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The Fourth Universal
Heaven-Pulse of Light
by Simeon Chi'Ra 04/29/11

In my previous article on the 13 Heaven-Pulses of Light I wrote the following regarding the upcoming 4th Heaven-Pulse:

4th Heaven-Pulse > May 2 - 19 (crest May 10-11) > Yin > Adjustments, reactions and deeper internalization of the new universal consciousness harmonics building and becoming much more prominent. Development of all that is needed but still below the surface of the fertile soil to support the first upward thrust of universal consciousness into the light of human awareness in the next Heaven-Pulse. The plant germinates and now emerges from the Cosmic Seed's old-Earth shell which has served its purpose and is no longer needed.

As you can see this upcoming 4th Heaven-Pulse is a Yin cycle, which by its feminine nature nurtures, develops, mutates, adjusts and provides sustenance through love in its myriad forms of expression.

The symbolic image that comes to me relative to the growing plant analogy for this cycle is a plant's new shoot having emerged from its seed shell, pushing up through the soil towards the warmth and light of the sun. I see it working its way around the rocks and other obstacles that it encounters. At the same time its network of roots is further developing and is extending its depth more deeply within the fertile soil of human consciousness on Earth.

This is a perfect cycle of Universal Consciousness development for deep introspection upon our world and our selves. Our introspection must be purified of all judgment. Judgment is like a very large boulder that has rolled down the hill and sits on top of the emerging new shoot of consciousness!

Understanding that the mind wants to judge to solve problems is a key to re-directing its activity. The mind is only trying to do what it was developed to do in the beginning of the evolution of the human species on Earth. We owe it a great gratitude for having enabled the human species to survive up to this point!

The function of judgment in the human mind is therefore part of a survival program running in our DNA. It simply needs to be updated to meet the needs of the developing New Earth environment.

The survival needs of the New Earth environment are rooted in love, cooperation, wholeness and unification. The mind simply needs to be re-oriented to operate from this platform of awareness. This means that the mind will need to be entrained to:

1) Always re-focus consciousness back inside of the self for everything, versus projecting it externally in some way.

2) Perceive and experience the Essence of Source in everything, internal and external.

3) Focus clearly on where we wish to go and what we wish to experience, versus whatever seems to be our obstacles.

An underlying metaphysical axiom operative in all three of these re-orientations is wherever our attention goes, there our energy flows. This has always been the truth.

Yet now, as we accelerate through the Ninth Wave of Universal Consciousness evolution, the amount of energy we are gaining access to with our consciousness is rapidly expanding. The 'filtering' or 'veil' between our conscious minds and the quantum field is quickly dissolving. We are gaining full access to our innate and infinite powers of co-creation.

We have been wanting this for a very long time! Having it requires much greater precision, responsibility and awareness in how we direct our energy. We are called to be 100% responsible for everything we experience and perceive. Projections are manifesting dramatically. This is a gift, it allows us to see what is going on within our self below the threshold of our conscious awareness.

However, if we judge what we see internally or externally as good or bad or anything in-between, it locks up the process and glues us to what we have judged while effectively amplifying that energy in our field and experience.

The solution to this dynamic is identified in the three points I made above. However, they also need to be coupled with elimination of judgment. Judgment is where things are classified by the mind in a spectrum from good to bad in some way.

Elimination of this dynamic can be accomplished by replacing the judgment and classification mechanism with a system that is based on resonances. You can then become like a finely tuned scientific instrument simply sensing whether you have resonance with something or not and to what degree.

Using this model you can then operate from the position that if you do not resonate with an energy, that does not then also automatically classify it as being bad energy. It is simply an energy you do not find resonance with. You do not need any further reasons or information more than what pure resonance offers. You can then move on and head wherever you do find resonance and that is the end of it.

In this way you become entrained to operate from pure awareness simply observing energy and monitoring resonances. Through understanding the resonances without judging them as good, bad or otherwise, you will open to experiencing the very rapidly expanding field of universal awareness with ease and grace!

This upcoming 4th Heaven-Pulse is the PERFECT cycle of consciousness evolution to really put your whole heart and soul into making this work for you!

The "Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry" program provides some additional very excellent tools for aligning your resonances to New Earth vectors of consciousness.

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