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Very Special Global Link
Zenhidron Crystallex Transmission
11th Dimensional Quasar + Full Moon-Equinox-Uranus Dynamics

This transmission took place on 3/20/11 and was
co-facilitated by
 Simeon Chi'Ra and Maia Alaula Kamala

This information is made available for expanding awareness. This transmission was NOT recorded at the request of the Metatronic Councils of Light so there is no video available.

The EL'ephen 11th Dimensional Quasar Zenhidron
artistically depicted in its two primary modes

EL'ephen Zenhidron Quasar opening to receive souls being absorbed back into the Totality. EL'ephen Quasar Zenhidron issuing forth new primal flame geometries from the Mind of God.

Opening to receive souls
being absorbed back into the Totality

Birthing new primal flame
geometries from the Mind of God

The EL'ephen Quasars are highly majestic Celestial Beings that are truly beyond human comprehension. In this Web'Cosm Transmission (webinar) you will learn more about the two modes of all EL'ephen Quasar's as depicted above in my energy-art of the EL'ephen Zenhidron Quasar.

In this special planetary service facilitation with personal fringe benefits webinar, you will learn about, facilitate and/or experience the following:

  • The EL'ephen ~ 144,000 11th Dimensional Quasars. 
  • Attunement to Zenhidron, an EL'ephen Quasar. 
  • The connection between EL'ephen Quasars, Souls returning to Source and new primal Flame Geometries from the Mind of God. 
  • The Etheric Crystal City of Korbola over Masada at 8000 A.D. 
  • The Temple of Mirah in Korbola (guided journey). 
  • The Seven Etheric Crystal Temple Cities spawned by Korbola. 
  • Becoming a "neuron" in the New Earth planetary "brain." 
  • Installation of a New Earth "operating system" on our crystallex grid. 
  • Installation of first major download of "undigested" primal New Earth Flame Geometries. 
  • Further activation of your Adam Kadmon "Elohim" encoding. 
  • What it means to become the "New Earth Elohim." 
  • Stunning new energy-art relating to the above dynamics. 

Golden Rainbow Torus-Orb of the earth and Ninth Harmonic Wave of Universal Consciousness Evolution's RainbowUp until now, we have been dreaming and envisioning a New Earth with all of our heart's desire and our mind's intent. This has paved the way for what is FINALLY happening right NOW.

Through the window of March 19th through the 21st the Metatronic Councils of Light are installing a "New Earth" operating system on our planet's crystallex grid (hard drive). Pieces of this new "software" have been installed previously, but this is the final installation that makes all the rest work.

Additionally, the first MAJOR download of New Earth raw primal flame geometries (data bits) are also being facilitated. These are in an "undigested" form and require the New Earth operating system to make use of.

Previously, Higher-Light Intelligence digested these raw data bits and fed them into our higher akashic field where we could pick up on the secondary flame geometries and co-create with them.

Now, for the first time since the birth of our planet we will start working directly with the undigested flame geometries from the Mind of God to create a New Earth. It will be a learning process, this webinar and remote facilitation will help accelerate the process for those who participate.

There is  a Zenhidron Remote Process PDF available if you wish to tap into the energy.

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