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GODS Chi Activation
Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi
"Quantum Evolution - Realizing Our Potential 2012 and Beyond" Series
An activation with Simeon Chiron

Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi - GODS Chi

This activation works with the following amd much more:

  • Clarion Call for Children of the 'New Earth Sun'
  • Activating the Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi (GODS Chi)
  • Solar Rebirth into the New Earth
  • Infusion by Archangel Arhaiel of the Christic Sun-Spirit
  • Harmonic attunement with Higher Solar Logos in Orion
  • Completing ancient Aton Solar Disk Initiations
  • Stepping into Universal Solar Power
  • Developing stronger Core Energy Resonance (CER)
  • Opening more fully to the New Earth Pure Gem Body

This is a truly great activational opportunity to move more fully and deeply into  Core Energy Resonance by further activating and developing your Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi (GODS Chi).

When you are anchored in the center of your GODS Chi, you are empowered to step out of the experience of duality and into living from pure Core Energy Resonance. This means moving beyond mental decision making and gyrations that lead to doubts, fear, confusion, emotional turbulence and adverse experiences of what life brings your way.

You move only as directed by your sense of Core Energy Resonance (or not). You focus all your energy, awareness and consciousness inside your GODS Chi and allow it to inform you through pure Core Energy Resonance and to spiral out to interact with other "external" energies for you.

You allow GODS Chi to keep you fully connected and integrated with the Cosmos and the Earth simultaneously as the Divine Father and Mother joyfully dancing eternity away in your heart, body, mind and being. GODS Chi is your Chariot of Divine Fire!

Living from pure Core Energy Resonance solves the problem of knowing what the "truth" is, or what the right thing for you is. You can release these concerns and live directly according to the Core Energy Resonance law of YOUR own being. You then live as a spiritual sovereign in full trust of your GODS Chi. You do not need approval or validation from anything external to yourself, you just KNOW.

In this video transmission you will learn about how multi-dimensional energy resonance principles relate to what we call "truth," and why Core Energy Resonance is SO much more expansive, liberating and ultimately the universal beacon that guides you home most easily and gracefully.

You will learn how "truth" is a binary concept that has pure Core Energy Resonance  underlying it as a foundation and that you can go directly to the non-binary and non-dualistic source of that truth!

You will learn a lot of higher level information regarding how our minds, Core Energy Resonance, and energy in general work together to amplify that which we are bringing into manifestation within our life experience.

In this video transmission you will work directly with the Solar Archangel Arhaiel  (ref: Maia Christianne Nartoomid's article "Adam Kadmon: the Prototype of Man" in her e-publication Temple Doors Volune 3, 1996), who hails to you through the Christic Sun Spirit, to build power in your Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi.

This process will help you center your awareness, consciousness and energy in your GODS Chi, and to learn how to live from pure Core Energy Resonance. The objective is to enter your GODS Chi and never go out from that place again... NEVER!

This will help you in liberating yourself from mental gymnastics that only serve to take you out of GODS Chi where you become unstable and subject to all the extraneous forces playing out in the duality of the Maya. From within GODS Chi, you have the power to just say NO to the seduction of the duality of experience and instead do only what is right for YOU.

The amazing thing is, if it is right for YOU, it is also right for others, we are all One! This is one of the most powerful planetary services you can render. It helps NOBODY to step out of your GODS Chi and Core Energy Resonance for any reason regardless of what your mind tells you.

This activation  delivers a very powerful transmission of pure energy and awareness (you should be feeling it right now) to help you gain awareness of your GODS Chi and increase its power within your being. It will also impart some higher level universal meta-scientific knowledge about energy resonance and how it relates to living a human life on Earth in the greatly accelerated times we find ourselves within.

You will additionally, and perhaps most importantly, go away with a beautiful method and process you can continue to use to further develop your Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi (GODS Chi) and your ability to live powerfully from your own pure Core Energy Resonance as a truly sovereign spiritual being.

Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi (GODS Chi)
Activational Video Workshop and DVD

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