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Entering the Twelfth Heaven
of the Galactic Underworld
by Simeon Chi'Ra 10/15/09

Original Info: On November 8th, 2009 we will enter the Twelfth Heaven of the Galactic Underworld in the Mayan calendar. This is the same cycle as what is also known as the 6th Night. Three days later we then go through the 11:11 gateway.

I have for some time been sensing this combined dynamic to be yet another major passage for the collective consciousness of humanity. It does not feel as significant as the recent 999 time gate, yet they are very different dynamics and in truth they are synergic and support each other.

Briefly stated the final 999 time gate was a major shift in awareness from "being on the inside looking out" to "being on the outside looking in." In other words it represented an expansion into multi-dimensional cosmic awareness beyond the confines of our indigenous Solar Threshold, or the 666.

The path is now permanently open for all beings on this planet to be able to move more freely across the protective Solar Threshold of 666 into the much more expansive 999 Cube of Stars which is "governed" by the Universal Solar Logos (Great Central Sun or Hunab Ku) rather than our local star-sun.

The Twelfth Heaven of the Galactic Underworld is a shift into an evolutionary cycle dominated by Yin energy. We have been in the Eleventh Heaven or 6th Day which is a Yang pulse from Hunab Ku.

This last year has been a time of birthing at the hand of an active Yang principle of great power. Most people I know have experienced some sort of upheaval and challenge of some significance to be dealt with in this last year's cycle. For some it may even have been something that was already there previously but was taken to a new level.

All of these challenges we have faced are part of the development of higher states of consciousness on this planet and in the Universe. Each and every moment of these challenges, in fact of life itself, provide us with an opportunity to consciously respond as who we are in truth, which is Pure Awareness, Love and Spirit. Of course we can choose NOT to consciously respond in such manner or simply unconsciously miss the opportunity as well.

This induces us to CONSCIOUSLY respond from our true identity, our Essential-Self. If we do not do so, then the Sacred Flow of Life opportunistically takes us on journey wherein we sooner or later will consciously do so. Love will always prevail in the end!

In the process we become conscious beings who have emerged from the externally projected sentient awareness we started out with. As we become self-aware we become conscious.

As we enter the Twelfth Heaven of the Galactic Underworld we will be brought into a space of deeper integration and reflection, a bit of a very welcome rest period if you will before we enter the next harmonic series. According to Johann Calleman the Thirteenth Heaven of the Galactic Underworld begins on November 3rd, 2010 and then also the 1st Heaven of the Universal Underworld on February 11, 2011.

In the Mayan pantheon of deity the Twelfth Heaven is governed by the God of Dawn, Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli (don't ask me how to pronounce that ok?). We are, in other words, entering into a Yin cycle of night to await the new dawn as we integrate the lessons of the previous cycles.

The mid-point of the Twelfth Heaven or Sixth Night is on May 27, 2010. This is the second Harmonic Convergence and represents the first true experience of a pulse of cosmic consciousness entering our collective soul as a whole versus scattered individuated experiences of it.

It is during the Twelfth Heaven of the Galactic Underworld that a balance between East and West should be attained in some fashion according to Calleman. Everything that has happened since 9/11/01 has been taking us in that direction even if we do not resonate with how it has been approached.

The 11:11 gateway follows our entry into the Twelfth Heaven by three days which is often esoterically considered to be a sacred cycle in and of itself. The three days from the time of Christ's burial to his Resurrection is an example.

Also there is a three day window of time at full and new moons wherein the energy of that event is accessible. The 11:11 gateway is about activation of a genetic trigger in our DNA associated with ascension and our galactic memory circuits or Zuvuya.

So herein we have circumstances which are excellent for achieving some of the consciousness goals we have been dreaming of for so long. Passage through the 999, followed by entry into the Galactic Underworld's Twelfth Heaven and activation at a new octave via the 11:11 gateway.

After our passage through 999 we are in a new position in consciousness as a collective to be drawn into the womb of deep integration to start a long exhale. As we do, our 11:11 galactic memory circuitry can be activated at the next octave of its matrix.

All this is ultimately preparing us for the final leg of our journey through the harmonic series of evolution identified by the Mayan Calendar (long count).

Keep in mind, that shortly after the start of the Thirteenth Heaven of the Galactic Underworld on November 3rd, 2010, we also enter the 1st Heaven of the Universal Underworld.

All Thirteen Heavens of the Universal Underworld will then unfold concurrent with the completion of the Twelfth Heaven of the Galactic Underworld and ALL Underworlds will complete on October 28th, 2011. That is Thirteen Universal Heavens in only 260 days!

Its also important to realize that all the other Seven Underworlds that preceded these two are still running concurrent as well in their 13th Heaven modalities and will also complete at the same time when the Mayan Calendar ends on October 28th, 2011.

The core message here to me is, take advantage of the integration period being offered here as we enter the Twelfth Heaven of the Galactic Underworld on November 8th and which runs until November 3rd, 2010. After that, things will be in a profoundly accelerated mode like we cannot imagine just yet.

Clarity within our being is what is required to maximize our realization of the potential being offered us here. Clarity about who we are and where we are headed. Not necessarily in specifics, but in essence, yet specifics follow essence. If we do not have clarity it is because we have conflicts going on within us.

I have come to realize that all inner conflicts stem from one root conflict having to do with our core sense of self-identity. If we are not truly anchored to who we truly are as a being of Pure Awareness, Love and Spirit, then we wind up trying to find our identity in many other things that are not nearly as expansive.

Then, we try our hearts out to get free of what feels like restrictive limitations and for all the effort it never seems to bear much fruit. For every limitation we liberate ourselves from, three more show up.

However, if we can find a way to shift our inner sense of self-identity at a fundamental level far below the conscious threshold right within our DNA then we start navigating life with a whole new compass and things can shift and flow fluently very rapidly after this occurs.

In order for this deeper self-identity anchor-shift to take place we have to have a direct experience of who we truly are, a means to experience our true identity at will -- which will lead to being there continuously -- and a means to record that direct experience of our true identity within our cellular consciousness and DNA so it becomes an autonomous perceptive modality much more quickly within us.

It needs to be rooted right in the very marrow of our bones so to speak so that we intrinsically KNOW who we are and what that true identity FEELS like in our body and our being. Only then will we NEVER forget again!

Having clarity in terms of our true identity anchored firmly within us at an experiential level then accelerates the process whereby we can extract ourselves from all other identities.

Until we have the Essential-Self (I AM, God Self) truly anchored as our true identity it is natural that we will find our sense of identity in other things and that leads to conflicts in consciousness. The conflicts are all rooted in being an unlimited cosmic being which is self-identified as a limited being.

It's a pervasive programming at the cellular level of being. In truth, you can be an unlimited being residing fully in a world of limitations, accepting the limitations completely with love, and not feel diminished by them at all, it IS possible.

I have been experiencing this profoundly more and more each day! Liberation is thus not about getting rid of or fighting the external limitations so much as it is learning to consistently respond to them from our unlimited nature in Pure Awareness, Love and Spirit.

However you accomplish it, I am highly encouraging you to find the greatest degree of clarity within yourself and resolve as many of your inner conflicts in consciousness as possible by finding your deep anchor in who you truly are for the upcoming Twelfth Heaven / 11:11 dynamic and beyond.

Make it a priority in your life and regardless of how far you get with it you will reap greater benefits in consciousness for yourself and the collective soul of humanity as we pass through this upcoming portal together! May you be successful beyond measure.

In La'kech (I AM another you).

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