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The Great Cosmic 'Tweener'
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chi'Ra 10/13/11

The Great Cosmic Tweener, a special fractal image for this Family of Light oneness energy channeling article by Cosmic Consciousness Online.
click image for large hi-res version

It is clear to me at this point that this 13th Universal Heaven's energy pulse is indeed what feels to be a perfect balance of the yin-yang energy as Ascended Menon related it would be in my last channeling transmission from him.

This highly balanced state, in conjunction with the re-programming of our 7th Planetary Seal ongoing right now, is resulting in what feels like a lot of wierdness and uncertainty at the manifest-plane level. Yet simultaneously many people, myself included, are reporting feeling an enormous depth and power in the field of oneness-love becoming more present within them.

I have noticed that even small adjustments that I have been assisting others to make in my Ascension Sessions, often have had very significantly positive results, much moreso than usual. I have also been receiving numerous small downloads regarding what is happening right now for us on planet Earth, many of which I have gathered together to share in this article.

In the jargon of computerized animations there is something called a "tweener." This is used where you are animating the movement of something on-screen from one position to another. You set the start and end positions on-screen and also how long you wish for this movement to take in terms of time. You then apply a "tweener" and the computer calculates a smooth transition resulting in the desired animation on-screen.

Ascended Master Menon related to me that we are currently in a "Great Cosmic Tweener" so to speak. We are in-between worlds moving from one point "on-screen" to another, and over a relatively short period of time. The old planetary programming in our 7th Planetary Seal is being completely dissolved and replaced with the programming that takes us into the beginning stages of our New Earth reality.

There is a linearity to this process wherein some programming gets dissolved but for a short while the new programming is not yet in place. That is the mid-point of an individual movement within the Great Cosmic Tweener. We are experiencing many of these right now.

These are times when there simply is no programming available for whatever. We go to access our own crystallized version of that programming as usual, but not much energy there, does not seem to be working so good now, hmmmm, what to do? The answer is just wait a short bit! This can be a bit challenging at times.

The Metatronic Councils of Light have applied a higher light-mathematical program to our 7th Planetary Seal to affect this change. It is calculating the movement between the existing reality state and that which it must become.

It is also systematically dissolving the existing reality state upon our linear time line as it moves our field of consciousness programming into the New Earth state. We are thus in a state of cosmic animation from one world to the next, the Great Cosmic Tweener.

This then has the propensity to also generate the type of experiences wherein we may for example feel totally at peace on one level, nothing more to do, we have arrived at a place we have been seeking for aeons... yet our minds are still thinking wildly about all that is coming that must be done, still running the old programs so to speak.

Another type of experience that is happening for many, including myself, is that you feel a new direction or vision entering into your life. Yet you are baffled, possibly even feeling overwhelmed, as to how you get can actually bring it into manifestation, something seems to be missing. If you are experiencing such dynamics there IS something still missing! That is the rest of the new programming in the 7th Planetary Seal! Again, the solution is to be patient and just wait for a bit.

Ascended Master Menon related to me that our personal processes with these types of experiences and many more, which in a sense represent a momentarily heightened form of duality, are integral with the tweener Program of Light the Metatronic Councils have applied to our 7th Planetary Seal. In other words, this tweener Program of Light has also been applied to the whole field of consciousness on Earth, including us, it is all integral.

Those of us on Earth who have enough awareness to recognize what is basically happening on our planet right now have the main job of assimilating this tweener shift. This has to happen through our experience on the mental. emotional and physical planes of reality, there is no other way.

This tweener experience can be deeply powerful and peaceful, exhilarating, frightening, and various spin-offs of those states all at the same time. Maybe there are times when we are only experiencing one of these states too. Maybe we are experiencing only one of these states continually as well.

If it is the deeply powerful and peaceful or exhilarating states we are experiencing continually, then obviously it is not a problem. However, if we find ourselves caught continually within some version of the fear state then it is not a pleasant experience at all.

In our transition through the re-programming of our 7th Planetary Seal, which will be complete by time we enter the 11.11.11 cosmic gateway, it is more important than ever for us to stay focused on experiencing the deeply powerful and peaceful state of our oneness-love to the best of our ability.

Simultaneously, and seemingly contradictorily, there is SO much revealing itself for us to accomplish on the manifest plane now too. We are desiring very deeply and emphatically to engage it and bring it into manifestation to change our lives and our world as it is being revealed to us. So this can be quite challenging for many, myself included.

Yet, we must realize consciously that we are in the Great Cosmic Tweener right now, a time of wonderful preparation and re-orientation if we relate and align to it properly. As we pass through the 11.11.11 gateway and move through to the end of this year, Ascended Master Menon indicates there is going to be a huge shift in how this will all be coming together and experienced inside of ourselves.

To help us with this, Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na, the 7D Solar Priestess from the Temple of La'kina, invites us to connect to her powerful Divine Feminine Solar Heart and she will initiate infusions of our own Divinity to help takes us through this period of re-orientation from the deepest place of peace, love and knowing.

She bids us to also cultivate a deeper trust in the cosmos, in the knowing that all our dreams and visions for a New Earth are about to become a manifest reality. A new manifest reality that develops within us first, and then within our world. It must and will occur in that order.

Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na asks us:

"Can you believe in this vision and your own ability to make it manifest within yourself for your world and your beloved planet Earth?

Can you commit fully to glorifying your Earth Mother Gaia in this way through your very own beingness?"

She invites us all once again to gaze into her eyes below and feel the power of our own Divinity being mirrored back to us by her own.

Ascended Master Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na of the 7D Temple of Lakina, an image for this Family of Light oneness energy channeling article by Cosmic Consciousness Online.
click image for large hi-res version

Shi'Ra asks us to all to do our best to re-prioritize our lives right now in whatever ways we can. To make the process of experiencing deep states of our own Divinity and oneness-love and the inner peace they elicit most important above all else. To set aside some of the to-do's and to make time for going much, much deeper.

She assures us that by doing so, whatever ground we may seem to "lose" on the manifest plane for the moment in terms of money or accomplishments, will return to us a thousand-fold after passing through 11.11.11. She indicates that this will occur in ways we cannot even begin to imagine at the moment.

My heart quivers with anticipation as I am sure many of yours will too. We are all faced with a great number of physical plane challenges right now that make it difficult to put some of the to-do things aside for a bit.

However, if we join our hearts together in this intention, purpose and vision, even though we may not know each other personally, we are forming a very powerful vessel of stability, a higher consciousness light merkabah, and that becomes the vessel for greater infusion by higher dimensional beings within the Metatronic Councils of Light, our true Family of Light in the oneness and love.

You can join a higher consciousness light merkabah in this focus by watching the 11.11.11 ~ Eye of Metatron video transmission which is very powerful and has higher-light encodings for what we are working to develop that are totally valid until at least the end of 2013!

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