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Temple of Hu'Ona New Earth sacred geometry, an energy-art for my Family of Light and Oneness by Cosmic Consciousness Online

Eco-systems, Interconnectedness,
Unity and Oneness
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling
by Simeon Chi'Ra 5/20/12

Interconnectedness, Unity and Oneness are closely related terms that represent differing states of awareness and developmental stages on our journey into Oneness.

A rapidly increasing number of people are beginning to understand that everything is interconnected and that nothing operates in isolation. Systems theories and sciences in the mainstream world point strongly in this direction.

To really understand the profundity of the interconnectedness present in the universe we can start with our eco-systems. The interrelatedness of their individual components and with each other is in and of itself amazing, miraculous and quite revealing! This is becoming much more widely understood now thank goodness!

Yet, there is more, much more... the interconnectedness of our eco-systems does not stop at the outer reaches of our planetary atmosphere. Neither is the scope of our interconnectedness as beings with other beings limited to our planet either.

There are factors which are extra-terrestrial and extra-solar that have heavily influenced our planet's eco-systems and evolution. We are thus not an isolated eco-system floating around in the universe!

We must open our awareness to this level of our interconnectedness with the greater cosmos now. Doing so segues perfectly into expanding our consciousness into unity and oneness.

In the "Temple of Hu'Ona ~ All as One Unity" video transmission you will explore these topics in much more depth combining higher-dimensional awareness with leading edge Earth sciences to open your mind and being to more of the interconnectedness, unity and oneness of the universe.

Making this connection between the interconnectedness of our eco-systems, human bio-systems and our unity consciousness in the greater field of oneness is profound. Especially when you embrace it as I have been guided to put it together and present it!

It really opened up something inside of me too as I worked with it! I'm really excited to share these expansive unity and oneness "tweaks" with you!

In this upcoming Temple of Hu'Ona webinar transmission you will also experience the following expansions in awareness, consciousness and multi-dimensional energies:

  • A deeper exploration of interconnectedness.
  • Organic natural examples of our interconnectedness.
  • Levels of unity consciousness, how we can achieve it.
  • Unity in diversity, a seeming paradox resolved.
  • The Adam Kadmon, 12 strand DNA and universal interconnectedness.
  • The difference between unity consciousness and oneness.
  • How interconnectedness, unity consciousness and oneness work together.
  • The Master Key to Oneness.
  • Learn an easy process to keep expanding your unity consciousness.
  • The Nardee and Uma Networks - inter and intra world unification matrices.
  • How the New Earth Pure Conscious Temple of Hu'Ona works to promote unity in us and our world.
  • Consciously cognizing the unity matrix that already exists.
  • The unified relationships between Earth's eco-systems and the extra-terrestrial and extra-solar cosmos.
  • Some hard science that demonstrates the interconnectedness of self-other.
  • What transparency ultimately means with our rapidly expanding human awareness.
  • Meditation with Metatronic Councils of Light, Message from Gaia transmitted through Karen Ani'Ra.
    • Increasing our unity with each other and the Metatronic Councils of Light.
    • Expanding our unity into other worlds in the Nardee Network.
    • Receiving gifts for unity development from cosmic beings in the Nardee Network.
    • Bringing our unity gifts back to share with our Earth Mother Gaia and her children.
    • A profound message from Gaia to all of her children seeking unity.

Temple of Hu'Ona Video Transmission
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