's matrix has what is simply known as a "Cosmic Gateway." This is a set of vibrational harmonics within its overall design that interfaces or bridges all strata and domains of that planet's energy field with the greater universal field of awareness and intelligence.

There are groups of living beings within any given planetary matrix that are there to specifically work with, facilitate, maintain, further refine and evolve their planet's Cosmic Gateway.

A Cosmic Gateway is extremely important to any planetary matrix. It supplies the cosmic lifeblood of that world. Without a Cosmic Gateway a planetary world would become an extinct and dead world very quickly.

Some of what has been happening on Earth in recent times has been limiting the capacity of our Cosmic Gateway to function properly according to the needs of our current highly accelerated evolutionary thrust. Our Cosmic Gateway is more functional now than it was 2,000 years ago. However, it needs more functionality than it currently has as well.

Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na indicates that the peaceful and passive little Koala, living high in the Eucalyptus trees, primarily in Australia, is one of the main players in maintaining, working with and further evolving our planet's Cosmic Gateway. Like OMG, I had no idea these cute little creatures were doing work like this!

To gain a better grasp of realities such as this which underlie the visible manifest reality we can see, taste and touch, it is important to have an understanding of what the Metatronic Councils of Light refer to as "universal life-streams." You could think of these as primary universal archetypes of energy. Each has a specific function and purpose it serves regardless of what planetary matrix it takes form within.

When I speak of "taking form," this includes all forms of life in higher-dimensional worlds as well. Light itself is a "manifest form." These are referred to as "life-streams" because they flow throughout the universe as part of the overall "Sacred Flow of Life." It is the many diverse universal life-streams of energy at this level, powered by universal love, that form the Sacred Flow of Life.

As one of these universal life-streams flows into and through a planetary matrix it is "conditioned" by the energetic parameters and harmonics of that world system which have been set forth by its EL'Ohim.

What form(s) that universal life-stream takes in that world are determined by this conditioning action. This represents a very high-level alchemy that occurs and which interfaces two energies and results in a manifest form of some sort. This form will be within some or all of the dimension(s) that particular planetary world's bandwidth incorporates.

Each universal life-stream has a purpose it carries with it wherever it flows. It has a form of Source Intelligence that will vibrationally attract to it the base evolutionary circumstances and situations that best suit its purpose and function within the planetary matrix it is within.

This may mean that it could take a different pathing than the rest of the main evolution in any given planetary world. This is largely the case with the Koala on Earth. It's universal life-stream, Kre'Mem'O'Ka, is one which in and of itself forms part of the Cosmic Gateway for any planetary world that if manifests within.

The unique manifest form of this universal life-stream on that planet then also serves to facilitate, maintain and further refine and evolve that planet's Cosmic Gateway which its universal life-stream helps to form. Perfect cosmic symbiosis!

The Koala on Earth has a very poorly developed brain structure according to our scientists (this is true). They see the Koala's evolutionary survival as an anomaly. This is because the commonly held view is that it is the evolution of the brain structure which is responsible for a species ability to survive.

If only they were to see how it is the cosmic energies which Koala accesses and facilitates within our Cosmic Gateway that are in fact responsible for the passive little Koala's remarkable ability to have survived so long on Earth!

This would change the way evolution itself is understood! Many of the seemingly detrimental things (according to science ) confronting the Koala are in fact manifestations of its universal life-stream, Kre'Mem'O'Ka, manifesting the perfect condition needed to perform its cosmic function in the Earth.

For example, Koala has a diet of Eucalyptus leaves which provide poor nutrition and are very hard to digest. So Koala sleeps 20 hours a day in the forest canopy to conserve energy and allow time for digestion. This is the scientific view. This view is true, however, it only takes into account a small part of the overall scope of what is occurring on a much grander cosmic scale!

Koala and baby, Cosmic Gatekeepers for Earth, a Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling from Cosmic Consciousness Online.The most efficient way for Koala to work with the Cosmic Gateway on Earth is from within the dream corridor. Thus, the conditions of Koala's seemingly poor diet have produced the perfect condition for the fulfillment of its universal life-stream's cosmic purpose!

This is but one example of how a universal life-stream will use its own process of vibrational sattraction to determine its evolutionary activity. There are many more examples like this just for the Koala alone.

This type of awareness and knowledge has the ability to help us transcend the limitations of our Earth and understand the grand cosmic design operating "behind the scenes" in everything, for it surely is!

What is to science an evolutionary misfit, the Koala, is actually an essential part of what is keeping our planet alive in a very grand cosmic way! Koala serves a very important function in this regard on planet Earth.

Koala is one of the primary players in keeping our Cosmic Gateway healthy. With this understanding, preserving the Koala and preventing it from becoming an endangered species takes on a whole new layer of meaning!

We can help the Koala with its purpose in working with, maintaining and evolving our Cosmic Gateway to expand its abilities in this regard. The 05:05:12 Kre'Mem'O'Ka Oneness Love La'kina Transmission works directly with this dynamic.

In this transmission we go to a 4D planetary world named Orgamay in the Orion system with Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na as our guide. We then receive a gift from the manifestation of Kre'Mem'O'Ka in that world which can be very helpful to us, Koala and our planet's Cosmic Gateway. We then bring that gift back and share it with Koala!

As usual, I am gifting everyone with this 05:05:12 Oneness Love La'kina transmission's informational PDF, and as well the beautiful Kre'Mem'O'Ka song MP3 which was channeled especially for this particular video transmission by our brother in Oneness Love, Joshua Farmer.

If you already a subscriber/member you will receive an email close to the time of the activation of this transmission (5/5/12 @ 12 pm GMT/UTC) with a direct link where you can view the video (10:38).

If you are not already a subscriber/member I welcome you to also partake of this 05:05:12 Kre'Mem'O'Ka video transmission and to join our growing global cosmic community of members dedicated to manifesting Oneness Love on Earth!

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