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The Holo-Crystalline Lattice
of Universal Consciousness
by Simeon Chi'Ra 03/01/11

Holo-Crystalline Lattice of Universal Consciousness and the Ninth Rainbow of the Mayan Calendar

I received a powerful transmission this morning (3/1/11). Often times these transmissions I receive are on vectors or streamings of consciousness.

As such they can be identified as either coming directly from or being closely associated with a specific being or collective of consciousness. Other times they just flow in from the Cosmic Plane of Awareness.

This morning there was a distinctly different quality to the transmission. I have picked up on this quality being present in other recent transmissions as well, but it is rapidly becoming much more prominent.

The different quality present in these transmissions is very difficult to define in words. Its as if all previous qualities of a transmission originating from a specific being or collective AND the qualities of it emanating from the Cosmic Plane of Awareness, AND something else... are all present simultaneously.

In other words it is far less definable in terms of its sourcing and it is not exclusive of any of the sources for these transmissions which I have worked with over the years either... I was seeing and feeling them ALL present simultaneously like an amazing hologram.

Then there is this additional "something else" present. I opened myself to receive a greater awareness regarding this "something else" and what this shift in the energy of these transmissions truly represents. I then saw and experienced a rather beautiful holo-crystalline lattice that was truly universal in scope.

The new energy-art image I created above captures the energy essence of this holo-crystal lattice and its relationship with the nine harmonic waves of consciousness evolution defined by the Mayan Calendar which are represented by the nine rainbows.

I became aware of how all of the Illumined Beings I have resonant connections with and all of us fit into this holo-crystalline lattice. I also became aware of how the Cosmic Plane of Universal Awareness was comprised of the "spaces" within this holo-crystalline lattice.

Specifically individuated expressions of energy such as sentient beings form the nodes in this holo-crystalline lattice work. There are other nodes present in this crystalline lattice as well that I cannot fully explain just yet, other than to say they are like master control points that sentient beings can utilize. Then there are all the crystalline inter-connecting fractal lines of energy and consciousness that form the lattice itself.

This lattice does NOT conform to any specific geomteric shapes that I recognize. It is much more of a "random" arrangement of its crystalline structure which is continually changing so it is also like a crystalline fluidium.

I also became aware of how this holo-crystalline lattice is hologrammed within our human physiology as a microcosm of the macrocosm and takes form as our neural-dendritic networks.

The primary difference being that the universal holo-crystalline lattice holds a full-light Metatronic pattern whereas our current human neural-dendritic lattice is in a process of re-structuring from a half-light pattern with incomplete encoding to the full-light pattern of the Metatronic Universe.

I have created some more energy-art below with the help of Master Menon in order to capture the vibrational essence of the neural circuitry we have today (left), and what we will have afer the crystallization of universal consciousness within our physiology takes place (right).

Cosmic Lattice of Neurons and Dendrites Undergoing Transformations for Universal Consciousness Metatronic Lattice of Neurons and Dendrites Representing Universal Consciousness
Half-Light Neurons
undergoing transformation
Full-Light Metatronic Neurons
holding universal consciousness

If you gaze for a moment on both of these two images above simultaneously using a "soft" focus, it will actually help inform your neural circuitry about where it is headed and thus reinforce the program it has for transforming itself into a structure that holds the full-light spectrum of universal consciousness.

The two images above form a vibrational bridge and I can really feel it. I would also love to hear about your experiences with these energy-art images and the Metatronic full-light neural circuitry bridge they create energetically.

Getting back to the main topic of this article... the evolving harmonics of consciousness represented in the Mayan Calendar are now about to fully activate the final Ninth Universal Harmonic Wave's encoding. This relates very powerfully to what I was seeing in this fluid holo-crystalline lattice.

In connecting with the presence of the universal holo-crystalline lattice in the way that I did this morning, I was able to see and experience how this Ninth Wave is going to energize and activate all the remaining key 'master nodes' within the holo-crystalline lattice. As this takes place its full register will become present for anyone who has the capacity to process the holographic multi-dimensional information it represents.

For those beings who do not currently have the capacity to process such information in their body-brain-mind-consciousness complex, there will be a new set of morphogenetic frequency codes present that will ignite a mutation within their genetic and para-genetic encoding.

This mutation in turn will lead to development of the capacity to process the holographic and multi-dimensional information which is more freely flowing through their individuated field of energy expression.

For those beings who do have the ability to at least partially process such information, a similar process will take place wherein they are accelerated into a much fuller manifestation of this multi-dimensional holographic processing ability.

This process will happen gradually over time. In a cosmic sense this will be extremely fast, much like a photographic flash going off. In our sense of human linear time based on the celestial movements of our Earth about the Sun and our planet's rotation upon its axis, this might take a little while. However, based on the hologram I am accessing through this transmission it definitely appears as though it will happen within the span of a single average human lifetime.

One primary element that we must keep in mind, is that the completion of the activation of the Ninth Wave's Rainbow of consciousness in the holo-crystalline lattice on 10/28/2011 will forever alter not only the rules of the game, but the field upon which it is being played.

The Ninth Wave is therefore going to be delivering our reality game onto this new playing field. We have been making preparations for this to occur, but we have still been on the old playing field for the most part.

On the new playing field with the new game rules the universal consciousness "refs" will be there sidelining players who are still trying to play the old game by the old rules so to speak. Of course there will not be any beings serving as "refs" - that is only an analogy - even if it is an inviting one!

This activity will rather be happening according to the Law of Vibration. We are entering into a whole new harmonic set of vibrational waveforms that will change some of the parameters of how that universal Law of Vibration will work here on Earth and throughout all manifest worlds within the universe.

In the transmission I received this morning I became more keenly aware of how this is all going to lead to some truly amazing manifestational occurrences in our world and across the entire universe.

There is sooo much potential here that we really cannot even begin to grasp it yet. The Ninth Wave's Rainbow is about to start opening this potential much more fully to our conscious experience and awareness too!

There is so much coming in around this transmission that it is truly amazing and I am needing to be with it a bit to be able to give it further expression in words.

I also experienced an expansion in awareness regarding how the rainbows that each of the Nine Harmonic Waves of Consciousness Evolution represent, interact and come together to complete this universal holo-crystalline lattice. This awareness inspired the new energy-art at the top of this page.

Whereas the previous energy art (below) depicted the relationship of the nine rainbows of consciousness evolution relative to our Earth, the new one above relates them to the Holo-Crystal Lattice of Universal Consciousness itself.

Therefore this transmission I received today is also very connected to what I was attempting to depict in my energy-art entitled "The Ninth Rainbow" below. This energy-art below depicts these nine rainbows relative to the Earth because that is where we are.

Yet these are universal evolutionary harmonics affecting all of the manifest Creation in all dimensions, parallel realities and universes. Therefore I felt it was necessary to also create the more universal energy-art appearing above to celebrate the Ninth Universal Wave;s Rainbow!

The Ninth Rainbow of Universal Consciousness

I received some interesting feedback on this original energy-art which has demonstrated just how powerful a dynamic it is tuning us into.

In fact, the wide scope of ways in which people seem to be relating to this energy-art image informs me that it has been successful in attuning many people into the universal field of consciousness that the Ninth Wave's Rainbow represents.

It reaches you in the center of your own universe regarding what is happening right now in other words.

Here are some excerpts from a couple of the people that wrote to me about their experiences of my original "The Ninth Rainbow" energy-art and info:


Greetings Simeon, this is freaking me out a bit (Ninth Rainbow energy-art and info), about 2 years ago, for 40 days everyday with the angelic realm and the masters that over see each ray, I visualized and anchored... well created a rainbow of colour around the earth, one ray at a time. I did this for around one hour everyday. I wanted to create a force field around the earth to protect the earth and the people within the earth, so nothing that was not of a place of love could not penetrate the earth and influence any person upon the earth... I wonder if this rainbow that I created with the angelic realm and the masters... is this creation... to me it's the same as what we created. Many blessings. ~ ~ Merlen'na Rosenberry of Merlen'na and the Unicorns - Eagle Heights, AUSTRALIA


I have spent some time meditating with your energy art - Ninth Rainbow... This has been very interesting because it actually feels very familiar...

I recognize this as our earth as it was originally created... also... as being our 'new earth'... The eight rainbow arcs pouring into our earth field... feels to me to be a representation of what is actually happening now... these waves of energy are both light and sound which are currently radiating onto our earth from the Universal source... perfectly time coded to facilitate a shift into a new consciousness.

I feel that as these energies anchor into our earth... it activates the consciousness stored within the earth grids and the crystalline matrix, in turn causing the earth itself to begin to radiate this full spectrum of light and energy. This is what I see creating the toroid form around the earth.

 Likewise, this process is occurring also within our own energy fields too - very much as microcosms of a greater macrocosm... this is the move to becoming truly multi-dimensional beings. This feels to me like a process of restoration and recovery of our truest and fullest divine aspects. It makes me think of the Hopi saying: "We are the ones that we have been waiting for" as what I see in this image shows me that we are moving into our fullness as co-creators who will birth our new earth... Your image represents this to me. ~ Juanita McKenzie of Butterfly Heart, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

It should be interesting to see what type of responses come forth about the new energy-art relating the nine rainbows of consciousness evolution to the universal Holo-Crystal Lattice! Don't be shy, I would love to hear your feedback!

There is a very expansive energy that flows in  "The Ninth Rainbow of Universal Consciousness" energy transmission video. I share much more along the lines of what I have been relating in this article as part of this transmission.

There is also an amazing meditation guided by the collective energy and consciousness of the Orion Blue Fire Command (Tashab'va) that takes you on a profound journey in consciousness into the Holo-Crystalline Lattice using the Ninth Rainbow's hologram.

To help you experience this transmission there is a sliding scale love offering available for the video access

More Info | Access Video

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