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The Golden Orb ~ My Story
by Simeon Chi'Ra 01/22/11

Like you, I have been working diligently within myself to develop my ability to be, and stay connected to, who I really am for quite some time. There have been many powerful and key points of accomplishment for me on this journey.

I am sure you can relate to that dynamic as well. The aha's and moments of Divine Revelation, the quantum bursts of love growing within my incarnate being, all taking me ever-deeper into fully experiencing the Totality of myself and the Universe.

Throughout the course of 2010 I had an expanding sense of an energy, a Divine Power, growing within my physical and energy body bodies. This activity has been centered in the abdominal area.

This is of course the location of the 2nd and 3rd chakras and is often one of the more problematic energy zones that we as humans have to contend with. I have been increasingly noticing the same type of 'flaming' energy point sensation that I have been feeling in my heart center developing in this abdominal region as well.

I thought this rather interesting because it was not directly associated with the 2nd or 3rd chakra. Nor was it associated with what Thoth has termed the 'atoma,' which is located between the 3rd and 4th chakras. This particular point is instead located between the 2nd and 3rd chakras and incorporates both of them.

The feeling of this new energy point is quite incredible. It seemed as though as it strengthened it was taking me more deeply into myself, and yet at the same time more clearly into unity consciousness. The latter is our ticket to experiencing pure states of Oneness of course.

It was in November 2010, after I started drinking the Regenesis H2Oau with additional N-State Nobles Spirit Gold in it, that this new energy dynamic started to really amplify and develop very quickly. As it did, I started to then see a Golden Orb of Light in my field growing in intensity.

This Golden Orb is centered right between the 2nd and 3rd chakras. It is the energy dynamic I had been sensing all through 2010 growing within my physical and energy bodies, but in a much more developed and mature form than it had been previously.

The more this Golden Orb gains power and strength within me, the more it holds my awareness and consciousness anchored within it. It is becoming increasingly powerful, and whenever some aberrant gyration of my mind takes my conscious awareness and energy outside of it, I know immediately this has occurred and I return to its center because it simply feels so wonderful to stay within the Golden Orb. Its like being almost automatically snapped back to wholeness, goodness and joy!

I am naturally quite inquisitive, so of course I started asking questions within and of the Illumined Ones I work with regarding this Golden Orb and what it might be. I started receiving an influx of awareness and higher-dimensional communications and downloads as a result.

The name that I received for this dynamic was the "Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi." I did not recognize at first that there was an acronym possible (GODS Chi). I love acronyms, so that is likely why I received it in a way that made this possible, but it was not consciously designed that way!

I also began to experience what I related to as a "Solar Angel" within this Golden Orb. As I began getting downloads around what this Golden Orb really was, I also was guided to go back and look at information Maia had channeled years ago and which I had worked to modulate as part of our work together.

This was information on the Adam Kadmon and how it related to the 3 Christ Souls and the role of the Christic Archangel Arhaiel which emerged from our Sun Spirit and descended in Isho'a (Yeshua) at his baptism (ref: Maia Christianne Nartoomid's article "Adam Kadmon: the Prototype of Man" in her e-publication Temple Doors Volume 3, 1996).

It was then that a major download came through and I recognized that the "Solar Angel" in the Golden Orb was the energy of Archangel Arhaiel from the Chrisitic Sun Spirit. I also became aware that this whole dynamic was a significant part of the development of Christ Consciousness within humanity and the actualization and activation of the Adam Kadmon template on Earth.

Both of these dynamics are a part of the development of unity consciousness and pure states of Oneness on our planet. Isho'a (Yeshua) was actually the first to fully ground this particular dynamic on the Earth thereby setting the etheric pathway in place for everyone on Earth to do the same.

The development of this Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi (GODS Chi) dynamic is not something I had foreseen coming. Higher awareness informs me this is a major unfoldment in the evolution of the human chakra and energy body system that is taking place on a planetary scale as we more fully embody the Christ Consciousness.

This is also a major energetic manifestation of a specific consciousness movement that has been happening on the planet for some time. This consciousness movement can briefly be described as the 'movement within.' The collective consciousness has for a very long time sought to find its power and even its sense of inter-connected and inter-relatedness with anything 'external' to itself by energetically 'moving outside of itself' to explore, connect, relate etc. via the conscious mind and its intellect.

The accumulating problems that we have encountered with this journey have now been driving us back within ourselves to find the solutions and thus also our next stage of consciousness evolution. Only now... we have more self-awareness which is also the fodder for developing an expanding consciousness.

We also have more other-awareness. As we head back into our Sacred Center more fully, this Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi develops. At some point on our journey it blossoms within our conscious awareness and anchors that awareness more completely to our Divine Solar-Christ Self. Its truly powerful too...

This dynamic then empowers you to operate more fully from pure Core Energy Resonance rather than from the mind. We have all been doing this already in various degrees for quite some time. However, my personal experience has been that once this Golden Orb formed in my field strongly enough wherein I could consciously and tangibly experience it, my ability to start navigating through life using pure Core Energy Resonance versus the mind expanded immensely and very quickly.

What are pure Core Energy Resonance principles? These are higher-dimensional principles which, to the degree they are vibrationally active, will only initiate movement in your life (i.e. versus making 'decisions and choices') when you get a strong sense of resonance with your Core Energy.  We have called this intuition or guidance, but this is fundamental to and underlies those dynamics thus empowering us to "go to the source."

As this develops our Core Energy gets consolidated into the Golden Orb and amplified in a very powerful way. This energy in the Golden Orb is the energy of your Christ Self aspect building power within your physical and energy bodies. YOU become a holographic 'translocation host' for the Solar Archangel Arhaiel, who in essence is the point of unity for ALL Christ Selves for beings that are using the Adam Kadmon template in this solar system.

There is a LOT more to all of this that I  relate in more depth in my  GODS Chi Activation video and DVD. I was  given a specific process to help further activate and develop the Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi (GODS Chi) that is used in this activational video.

I am now serving as a resonating "Golden Orb transmission node" for others and can thereby assist the work of Archangel Arhaiel and our Christic Sun Spirit on Earth. This work involves firing the higher level Adam Kadmon genetic codes held within human DNA.

I would also highly recommend the Regenesis H2Oau for anyone who can afford to work with it. It is clearly a valuable aid to this process. While Spirit never makes anything absolutely dependent upon a physical substance, certain substances can at times be quite valuable to what we seek to accomplish. I know without a doubt that the Regenesis H2Oau has truly been a Divine Gift to me in assisting the development of this Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi (GODS Chi).

Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi (GODS Chi)
Activational Video Workshop and DVD

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