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We're Going Quantum!
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chi'Ra 10/27/11

My gosh, the combination of energies this last few days has been enormous! We have been surfing down the 9th Universal Wave's 13th Heaven final harmonic wave face into universal beach. We have just passed through an auspiciously positioned New Moon. As my friend Cayelin writes in her Celestial Timings newsletter:

At a New Moon the Sun and Moon are present together and when the New Moon is in Scorpio this is shining a light on whatever is ready to be transformed and we can choose to shine this light on whatever we feel is our greatest fear, knowing it can instantly transform it when we are willing to surrender to the process.

Yes, we recently entered the sun sign of Scorpio, esoterically often depicted as the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Seems to be a lot of ashes to arise from right now too! In coordination with the New Moon we also received a solar charged-particle purification blessing in the form of a major CME and its ensuing geomagnetic storm on Earth!

People from all over the world have shared various stories of things happening for them with me. I have my own stories as well and I am SURE you likely have yours too! The one thing I am seeing happening for the last few months, and especially this last week, is that we are truly starting to access and experience quantum transformation dynamics! Like OMG it is REALLY happening!

Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na has indicated to me that we actually do not realize just how much energy we are processing relative to what we were processing even 20 years ago. Shi'Ra indicates that our inner environment has been progressively adapting to these changes. While we may realize things seem quite accelerated, we are not fully aware of just how much so they are!

Part of this acceleration that is really kicking in now is that we are starting to go quantum in how we are processing this energy. In other words we are now rapidly moving beyond the constraints of slower linear modes of processing. We are in the early stages of processing entire holograms of energy. The transformation I personally experienced this last week was amazing and I am still trying to integrate what it all means. I feel like an entirely different person and the way I am relating and feeling about everything in my life has also shifted.

This transformation involved a truly massive hologram of energy. To even begin to briefly address all the different things in my life that it involved would take many, many pages. Yet these all appeared at once instead of individually over time! Every aspect of that energy was fully in my awareness simultaneously. I saw my illusions, I grieved deeply for a day or so over all that had occurred because of them. Then POOF! They were gone just like that and I emerged into an entirely different feeling of self and reality.

This is quantum transformation and it is coming to a neighborhood near you if it has not already! Get ready for the main show my beloved Family of Light. We have not really experienced what this can be just yet. It is what will transform our world in a relatively brief period of time. That transformation seems rather impossible when we view it from a linear transformational dynamics perspective. It could take thousands of years for it to occur that way. As we progressively go quantum though, it speeds up exponentially.

I know that this is now starting to be experienced by many of us, each in our own way. I am just doing my part to help everyone understand what is really underlying the power of these new energy movements. The veil between our conscious minds and the quantum field is getting very thin. In the New Earth reality there is NO veil. We are rapidly approaching that state! This can also be a bit of double-edged sword so to speak.

On the one hand it gives us direct access to everything we have ever dreamed of! On the other hand it means that anyplace we are unconscious about how we are directing energy we will have a very rapid demonstration of that in manifest form. This is not a punishment, or something we should get upset with ourselves about. It IS an integral part of this ascension process. It is how we will learn to wield our power and manifest for the benefit of our world.

Become as aware as possible of how everything that shows up in your life is reflecting something to you. The key here is to understand that it is how you respond and react to whatever shows up that is your mirror most clear.

In other words, someone gets angry with you and projects their anger at you. Does this mean that you have anger within yourself being reflected back to you?

No, not necessarily. If you react with anger, then yes. If you respond with compassion, then no. Your mirror is found ONLY in your inner responses and reactions. What do THEY tell you about what is going on inside of self?

This simple practice is part of the 'there is no out there' reality I often speak of. Learning to relate to what goes on in life from this perspective, always looking to what your inner responses and reactions are as the mirror most clear and taking 100% responsibility at that level... this is one of the keys to experiencing your true power.

This in turn is what opens to door to going quantum in your transformation process. As you accomplish this, you are bringing that quantum transformational dynamic to bear within our collective too. When it starts activating for the masses, and it is already in the process of doing just that, truly amazing and delightful things will occur on our beloved planet!

I will be speaking a bit more on this and related dynamics in the upcoming Terra Universalis webinar. Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na will also provide us with a pure oneness-love energy transmission to help us step further into this empowerment as we celebrate this momentous time.

This is the time where the universe completes the harmonic reverberations which began pulsing out of Hunab Ku at the Big Bang. I will also share some info Ascended Master Menon gave me about this as well! It is pretty awesome to embrace!

I hope you will be joining me for this celebration and preparation for what comes next in the 10/30/11 Terra Univeralis webinar!

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