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The 11th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chi'Ra 9/3/11

The 11th Universal Heaven Pulse of Light Energy-Art - a Family of Light Oneness energy Channeling by Cosmic Consciousness OnlineIn my article '13 Universal Heaven-Pulses of Light' I wrote the following:

11th Heaven-Pulse > September 5-22 (crest September 13-14) > Yang > Flowering, a renaissance which represents the new protoform exemplifying the higher expressions of the new universalized consciousness. The bud opens into a flower and draws upon nature to fertilize her so she may produce seeds with the right information to nurture and grow more universal consciousness within the fertile ground of all beings.

My beloved Family of Light and oneness, we made it through the Ninth Universal Wave's 10th Heaven-Pulse (5th Night) together! It was an amazing re-structuring, re-patterning and dissolution of old patterns. This activity will continue for quite awhile as I outlined in my recent Xyx'Na (zye-na) Global Link Transmission energy channeling event.

The Xyx'Na transmission's love and oneness energy really attuned people to the power of what was happening in regards the opening of our planetary seventh seal and the crossing of several great cosmic rays. It's not too late to experience this energy if you haven't already! You will be very glad that you did!

The 11th Heaven which activates fully on September 5th represents the initial opening of the Lotus of Universal Consciousness. In the upcoming Arhaiel Matrix Transmission all subscribers (honorary possible) are working directly with this energy in a very wonderful guided meditational attunement.

These transmissions also include special energy-art (like above but you get a hi-res copy) and also an custom MP3 cosmic tone sequence. These cosmic tone sequences are really shifting their energy now and many people are reporting that they have been quite powerful for them.

My dear Family of Light in the oneness, after the massive re-patterning that occurred with activation of the 10th Heaven-Pulse we are now ready for universal consciousness to start making its presence known in the outer manifest aspects of our lives and world.

Much of what has been happening in this final 9th Universal Wave of the Mayan Calendar up to this point has been occurring on deep inner levels. This inner development has often times been initiated by outer triggering mechanisms and circumstances, but it has been largely an inner process requiring outer adjustments.

I believe we will now start experiencing a significant shift in this regard. We will still have the inner process of course, but it is going to manifest in the outer realms of our experience more profoundly than before. This will show up for each of us in different ways. Essentially we will be given the opportunity to walk our talk and live our universal beliefs in ways we may not have imagined just yet!

If there are vibrational discrepancies between our inner and outer realities in terms of universal values, resonances and consciousness, they will become much more obvious to us. As these discrepancies are revealed to us we are then empowered to make the necessary shifts. We can then find much greater alignment with our True Self.

We may find life challenging at times as we assimilate the outwardly manifesting universal awareness and consciousness in our lives. We will, however, increasingly be moving into the power of our True Self and find much deeper joy, happiness and fulfillment. This comes naturally with living as the beings of love that we know ourselves to be.

My beloved Family of Light and oneness, do you feel this shift towards universal love in our collective reality? It is quite palpable, and many people are reporting it, so I know it's not just me. Contact me and let me know what you have been experiencing!

The next major webinar oneness energy channeling transmission I will be facilitating will be on 9/23/11 at 11am Mountain Time. This will be working with the activation of the 12th Universal Heaven-Pulse which is occurring synchronously with the 2011 September Equinox.

I do not have any information from the Metatronic Councils of Light for this next transmission yet. However, when I tune into its essence it feels very 'rich and deep.' This next transmission is coordinated with the beginning of the VERY LAST YIN heaven cycle of the ENTIRE Mayan Calendar... I therefore believe we may be working with a Universal Goddess type energy! More info soon!

The Metatronic Councils of Light kept impressing upon me over the course of this last week that we ARE in the New Earth now. I know that by looking at the state of affairs in our world it would not seem to be indicated that we are.

Despite appearances, however, New Earth energy IS manifesting very powerfully here. Their message is basically that we will experience what we are focused on more than ever now. If we stay focused on the awareness, energy and consciousness of the New Earth, which is very powerfully present, then we will experience that reality even while our world goes through its birthing pains as it moves into the fullness of that reality.

If we are experiencing the New Earth within ourselves, then we also provide a solid universal energy-reference point to our collective. This makes it much easier for the other beings in our soul collective to experience what we have achieved.

It is only from our love for all beings that we shall succeed with experiencing the New Earth as a personal and a collective reality. It is already accomplished, our Higher Selves have decided it is to be. It is simply a matter of letting everything else go so we can now experience what already is!

Be the unlimited love that you already ARE!

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