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 Expansive Full Moon Antares Gateway
by Simeon Chi'Ra 6/3/09

In doing some astrological research on something else entirely I discovered late yesterday that there is a very expansive, powerful and supportive astrological environment for the New Earth Toroidal Temple Transmission on Sunday the 7th, 2009. I love seeing how these things sync up and flow without our even knowing when we listen well!

I came across the material below which I am excerpting from our dear friend Cayelin Castell's Celestial Timings astrological monthly newsletter (highly recommended).

From the June 2009 Celestial Timings:

Jun 06, Saturday: the Moon moves into Sagittarius and occults Antares with the fullest Rise of the Moon tonight... there are 13 occultations of Antares this year. Today's occultation is the one closest to a Full Moon this year... These occultations are particularly important as Antares is a gateway star to the center of the universe and the place where souls ascend out of this realm. Said another way Antares was considered to be the Golden Gate of Ascension by the ancients. The Moon is a transmitter opening the Antares Stargate Portal of ascension and when occulting this star provides us with even greater access to these mysteries when we are attuning to this Timing.

The Sagittarius Full Moon window opens today, is exact tomorrow (the 7th), and goes through June 8 symbolizing a time of fulfillment and increased awareness...

Jun 07, Sunday: The Sagittarius Full Moon (17 Sagittarius) is illuminating the path or journey or quest of life. Everyone has a path to follow and the Sag Full Moon helps to illuminate that path when we are tuning in and asking for the way to be shown...

I had just written the following the day before in my message entitled "New Earth Temple of God Consciousness":

It is at this time right now in our collective evolutionary journey that we are being offered a unique window of opportunity to enter into the New Earth Toroidal Temple of God Consciousness.

We have an "Omega Point Resonance" currently with the next cycle of evolution. We can if we choose weave a thread through the Omega point of the New Earth Star reality and bring it back here into our current reality.

This "weaving" creates a stronger continuity field between the ultimate potential at the final culmination of the whole New Earth Star cycle of evolution and our current time-space reality.

I am now being made aware that it is the Antares Gateway, or as we shall see below, "BEING", that we will be working through/with in conjunction with the Merkabah of the Host and Isho'a in his soular form from the Rigelian system in the New Earth Star Toroidal Temple Tele-Transmission of New Earth Omega Point awareness, consciousness and energies.

From an article entitled "Heart of the Scorpion" by Malvin Artley:

Antares is also the largest and most evolved (oldest) member of a group of stars that represent the body of a vast cosmic Being, who influences our lives through the power of Scorpio...

(this group of stars is called) ...Scorpio-Centaurus Association. This group is a large aggregation of mostly large, blue stars (considered to be early types of stars), all moving together--thus sharing a gravitational center--toward a point in the eastern part of the constellation of Columba... This huge aggregate of stars thus marks this group as the embodiment of an immense and august cosmic Being with Antares as the Regent, Who influences us through the constellation of Scorpio. What this Being actually transmits to us is far beyond our comprehension, but it is known to be more or less beyond the immediate concerns of our local universe, being beyond the confines of our local system of stars and Being, though there is a definite effect via Scorpio.

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