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The Fifth Universal
Heaven-Pulse of Light
by Simeon Chiron 05/18/11

Archangel Arhaiel Transmission 5th Heaven-Pulse Energy-Art AttunementIf you have not done so previously, please read my article "13 Universal Heaven-Pulses of Light" to establish a proper context for this article.

The Fifth Universal Heaven Pulse of Light in the current and final Ninth Universal Wave of consciousness evolution identified by the Mayan Calendar activates on May 20, 2011.

This Heaven-Pulse supplies the energy and harmonics necessary for developing universal consciousness to "break the surface" with its tender new shoot growing within the fertile soil of our collective human consciousness.

This is a yang energy pulse, it is about taking universalized consciousness to the next level of development within the world of form. That which has been germinated and developed in the previous Heaven-Pulses can now begin to start making its appearance more clearly known in real and practical ways and applications on the world stage.

The work that was done in the recent Wesak Full Moon "Crystal Moon of Compassion" transmission with Quan Yin is an energetic that will be carried forth from the Heart of the Goddess of Compassion into our manifest world of form in new ways and at new frequencies.

As stated in this transmission the Platinum Ray frequency of compassion will become more prominent in our consciousness and serve as a guide, the vehicle and its fuel for our journey into the New Earth.

At this point in our journey through the Ninth Wave it is now becoming extremely important to stay focused on "what is" and "what can be" versus "what is holding us back" or "what is wrong." You are going to VERY powerfully manifest what you are focused on more than ever with the advent of the Fifth Heaven-Pulse of Light.

When stuff happens, as it inevitably does, it will be greatly to your advantage to adopt an "oh, that is interesting, what does this reflect to me" type of approach. Look to your inner responses and reactions to whatever presents itself to you as the reflection that reality is providing you. If you believe that the reflection is to be found within the external circumstances you will not apprehend the whole truth and awareness that is really available to you.

Here is a simple example of what I am relating in this regard:

Consider a situation wherein someone gets angry with you for some reason. Do you see this as a reflection of anger within you because this other person is angry with you and has shown up in your life?

Maybe, it depends on your inner response and reaction to that person's anger. Did you feel angry too in reactive response? If so, then it certainly does reflect some anger that you are holding within yourself.

However, what if you are on a level of awareness where you clearly see this person's plight and angry projection onto you? As a result of this awareness you feel love and compassion for them rather than some sort of negative reaction.

In this case the situation is reflecting the state of love and compassion you have within you. It also reflects your capacity to be strongly anchored in that state of love and compassion within a wide range of differing life situations and experiences.

This simple example demonstrates how our inner responses and reactions are the mirror most clear. The better able we are at peering into that mirror most clear, the easier our journey will be into the Homeward Light of our New Earth.

Developing this type of skill brings the ability to truly rise to higher levels of universal consciousness and ride the powerful Fifth Heaven-Pulse of Light activating on May 20, 2011 to the next level for ourselves and our planetary collective of consciousness on Earth.

These Heaven-Pulses of Light are universal harmonics and are affecting every single reality system in all dimensions and aspects of the multi-verse. We have our own unique way of relating to these harmonic shifts and the developments of consciousness they elicit. What they bring to us on Earth also has resonance with myriads of other worlds in our harmonic bandwidth within the universal strata.

We may not even be able to comprehend, however, what these same harmonics may bring to world systems that are vastly different than ours existing within other harmonic strata of the universe.

In truth, it really does not matter if we comprehend such matters at this point. It only matters that we recognize what is happening on Earth has correlatives all across the universe, and that the way other reality systems may be experiencing these harmonics can be vastly different than how we are experiencing them.

The Universal Surf's up! I look forward to riding it all the way into the New Earth beach with you...

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