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Galactic Re-birth and Wesak 2009
by Simeon Chi'Ra - 4/17/09

Earlier this week I was guided to organize and announce the upcoming "Opening the Lotus of Inner Peace" Tele-Gathering on Sunday April 26th.The day after I made this announcement I received an excellent bit of information from Carl Johan Calleman on the galactic rebirth point taking place as we cross the midpoint of the 6th Day of the Galactic Underworld in the Mayan Long Count Calendar.

This is a very significant energetic harmonic taking place. In Calleman's words:

. . . a major emanation from the Hunab-Ku, an unfathomably large intelligence in the center of the universe according to Mayan Cosmology, will inform a magnificent birth of cosmic proportions. . .

This is coinciding very closely with the Wesak Full Moon Festival, the time of the year when the Holy Etheric City of Shambhala and its compliment of Master Illuminaries is closest to the experience of souls embodied on Earth and thus most easily accessed.

Joseph R. Giove has an article as part of Calleman's document as well and is encouraging a coordination to celebrate this midpoint of the 6th Day of the Galactic Underworld as the point of re-birth at a galactic level and which will have profound effects on the evolutionary processes affecting consciousness on our planet Earth.

As a result of this information having come to me in the timing that it has, I have now also become aware that the "Opening of the Lotus of Inner Peace" Tele-Gathering is going to be far more than just an attunement to prepare to enter Shambhala more precisely during the period of the Wesak Full Moon (5/5-5/11) and to facilitate Heart Ascension, although those are quite significant in and of themselves.

"Opening the Lotus of Inner Peace" is in fact going to also be an alignment to the entirely new evolutionary Program of Light massively surging out of Hunab-Ku (the Great Central Sun) like a huge wave during this period of time which is going to take us as a collective across the threshold of 2012 and beyond. This will be facilitated by the Illuminaries and Inner Planes agencies which I work with through this Station of Light-Love.

We have all by now heard of CMEs no doubt -- Coronal Mass Ejections from our sun which then can bombard the Earth's electromagnetic environment with high levels of highly charged particles that cause all sorts of disruptions in TV, radio and microwave transmissions as well as within various types of electrical systems if and when they reach the Earth.

We might then call this release from Hunab-Ku a "UME," a Universal Mass Ejection which will seriously bombard our entire universe with an enormous degree of Divine Radiation to assist evolution across our entire galactic plane of evolution.

I am providing a link to Calleman's and Giove's combined article below. I wish to comment first that on the one hand my inner sources tell me that Calleman has the best understanding of the Mayan Long Count Calendar of anyone who is visibly working with it in our world, but that his understanding is most accurate relating to the structure and timing that it holds and how it affects evolutionary processes on Earth.

I have also been brought into an awareness that he has a serious limitation in how he perceives its activity relative to the nature of galactic-wide multi-dimensional evolution.

This is primarily in regards to the idea he has put forth in some of his books that the entire galaxy is all at the same level of evolution because we all share the same set of galactic harmonics that govern consciousness evolution here.

What needs to be understood here is that evolution of consciousness is taking place on many differing octaves of these harmonics across the galaxy and in fact even here on Earth. For every naturally generated wave form there are many differing octaves of harmonics of the fundamental frequency generated.

Thus when a massive evolutionary pulse like this is emanated it takes all octaves of consciousness evolution present within that system to their respective next octave of evolution and awareness. They do not have to all be working at the same level of evolution for the same energy to affect them all.

It is this same misconception that I believe also causes Calleman to state that 2012 is the end of all evolution for us which does not resonate for me. He feels there is no more "cycles," we are through. In terms of what he is able to personally perceive this is true.

But if you use a model that has multiple octaves of evolution taking place simultaneously on differing dimensions of reality then the picture changes and one can see that we are simply moving into a new octave of experience that will have cycles within it as well but one's which we currently do not know how to define.

Also, in regards to something Calleman states in the document linked below, it is my awareness that the previous (Bush) administration of this country also served a purpose by seemingly opposing this forward movement of consciousness.

If it were not for what occurred there I seriously doubt we would have Barack Obama for president of the USA today to take us across the threshold of 2012 as a new paradigm transitional leader. Its all good in the long run in other words, and it all has a Divine Purpose. Calleman's next book is to be entitled "The Purposeful Universe" so this should be an important point for him to grok in my opinion!

That said, I welcome you to read the information I received from Calleman, it's an excellent MUST read and covers the correlation between these cycles and what is going on right now in the global economy as well as how Barack Obama fits into this picture!

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