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Expanding our Multi-Dimensional Bandwidth
by Simeon Chi'Ra 9/2/09

As a collective we have been gradually expanding our capacity to operate within and process multi-dimensional energies and reality since the inception of the human race.

This process took on a new level of focus and development 14,400 years ago near the end of the Atlantean Epoch when the first of the 999 time gates were initiated by the Illumined Ones in 12391 BC.

In order to become full fledged galactic citizens we need to have the capacity to operate within a very expansive multi-dimensional reality. The enormous amount of information and the infinite energy available in such a universal system can easily overwhelm the circuitry in the type of human physiology we have been using up to this point.

We are thus undergoing a massive physiological mutation to be able to adapt to the changing energy environment we are increasingly finding ourselves within.

As the old 666 Solar Threshold becomes increasingly less prominent within our experience, and we expand beyond into the 999 Cube of Stars heading out the other side of the final time gate on 09/09/09, we will be called to learn to consciously expand our multi-dimensional bandwidth in ways we have not yet experienced.

When we think of multi-dimensionality we tend to think of this in terms of realities which are on the subtle planes of reality and which are far less limiting than what we experience upon the manifest plane in our earthen home. This is indeed one aspect of multi-dimensional experience and it will soon be our new home.

Yet, right here in the NOW, we have other types of opportunities being presented to us to learn to expand our multi-dimensional bandwidth.

In other words, the experiences we are increasingly finding ourselves within are demanding that we learn how to process multiple streams of energy and awareness simultaneously. This has often been labeled multi-tasking, but it is much more than that term generally implies.

The way that term is often used means trying to do multiple things all at the same time. We each are encoded differently so how one handles this dynamic will vary depending on your soul's design for the current incarnation.

There is therefore no hard and fast or black and white rules for how to accomplish this that fits for everyone. There are, however, principles that apply to all.

What I have found is that doing more than one thing at a time is not necessarily the core of this dynamic. Rather, it is about being able to hold awareness of multiple things in place simultaneously that matters most.

So we may still be only able to do one thing effectively at a time, and it is my opinion that is probably the best approach to also being fully centered in the NOW.

Yet, it is possible to be fully present in the NOW and have awareness of many things at the same time that I am focused and working upon one thing centered in the NOW.

One of the keys I have discovered is learning the difference between awareness and intention. Intention involves a motion of consciousness whereas pure awareness is very still.

Within the field of pure awareness there can thus be many things present, none of them with any motion, you are only observing, there is no "doing" or motion present.

I have learned that it is possible to have pure awareness present in the "back channel" of the conscious mind which is simply observing things, yet the "front channel" of my conscious mind is engaged in intentional doing simultaneously.

In tracing the development of this ability back in time, it becomes apparent to me that this capability began developing rather profoundly after I had learned to replace the negative chatter in my mind with something more beneficial.

That negative chatter generally occupies the "back channel" of the conscious mind for many people. It is that little voice that will not shut up which goes on and on about all sorts of things.

That effort opened the door for bigger and better things, although at the time it was simply an effort to quiet the negative chatter so I could find a deeper inner peace.

I personally used 'I AM' affirmations to open that door. But any technique which seeks to help you become more aware of that back channel and what is occurring there so you can re-program it with more spiritually aligned content should be effective.

This is really a pre-requisite skill to being able to have an integrated experience with multi-dimensional reality, the Great Beyond. Once you have control of both channels of your conscious mind, then you will be able to load the back channel with pure awareness.

Once this has been accomplished the back channel is wide open to the cosmos and anything that needs to be brought into your field of awareness to be known, embraced or whatever.

The front channel becomes the willing worker which then takes what the heart and inner voice direct it to do and carries it out. The two co-exist as partners in a team without conflict.

The heart and inner voice work in concert with both channels of the conscious mind thereby unifying them so that pure awareness flows effortlessly into your human experience in the most perfect and harmonious way.

When this dynamic is functioning properly, you are ready to become a galactic citizen because you will have attained enormous multi-dimensional bandwidth and it is effortless when it is working as it is meant to.

This expansion is really about removing the limited barriers which have become our familiars and protectors over the aeons, many of which have their voice on that back channel of the conscious mind.

This can be frightening at times, and yet it is also the most exhilarating experience we could possibly have while in a human body. To go from the experience of the massive limitations we have experienced on Earth to the experience of unlimited reality, and still nothing much has changed in our outer circumstances, THAT is breaking the code of 666 with 999. This is the essence of the whole dynamic.

When I said "still nothing much has changed in our outer circumstances" I meant that our liberation and expansion is really not dependent upon the external circumstances we find ourselves within.

Eckhart Tolle indicates that circumstances are neutral, its our thoughts about them which make them otherwise.

The really cool thing is that the outer circumstances will indeed usually change as we do. Until they do, we are still OK anyhow.

There is therefore nothing "out there" that either holds us back or which empowers us forward. It is all within us.

As the Hopi Elders have stated: "We are the ones we have been waiting for."

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