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Third Sacred Tone, Ke'Ba ~ Dove of New Life Venus Gate Transmission, energy-art image for this Family of Light Oneness Love energy channeling transmission.
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Dolphins, Dragons and Doves!
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling
by Simeon Chi'Ra 5/31/12

This article is a bit of an explanation of the symbology in the energy-art image above that I used for the 3rd Sacred Tone Venus Gate Transmission as well as some related dynamics.

With the 6/6/2012 Venus Transit we completed the Venus Gate which opened with the first in this recent pair of Venus Transits back on 6/8/2004.

In addition to the human collective on Earth and the Metatronic Councils of Light in higher-dimensional zones of our reality, there are three other energy archetypes that were directly involved in this powerful cosmic event. These three additional energy archetypes are Dolphins, Dragons and Doves!

Two of these archetypes were/are present as beings, Dolphins and Dragons. The third energy archetype of the Dove was/is involved only as an archetypal expression.

The Dolphin energy was/is present as the Hesperus, an unique grouping of Dolphin Masters from Venus. Maia Kyi'Ra has written about them in the following articles:

The Dragon energy was/is present in many dimensions and expressions of this energy archetype. However, the 7D level of Dragon energy working in the Man'ya modality will be quite prominently with us as the 7D Dragon Ga'Za'Ra.

For a complete treatise on the Man'ya and Hol'ai 7D Dragon modalities, and on all the different types and domains of Dragon energies, see the "7D Dragon Weaving w/ Bin'u'Ra" video transmission - it's a comprehensive multi-dimensional teaching on Dragons!

The Dove archetype was/is present through the vibrational nature of the 3rd Sacred Tone, Ke'Ba, the Dove of New Life. The Metatronic Councils of Light have designed these 7 Sacred Tones. There are incredible Masters of the Divine Tone like Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na, and others even beyond her at 9D levels which she serves under, that have carefully designed the intricate harmonics of each of these Sacred Tones.

For the 3rd and 7th Sacred Tones they have also incorporated the energy and consciousness archetype of the Dove, as it has been expressed on our Earth through history. The 3rd Sacred Tone uses a variant of this energy they are referring to as "The Dove of New Life," and the 7th Sacred Tone's variant is "The Dove of Oneness."

The Dove of New Earth Life is that which brings a new life based on values of love and peace. This is the basis for a New Earth reality manifest in our lives and our world. The Dove of Oneness which activates on 12/13/13 brings us into a deepening experience of this same energy and a further development of unity consciousness.

These three archetypes of energy and consciousness, the Hesperus Dolphin Masters, and the 7D Dragon Ga'Za'Ra with all other Dragons being coordinated came together on 6/5-6/6/12 in an exquisite harmony with cosmic energies elicited by Venus, our Sun, our Earth and myriads of Angelic Legions and members of the Metatronic Councils of Light! These harmonics are still unfolding and will be for some time!

We as a human collective were/are of course the main ingredient! All of these incredible efforts at higher-dimensional levels are for US! They are amazing expressions and outpourings of love for us humans and all of life on Earth.

Can you feel it? Do you feel worthy? Are you ready to receive this amazing GIFT?

Are you willing and able to dream the New Earth vision of a unified world of love with the Metatronic Councils of Light, Legions of Angels, the Hesperus (Venusian) Dolphin Masters and myriads of Dragon Beings?

You are cordially invited to engage this incredible GIFT from the universe!

Ke'Ba 3rd Sacred Tone and Venus Gate
Powerhouse Video Transmission
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