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Cosmic Shamanism
by Simeon Chi'Ra 12/17/10

Traditionally shamanism is an esoteric practice which involves becoming sensitive to and working with the subtle nature energies of the Earth. This involves working with subtle energy spirits, devas and beings as well.

In modern times the energy domains which the practice of shamanism deals with have been gradually including higher dimensional subtle energies as well. It might seem a moot point to make a distinction between subtle nature energies and higher dimensional energies because at least some of the subtle nature energies on Earth exist in a higher dimension of reality as well.

Therefore some finer distinctions might be helpful to understanding what Cosmic Shamanism really is. For starters there is a common belief that all subtle energy exists on a higher dimensional plane. This is, however, not exactly true. Each dimension has its own spectrum of frequencies within it.

Therefore when you are in a dimension like that in which our world exists there are many frequencies and manifestations of energy that are all within the same dimension. However, some of them appear physical to us and others are "invisible" to our human eye because they operate on a subtler plane of that dimension.

You are more than likely aware of subtle energies that can be quite "negative" or "dense." In other words they may actually be lower in frequency than energies that are manifesting in visible form.

An example of this would be a "negative entity" and a luminous crystal. The crystal is manifesting in the density of a physical form yet emanates a higher frequency than the negative entity. In such a case you have very low frequency energy operating on a subtler plane of reality than higher frequency energy on the manifest physical plane.

It is therefore important to make a distinction between subtle planes and higher-dimensions. You could think of subtle planes within a dimension as being "parallel realities" to that dimensional reality. The subtle parallel reality can be at a lower frequency than portions of (or even all of) our manifest physical plane.

Cosmic Shamanism is the practice of becoming sensitive to and working with subtle energies on the higher dimensional planes of reality. It also has the additional component of learning to observe and work with how these energies interface with the subtle nature energies of the Earth which traditional shamanism deals with.

This involves understanding these critical differences both conceptually and experientially. Once you have a handle on these then doing the higher level alchemy that Cosmic Shamanism elicits becomes a very powerful experience that is quite fulfilling.

Cosmic Shamanism therefore requires the ability to be able be sensitive to and work across a number of dimensional membranes. Understanding how vastly different realms are working in concert with one another is a very rewarding experience. The work you have been watching me do for many years is Cosmic Shamanism.

I am going to be offering a "Cosmic Shamanism" series of webinars which will help those of you who are interested in this work to better understand what it actually involves and to learn how to better hone your Cosmic Shamanism skills. This is an important work to be done to facilitate the ascension of our planet's human collective.

The first in the "Cosmic Shamanism" webinar series is my upcoming "Shamanic Christ in the Earth" webinar. This is being held on the December 21st Solstice (Winter North, Summer South) which also hosts a powerful eclipse this year.

How the Christ Consciousness energy on Earth moves within our shamanic solar patterns and cycles is a very interesting study. It is also very helpful to understanding what is happening in our own experience as we move through these powerful cosmi-shamanic cycles each year in a human body.

In the upcoming "Shamanic Christ in the Earth" webinar I will also be sharing information on how Christ Consciousness from higher-dimensional realms has been interfacing with the Earth via the Solar Logos and the Christic Sun Spirit that it hosts.

This awareness adds a whole new perspective to what sun worship may have really been about in very ancient times before it became almost entirely associated with the life giving power of the sun to grow crops etc. That is certainly a power of blessing from our sun we can be grateful for, yet there is so much more!

The awareness I will be sharing with you also adds some considerable dimension to understanding the whole "Christ Mission" on Earth from a higher-dimensional cosmic perspective.

If you have ever wanted to know what is really going on "behind the dimensional scenes" with the whole Christ energy phenomenon on and in the Earth you will definitely not want to miss this webinar!

It is being recorded in WMV video format, so you can watch it at your convenience if you cannot make the live event. All you need to do is to register!

I hope you will join me in celebrating this wonderful holiday season by engaging a bit of Christic Cosmic Shamanism, this is my Christmas program ya know! ;-)

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Love Offerings = Good Feelings and More Fun Cosmic Stuff!!!

Shamanic Christ in the Earth
Energy Transmission Video

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