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Dragoness from Da'Ga'Na, an energy-art for my Family of Light and Oneness by Cosmic Consciousness Online
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Da'Ga'Na Universalis
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chi'Ra 2/19/12
with the Metatronic Councils of Light

I've been receiving significant downloads and expansions on the energy and nature of Dragons on every conceivable level of reality while putting together the "7D Dragon Weaving w/ Bin'u'Ra" video transmission.

Da'Ga'Na (dah-GAH-nah) is the universal life-stream that the beings we call Dragons emerge from. It does not directly produce its own manifestations all by itself in the worlds of denser form. Rather Da'Ga'Na uses other universal life-streams that are taking form to accommodate it as a host.

The other universal-life streams that serve as a host need to be very fundamental and primary/primal type energy harmonics for this to be possible.

In our planetary matrix, this has occurred through Da'Ga'Na using the universal life-stream Un'La'Ma (OON-lah-MAH), which is what manifests as reptiles, serpents, fish and birds on our planet. Un'La'Ma hosts a number of other universal life-streams as well.

Thus the fundamental primal simplicity of Un'La'Ma gives rise to complexity, and or contributes to, a whole host of different life-form manifestations including humans!

The latter is a long story, but we have a reptilian or primal brain that is a product of Un'La'Ma interacting with (not hosting) higher universal life-streams that carry what is known as the Adam Kadmon.

Out of this revelation opens a lot of other awareness regarding Dragons. For one, they take different forms in different worlds. Those of you who have engaged the Oneness Love La'kina Transmissions understand how this works by now.

Dragons even take forms that we have not been fully consciously aware of on our own planet. Part of what determines the forms they will use are the elementals they are working with.

Dragons work with more than the Fire Elementals. This is of course the most common depiction of them. Why this is so, is something I explain more in the 7D Dragon Weaving video.!

There are therefore also Water, Earth, Air and Aether Dragons in our midst! Additionally, all the Dragons we have been familiar with are associated with Earth and her various dimensional and parallel reality constructs. Yet, there are orders of Dragon Beingness beyond the confines of our Earth realities.

There are two basic Dragon Realms that grace the Earth, and there are three more Dragon Realms that exist well-beyond the confines of our Earth reality matrix.

These are Solar, Galactic and Universal. The three 7D Dragons working with the 7 Sacred Tones for our Earth, are Galactic Dragons. They are, however, orchestrating myriads of other Dragon Beings within our planetary energy domain for this sacred Dragon Weaving work.

There is a LOT more awareness imparted about these Dragon Realms and their Dragon Weaving dynamics in the "7D Dragon Weaving with Bin'u'Ra" video transmission.

The planetary level of work that is involved is ultimately about unification of all 7 Planetary Seal's New Earth programming, which sets the foundation for unification of our collective.

Their is, however, another personal benefit I have come to experience from this engagement with Da'Ga'Na as well. This is the healing of all that has occurred over time on Earth which caused me to fear my true power in incarnation and thus separate from it.

We all have an "Inner Dragon" so to speak. In putting together this video transmission I have been experiencing some profound healing of my relationship with my "Inner Dragon."

Dragons are in truth very transparent and aware of where various things need to be woven into a cohesive whole. I had no idea this is what they did until now!

As I opened to this sacred awareness, and allowed myself to heal my relationship with Dra'Ga'Na as Dragon energy manifesting on Earth, a vast realm seems to have opened before me and within me. I do not know exactly where it leads. I can only say I feel much more whole and in ways I did not realize were possible until now.

As Astronaut Edgar Mitchell once said to my beloved star-kin and kindred Maia Kyi'Ra many years ago while holding her hand at NASA and speaking with her about physics beyond the speed of light... "its no small potatoes..."

I hope you partake of the energy in this unique engagement with Da'Ga'Na manifesting as Dragons on Earth and in our Galaxy... learn more about Dragons and what they actually do as well as heal your "Inner Dragon" as part of assuming more of your true power on Earth!

7D Dragon Weaving w/ Bin'u'Ra
A Video Transmission

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