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Gaia's 22nd Galactic Birthday, an energy art for this Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling from Cosmic Consciousness Online.
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Gaia's 22nd Galactic Birthday!
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chi'Ra 12/19/11

As I was working with Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na on the beautiful oneness energy coming in for the 12:22:11 Sen'Su 2nd Tone video transmission, she just suddenly told me out of the blue that we are in a period of our planet's history that represents it's 22nd Galactic birthday!

In exploring this a bit more with Shi'Ra she explained that our planet is orbiting around galactic center along with our solar system. She said that we were now in a place in our galactic orbit whereby we are completing our 22nd trip around galactic center and beginning our 23rd as a planet. Our solar system is older than that of course

Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na then related that this also tied into the 11:11:11 Gateway we just passed through. It was this particular 11:11:11 Gateway (there is one every century) that most closely correlated to the completion of our 22nd Galactic year!

Shi'Ra indicated that our recent 11:11:11 Gateway and it's synchronization with Gaia's 22nd birthday created some significant numerological harmonic energies that were in resonance with each other... i.e. 11 with 22...

Of course then there were all the other things taking place as well, such as the completion of the harmonics of universal consciousness that were represented in the Mayan Calendar, and so forth.

I wondered whether Shi'Ra's placement of Gaia's 22nd birthday had any correlation to what scientists believed about the age of our planet and our solar system's orbit about galactic center.

I thus went online and researched this a bit. OMG, it works out within the range of variances that scientists accept in terms of the age of the Earth and how long it takes our solar system to complete an orbit about galactic center!

It is generally accepted the Earth is 4.5 billion years old. Astro-scientists also generally agree that it takes our solar system somewhere between 200 and 250 million years to complete one orbit around galactic center. If you divide 4.5 billion by 22 you get about 205 million! Woohoo! As you can imagine I was rather excited!

Now for the best part! The whole reason Shi'Ra told me about Gaia's 22nd Galactic Birthday, is because she was relating to me how the sounding of the 2nd Sacred Tone on our planet is also going to considerably amplify our sense of, and orientation to, Galactic Time!

This represents a significant expansion in our concept of time that is about to unfold! Shi'Ra indicated the ramifications of this are quite significant and in ways we cannot even begin to imagine just yet.

She did not elaborate any more and prodding her for more info did not produce anything either. I therefore spent some time just tuning into this on the cosmic plane of awareness. What came in immediately is that this represents a major expansion in awareness in the very least.

Earth time to Galactic time can be expressed mathematically as the fraction 205,000,000/1. 205 million orbits about our Sun for every single orbit we make around galactic center. Contemplate the awareness present in a 205 million Earth-year-long Galactic year compared to that in a single Earth year!

I could shoot off into a lot of other related explorations from here, but this is the core of it to keep it simple. Herein we have a beautiful example of how awareness and linear time cycles are directly related. We also have a beautiful example of how universal awareness might develop on planet Earth through an expanding awareness of our galactic clock!

It is already happening too. Look at how many people these days are aware of things like black holes, quasars, super-novas and so forth due to our astronomical sciences being made available and known to a rapidly expanding number of people all throughout the world via our global telecommunication technologies.

This is one of the outer mechanisms that can come into play. Yet, for people like ourselves who are attuned to subtle energy and who are aware of consciousness and how it is evolving, other mechanisms are also highly probable.

We are all aware of how our sense of time has been changing. The acceleration of evolutionary harmonics within the developmental progression represented in the Mayan Calendar was a large part of this. I have noticed that since that progression completed back on October 28th, my whole sense of time has gone into a major warp zone!

The feeling of the acceleration ended for me. I would love to hear if this is true for you as well (contact me)! Something else seems to be taking its place. Now I know what it is. It is this expansion into Galactic time.

This actually makes things feel like they are on a slower long-wave sort of flow rather than the sharply accelerated feeling that existed before. Shi'Ra tells me it is this long-wave energy that allows us to more fully access our true nature in Oneness Love too!

You can expand your Oneness Love being with the 12:22:11 Sen'Su 2nd Tone Video Transmission! This energy is very dimensionally sensual too as this 2nd Tone also is about Ecstatic Union.

I speak more about the various elements of Ecstatic Union that are involved in this video as well. Not the least of which is another amazing revelation that was revealed regarding the 9 Dimensions of the Heart!

You can experience an Ecstatic Union of all 9 Dimensions of your heart with this 2nd Sacred Tone transmission!

Sen'Su 12:22:11 Video Transmission
Sounding of the 2nd Sacred Tone

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