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The EL'ephen - 144,000 Quasars
by Simeon Chi'Ra 03/16/11

EL'ephen Quasar Zenhidron

Well, all heaven has really busted loose now! To truly understand the download I just received on the 144,000 11th dimensional quasars which collectively form what Master Menon is calling the EL'ephen (sounds like EL-efen - all short e's), we need to briefly distinguish how these "quasars" are both similar and different than the quasars our science of astronomy is studying.

Scientifically studied quasars exist in the center of super-massive blackholes and usually at the center of extremely large galaxies that have an enormous amount of material continually being consumed by the blackhole.

The enormous energy produced from the compression of all that matter into the almost infinite density and gravity of the blackhole results in two jets of high-energy emissions that shoot out from the center of that blackhole. The energy jets can be over a million light years in length. In other words they represent truly mind-boggling and phenomenal energy sources.

The 144,000 quasars of the EL'ephen are 11th dimensional. They sit on a membrane between the Metatronic Universe and the Absolute Totality of Source. Menon is calling this membrane the "Ha'reem." The EL'ephen are the means by which souls are absorbed back into the Totality across the Ha'reem membrane when their individuated journey has completed.

Therefore the quasars of EL'ephen have 'galaxies' of pure individuated soul consciousness they are consuming versus galaxies of matter. These are NOT just higher dimensional counterparts of the type of quasars we can observe scientifically either. They have no direct manifestations outside of the 11th dimension, which is the all-enveloping apex dimension of our universe (systems using much higher numbers of dimensions are sub-systems to the primary 11 dimensions). They do, however, hologram into all aspects of the universe.

The EL'ephen are also the means by which new primary flame geometries from what we might call the 'Mind of God' are seeded into the manifest creation. They therefore have a two-way flow of energy through their core matrix and these also are highly charged beams of energy. Now here is the really beautiful part which brought tears steaming down my cheeks when I got this download. The consciousness of individuated souls being consumed by EL'ephen and returned to their Source, is in and of itself what generates these new primal flame geometries from the Mind of God.

In other words, it is the awareness and consciousness carried forward from the soul's individuated journey when it fully returns to its Source that expands the Mind of God and generates new flame geometries of pure potential. This occurs through the process whereby the individuated soul energies are literally consumed by EL'ephen in a final act of surrender.

In this way new flame geometries of pure new reality potential are perpetually generated for the ongoing infinite expansion of the manifest aspects of the universe. THAT is profound, and it gets even moreso as you contemplate it further. It truly demonstrates how we and our Source are integrally One in a very unique way.

Menon also related to me that the 144,000 Quasars of EL'ephen are what establish the sacred harmonic of 144,000 throughout the manifest universe. This harmonic shows up in a myriad of forms in all dimensions, realities and worlds.

I could write volumes on the download I just got on EL'ephen alone. However, the purpose in Menon bringing forth this awareness and knowledge is to help us better understand, access and make use of what is being offered us and our world through the Zenhidron Crystallex Transmission.

Zenhidron is one of the EL'ephen Quasars. It's one that for our Earth reality holds a primary creational key. The entire matrix of the EL'ephen has been interfaced with humanity through a "lens" that has been formed by Higher-Light Intelligence since the inception of the Earth.

This lens has been formed largely by Masters and Celestials assimilating and digesting the raw primal new flame geometries issuing forth out of the EL'ephen Quasars. They then feed these to worlds like Earth in a pre-digested form which is easier to make use of and they seed these into our higher akashic field so we can then pick up on them and further develop their potentials.

This is now in the process of changing for Earth and many other worlds within similar vibrational strata within the universe. Each world has key quasars within EL'ephen to which its vibrational signature is most resonant.

We are in the process of having our key EL'ephen Quasars more fully revealed and made available to us directly. It is my current understanding that we have 13 key quasars from EL'ephen that link to what are known as the Mazalothic Thrones that will modulate our New Earth reality.

The lens which Higher Light Intelligence has formed to interface EL'ephen with our world is thus changing. Instead of forming the body of the lens itself, Higher Light Intelligence will now pull to the outside in a sense, and instead open a portal of direct focalization and transmission for these energies.

This will start to allow undigested pure flame geometries of new potential emanating from the Mind of God through EL'ephen to be focalized and seeded directly into the higher-akashic fields of the Earth for humanity to start accessing and working with.

Keep in mind, that these new raw flame geometries of pure reality potential we will be receiving are being generated by the process whereby the individuated journeys of myriads of souls in their final and ultimate act of surrender and consummation by the EL'ephen Quasars expands the very Mind of God as they rejoin their Source and merge into Absolute Totality. This brings up some very deep memory and emotion for me.

This is another area I could literally write volumes about after this recent download. What is important to know for now is that we are rapidly going to be gaining expanded access to these primal flame geometries of pure potential. The Zenhidron Crystallex Transmission is the first major infusion of these raw seeds of new reality potential to be interfaced with the Earth since shortly after her birth.

Menon has indicated that the window of the 19th through the 21st of March, 2011 is where this will be fully activated and placed online so to speak. It has already begun as of the Japanese quake and tsunami which allowed an initial download of certain energetic components needed to be able to make use of these undigested flame geometries. It was sort of like an "installer program" that got downloaded with the energetics of the quake and tsunami shifting the planetary fields.

Over the three days of the Full Moon, Equinox and Uranus alignment at near zero degrees Aries March 19-21, we will collectively be bringing in the full program that allows us to start working directly with these undigested flame geometries of new pure reality potentials.

Along with this new program to help us make use of them, we will also be receiving our first installment of undigested seed flame geometries from the Mind of God for creating our New Earth.

We have been envisioning and dreaming and hoping for so much for so long. Yet, Menon is saying that we cannot even imagine what is possible just yet. These seeds of primal pure reality potential which we are now going to gain access to will open doors we do not even realize exist just yet.

It will take us awhile to learn how to digest these pure flame geometries and make use of them, but our time has finally come to do so!

The Zenhidron Crystallex Transmission is an opportunity for those who feel resonant with the Zenhidron EL'ephen Quasar energy, or who wish to establish resonance with it, to open to its flow of undigested flame geometries of New Earth reality potentials and to play a conscious part in bringing them into the Earth for all our brothers and sisters on this lovely planet.

Check your Core Energy Resonances, are you called to experience this energy?

If so, there is a written process provided as my service to you and humanity.

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