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The Great Universal De-Polarization
by Simeon Chi'Ra 10/28/10

The entire universe is currently in a mega-process of de-polarization of such a great magnitude that it is truly difficult for the human aspect of mind to grasp. Therefore, I suggest you move into your Divine or Universal aspect of Mind to the best of your ability and then continue reading to get the whole download that is available.

In my recent articles "Entering the 13th Galactic Heaven" and "Perfecting the Dance of God/Goddess in the 13th Galactic Heaven," I related a lot about the balancing of polarities relative to the 13th Galactic Heaven's frequencies. These frequencies are affecting the entire universe, not just our personal and collective worlds.

De-polarization occurs as the result of a greater balance being achieved. I have spoken to the polarities of the Masculine/Feminine, God/Goddess energies. Yet these take many forms of manifestation as they spin their web of inter-connected relations throughout the universe.

We could look at a lot of polarity relationships represented in this world to see examples of this cosmic web being spun. Things like the yin/yang, east/west, right brain/left brain, heaven/earth, god/human, anger/joy and so forth. These polarities represent different strands in the cosmic web that the universal God/Goddess duo perpetually spin.

These are strands we are familiar with, yet there are other strands we may not tend to be as aware of on an ongoing basis. Souls themselves exist in various polarity relationships to other souls. When souls are birthed it is the result of a superliminal stellar event. A star-sun, which is in truth a celestial being, will respond to various cosmic influences at various intervals and issue forth two luminous rays of superliminal light. Along these two rays will be birthed a number of souls. How many varies greatly.

The souls on the opposite arc from each other are in what is known as a "trans-arc affinity" relationship. The souls on the same arc exist in what is called an "arc-affinity" relationship. Each arc is in polarity to the other and thus the souls birthed upon them assume the same polarity relationships as the arcs. (NOTE: information on the soul birthing and arc/trans-arc affinities was given to Maia Alaula Kamala Nartoomid by the Illuminari Thoth)

In terms of soul-bonding via the star's vibrational energy pattern and the "cosmic moment of birthing," all of these souls have what could loosely be called a "twin ray" relationship, although that is a more complex topic I would like to cover in another article.

There is also a little known dynamic that can and does occur at times when souls who have an arc-affinity relationship are in incarnational experience(s) within a parsec of the universe where a greater balancing must be elicited.

In such circumstances there are times when the Councils of Light for that region will issue a clarion call for some of the arc-affinity souls in that parsec of the universe to temporarily re-polarize and thus assume trans-arc affinity polarity relationships to their other arc-affinities to help balance energies in that universal sector.

I am speaking first hand about this because Maia Alaula Kamala Nartoomid and I are arc-affinities, and before the time of the Earth I re-polarized within the Sirian system. I was therefore one of the souls on our arc that re-polarized and assumed the opposite polarity to my native polarity.

Maia remained in her native arc-affinity polarity. Until recently in this incarnation, that polarity shift has been maintained as a greater universal service within my soul. I have just about completed the re-polarization process at this point as part of the greater de-polarization process taking place in the universe.

These are but some of the polarity based realities that are beyond the scope of what most humans tend to think of in terms of polarity. Yet they are all going through a great universal de-polarization as well.

This means that trans-arc affinity type "twin ray" relationships are going to seem progressively less intense to be within. They may also for awhile start to feel less attractive in the usual male-female way when there is a strong male-female magnetic polarity that has been manifest at the physical level in response to the higher stellar and soul level trans-arc affinity energies present. In time the attraction will orient more towards universally serving their Divine Purpose more fully.

In fact all male-female polarity relationships are going to become increasingly more balanced as each being finds greater balance between God/Goddess within themselves. We have been witnessing this occurring already for some time as a greatly expanded latitude of expression with male-female roles in relationships, as well as in many other ways.

Shifting back to the macro-cosmic perspective: galaxies and stars themselves exist in polarity relationships to other galaxies and stars also. The planets in our solar system also have polarity relationships to each other and our sun. All of these polarities are being brought into greater balance with the unfolding and activation of the harmonics that are identified by the Mayan Calendar as the 13th Galactic Heaven (7th Galactic Day). This activation occurs on November 3rd on our linear timeline.

The electromagnetic activity of our sun will continue to be increasingly affected due to this balancing of polarities. There are magnetic lines of force that exist between stars, starfields, galaxies, planets etc. These macro-cosmic magnetic lines of force will continue to shift as the polarity relationships between celestial bodies are brought into greater balance.

These celestial magnetic lines of force determine the type and quality of energy that is being exchanged between celestial bodies. Therefore, the type of energy that the various planets in our solar system will impart astrologically to incarnating souls under their influence is also shifting.

Studies of astrology that work with directly experiencing these celestial energies will be on the leading edge of understanding these shifts and what they mean in the future. As the shifts occur the astrological interpretations will also shift in such systems, which will become the astrological systems of the New Earth. My friend Cayelin Castel of Celestial Timings and the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School uses a system that leans strongly in this direction already.

The Earth and other planets in our solar system can also be expected to respond to the shift in the various magnetic lines of force existing between them with axial shifts, polar shifts, relatively rapid changes in orbit, increases or losses in atmospheric gases, changes in surface temperature, electromagnetic fields, weather and so forth.

Our Earth, and what we call her Earth changes, are but one small symptom of a much larger pattern of celestial shifts taking place that involves the universal de-polarization process. There are planets all throughout the universe that are experiencing their version of these same shifts and changes. All of these worlds and their respective planets are intimately inter-connected.

I had a mystical experience some years back wherein my consciousness transported completely outside of our solar system and I was viewing the streams of energy and light being exchanged between the planets and sun in our system, as well as between many stars and planets from afar that were connected into the planets and sun here in our own system. It was a stunningly beautiful thing to behold, and it indelibly imprinted within me the knowing of how all this happens and how everything is so totally inter-connected in so many ways.

It is actually possible to achieve an awareness of how a pain your body is actually related to something taking place millions of light years away! As our consciousness learns to operate outside of the harmonics of our fundamental Solar Logos which is using the 666 harmonics, we then increasingly attain the ability to operate from within the 999 Cube of Stars.

The 9:9:9 Tele-Transmission I facilitated last year is still a very powerful dynamic for engaging this process of "inversion" and the MP3 recordings of that event can now be downloaded for free from my website.

From this expanded plane of awareness we can see that even one human being making an internal shift that de-polarizes some aspect of their individuated beingness actually transmits this same pulse of de-polarized energy to every celestial body and being in all other places and dimensions in the universe simultaneously.

Meditate with this awareness for just a bit, and see how it expands your awareness of the inter-connectedness of your own personal journey and all the attendant challenges you face within yourself right now, and the universal evolution taking place across all aspects and dimensions of the universe. This sort of meditative and contemplative activity can go a very long way towards breaking out of the feeling and/or experience of life here on Earth being dull, mundane or limiting.

Give this a try and see how it might bring you into a deeper experiential sense of your Oneness with the ALL, of how your efforts to de-polarize, balance and transform your own consciousness each and every moment of your life, are helping other beings not only in this world, but in all other worlds.

Such expansive awareness can re-vitalize your whole energy system with a flow of higher-dimensional unlimited energies that will make you feel more vibrant and alive regardless of what you are doing day to day in your life.

So here you are, standing upon this little orb of rock hurtling through space. We are experiencing a number of amazing high-speed movements all at once in fact: Earth rotates at roughly 1,000 mph at the equator; Earth orbits the sun at 66,000 mph; the solar system orbits the galaxy at 483,000 mph; the galaxy is moving through space at 1,300,000 mph!

What is our conscious awareness of these movements though? We know and sense the Earth's orbital movement due to the changes in season unless we are near the equator. We know and sense the Earth's rotational movement because of the night and day cycle. However, unless we study the stars closely for long periods of time we will not have any external sense at all of our solar system's movement within the galaxy, or our galaxy's movement in the universe. Yet, these are the two largest movements being made.

In like manner the galactic and universal levels of polarity re-balancing are the largest movements being made in this regard, and everything we experience here on Earth is directly related to those larger movements.

The more we can open our awareness into the 999 Cube of Stars and go beyond our solar threshold in consciousness the more we will be able to sense, experience and align ourselves and our world with these larger energy currents and expanded harmonics that are universally balancing all polarities.

When we work on this expanded level, small amounts of energy output can make huge differences in ourselves, our world, in our galaxy and in the universe. Its like when you throw a small switch and control a very large current. To control even larger currents does not require all that much more of a switch. Throwing that switch takes a small amount of energy yet it connects up very powerful energies that do some work for you.

Moving beyond the limitations of our Solar Threshold and into the 999 Cube of Stars will be the platform of awareness and consciousness we are going to be working from to perfect the dance of God/Goddess in my upcoming "Entering the 13th Galactic Heaven" tele-transmission.

We will be making integrative connections from this expanded plane of reality back into our bodies and everyday human consciousness. We will do this for ourselves and as representatives of our collective soul on Earth.

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