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Cresting the 9th Cosmic Energy Wave
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chi'Ra 8/9/11

9th Universal Cosmic Energy Wave of Oneness for the Family of Light - Channeling Energy-ArtYesterday and today, August 8-9th, 2011, we are crossing the mid-point of the 9th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light resonating with the universal timing code of

This particular energy pulse is therefore the 9th in the final 9th Universal Wave. Its wave-specific timing code is therefore 9:9 and has significant resonance with the whole 999 Cube of Stars dynamic.

Additionally, Thoth suggested I try a little math exercise this morning to understand another harmonic that this 9th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light carried within it.

It was suggested I divide the number 13 (total heaven-pulses in each wave) by 9 (the number of the current heaven-pulse). Yikes, the result was 1.44444444... producing more 4's on into infinity!

Thoth then related that the 9th heaven-pulse in each of the 9 waves of consciousness evolution identified by the Mayan Calendar of course carried this harmonic. Yet the way each 9th heaven (9 total) delivers the 44:44 harmonics it carries is unique.

Here in the final 9th Universal Wave, the 9th Heaven-Pulse delivers the remaining harmonics necessary to fully activate the 44:44 "stargate plexus" within our DNA and matter itself.

This helped me understand more completely why the activation of this 9:9 Heaven-Pulse on July 31st brought such an extraordinarily powerful set of dynamics into play that altered my inner landscape so immensely!

Solar Storm Triggered by Cosmic Consciousness Energy Wave Delivering Oneness to the Family of LightIt also triggered some very intense activity within our Sun which responded to this potent universal and galactic energy wave within 48 hours by producing several very powerful Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) and various solar flares.

One of the the last of the series major CME's was so powerful that its emissions were traveling at many times the speed of the first few and rapidly overtook them sweeping them up into its charge thereby accelerating them along with it!

Solar Storm Hitting the Earth Facilitating Cosmic Consciousness and Oneness for the Family of LightOn August 4th that highly potent charged stream of very high-speed particle emissions from our Sun slammed into the Earth's electromagnetic field igniting a geomagnetic storm which registered 8 on the Kp scale - which only goes to 9!

I was affected so profoundly by the initial activation pulse that set all this into motion on July 31st, that by time the solar emissions and geomagnetic storms arrived I was in a very stable position. Many people were not affected all that much until the geomagnetic storms arrived, however.

I will be sharing more information here very soon on all the different components involved in these solar emissions and how to become more aware of what components are affecting you and how to transcend them.

For now, in retrospect the "quantum question" that Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na related to us in her message in my article on the 9th Heaven-Pulse of Light is quite profound. Everything that opened up in my life over the next few days after that activation on July 31st was clearly related to going to new levels of transparency in my life!

Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na related to me personally during those few days that there was a massive "planetary sweep" of fear based energies that took place. This "sweep" took these energies in the direction of universal transformational portals.

It's important to realize that anyone who is dedicated to planetary transformation and whose heart consciously sings the future song of unity and oneness is a universal transformation portal unto themselves. Yet, there are also larger portals we form together in various ways and in conjunction with our planet.

The activation and early development of the 9th Universal Heaven-Pulse was true to form thus drawing us more deeply within despite its yang nature. Yet this Divine yang energy plunging into our depths was facilitating deeper cosmic alignments than we may consciously realize for quite some time to come.

As we pass across its mid-point or crest we are moving into position to ride its full power somewhat like heading down the face of a large ocean wave on a surf board. I began feeling this shift early Monday, August 8th, which was the opening into this crest dynamic.

Our closest personal relationships are going to be calling us towards transparency more than ever from here on out. Wherever we are not yet transparent will be suddenly leaping into view of its own accord.

When it does, be grateful and do not react. If you do react, forgive yourself and make a fully conscious choice to not justify and thus perpetuate the reaction. Rather make a conscious adjustment and respond with love and gratitude for the new level of universal awareness dawning within you regardless of how it came to you.

Release all fear about not being seen and recognized for who you truly are because your limitations are becoming more visible and apparent. Release all identification with, and judgment of the limitations and this will be much easier.

We must become much more self-aware to become living embodiments of universal consciousness. As we become more self-aware we also become more transparent provided we do not judge that which we become more aware of.

To eliminate the self-judgment part of the dynamic you must remove your identity from whatever limitations you now see within your expanding awareness.

None of the limitations that you, I or anyone else embodies as a human being on Earth define who or what we truly are. They are only energy patterns we came to work with and to have the opportunity to express our love nature within!

We ourselves are infinite beings, we cannot be defined by such energy patterns except in our human minds. Let go into all that you are and in that place we shall find our unity and oneness together!

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