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The 8th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chi'Ra 7/12/11

Eighth Universal Consciousness Heaven Pulse of Light

The 8th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light in the current and final 9th Universal Wave of consciousness evolution identified by the Mayan Calendar activates on July 13th, 2011.

This Heaven-Pulse is a Yin pulse.

In my original article on the 13 Universal Heaven-Pulses of Light I wrote:

8th Heaven-Pulse > July 13 - 30 (crest July 21-22) > Yin > Bridge building phase that harmonically establishes sturdier and more numerous pathways for existing older forms of consciousness to merge into the new universal consciousness with grace. The plant starts preparing internally for the climax phase of its life wherein it will produce flowers and seeds. This requires more internal alchemy to take place which represents another full turn on the alchemical spiral in resonance with the 2nd Heaven-Pulse.

Several things have become quite clear at this point regarding these Universal Heaven-Pulses after experiencing the last three in particular.

1) They are becoming increasingly less differentiated in how they feel in terms of yin and yang energies.

2) They start out by pulling you in deep in the first 9 days of their 18 day cycle.

3) As we come across the mid-point or crest things pick up and the energy can be quite intense.

4) The energy eases back off a bit as it approaches the last 3 days of the Heaven-Pulse.

Therefore, be prepared for these mid-points and the period of about a week thereafter by being aware of when they will occur. For this 8th Heaven-Pulse this mid-point crest is occurring on July 21st-22nd.

We have also been experiencing the "plunge" of a more universal consciousness into our everyday lives rather dramatically. People all around the world are reporting experiencing this in various ways.

One common theme is needing to face that which we judge in order clear any separative judgments by coming into a greater acceptance of everything in our field of awareness. This is a fundamental frequency of universal awareness which is taking us strongly in the direction of unity and states of oneness.

In this 8th Heaven-Pulse of Light we should experience this whole dynamic moving into a more mature expression. This potential is becoming far more prominently available in any event. Maturity here will mean that things will increasingly appear in our field of awareness prior to actually becoming problems.

This is where we need to be attuned on subtler levels. We also need to respond accordingly when a new subtle awareness shows up. It is easy to sweep such subtle awareness aside in favor of the old patterned responses which are stronger. Yet, if we do that then things get much more difficult because we are not truly making use of the leading edge of awareness and the expanding light entering our being.

In order for our consciousness to start flowering into a truly universal consciousness expression in the 11th and 12th Heaven Pulses of Light, we need to be truly open to making whatever adjustments are needed in the way we respond to life's circumstances. These adjustments will be informed and guided by this subtle new awareness showing up within our conscious minds.

I say subtle, but it is perhaps really not even so subtle. It's just that it does not carry the charge of emotion and will from the past that our older patterning does. It can therefore seem at times like it is subtle and without a lot of energy behind it. It has, however, the power of vibrational alignment with the infinite energy system of the universe which is a much greater power.

Therefore watch for this and avoid the trap of making assessments on this new awareness based on its existing energy charge. Look instead for how it aligns to universal principles.

Does it take you towards a more universal expression of your being so that you are able to more fluidly and fluently express the love that you are in evermore creative and fulfilling ways?

Master Menon came in as I was writing this and wished to relate herein that what he refers to as the "duality grid" on our planet is now breaking up about as rapidly as the ice sheets in our polar regions! He actually indicates there is a correlation as well, but that is another story.

People and organizational structures that have their primary "reference points" for reality within the duality grid are going to increasingly become very insecure and unstable.

Therefore if you start feeling this way for any reason the solution is to look within and ask your Higher Self to help you see where you need to shift your internal reference points into the universal field.

Truly universal anchoring like this will mean that regardless what happens "out there" you will feel solid within because universal anchoring does not shift. It is also not based on any temporal truths, structures, forms or ideas.

If you need help shifting into a more stable universal anchoring I am available for that and quite good at facilitating it in conjunction with beings like Master Menon, ShiRa EL'Fa'Na, Thoth'Hor'Ra and others.

The really big universal surf starting arriving with the 7th Heaven Pulse. I expect the waves to be somewhat less predictable from here on out based on what Master Menon has been opening my awareness into. We are entering into a wide-open field of potential in a way we have never experienced before. It's here, no more waiting!

We are thus being called to assume more responsibility for ourselves and our inner experiences, reactions and responses to all that life brings our way. Anyplace we are not doing that is going to be showing up in rather dramatic ways from here on out.

A real key to the universal anchoring I am speaking of is the cessation of projection which requires a deeper integration of the principle embodied within the simple statement "there is no out there."

This is ultimately what the Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry program is about.

The simple and direct approach to integrating "there is no out there" is to cease holding anyone or anything accountable for what you feel and experience inside of yourself. You can hold others accountable for their actions, but not how you feel about their actions.

This one simple shift will take you further than you can imagine.

The Archangel Arhaiel Golden Orb Transmission for this 8th Heaven-Pulse is quite awesome. They all are actually, but this one incorporates the ancients in the form of a forest of ancient trees in the guided meditation AND the special energy-art image (same as small image shown above, but you get a large hi-res copy), and then also the song of the humpbacks is part of the Cosmic Tone Sequence MP3 for attuing to this transmission.

If you join this matrix you will get access!

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