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The Inner Light Network Logo, an energy-art for my Family of Light and Oneness by Cosmic Consciousness Online
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The Inner Light Network
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling
by Simeon Chi'Ra 4/11/12

There is some new information and light work soon to be presented on occasion through the Cosmic Consciousness Online Newsletter. This article has some pre-requisite information that is needed to understand the basis for this new focus of working with the Earth specific sub-grouping of the Metatronic Councils of Light called the Inner Light Network.

The Inner Light Network (ILN) is a grouping of souls working with the Metatronic Councils of Light for the transformation and ascension of our planetary collective consciousness, and thus the benefit of all humanity. They work specifically within our planetary and world systems, grids and timelines. They do so in our current linear time as well as in "future-time coordinates."

My kindred Maia Kyi'Ra first wrote briefly about the Inner Light Network back in the 1980's. It was back in the mid 90's when Maia Kyi'Ra and I were married and living in Crestone, CO that she began sharing a lot of detailed information with me about the ILN on a personal level and we did some work directly with them on occasion.

Immediately following the events of 9/11/2001 I was given an opportunity to facilitate some work for the ILN through a group energy matrix that I was guided to form. Needless to say, this effort did not bear the fruit that it was hoped it would because I was really not ready for facilitating what it required. It did, however, make me aware of what I needed to develop within myself in the event such work ever presented itself again.

The souls that are working directly and consciously within the Inner Light Network exist within several different planes of manifestation. There are souls embodied like we are on the surface of the Earth in our current linear time coordinates.

There are souls embodied on the surface of the Earth in future linear time coordinates. There are other souls that are embodied within the Inner Earth in their own relative time coordinates. There are still other souls that are embodied in various adjacent and parallel realities of the Earth.

As you can see it is quite a diverse grouping of souls. Despite this diversity there is very tight and strong resonance amongst all members of the Inner Light Network. They are very strongly bonded and unified through their immense love for humanity and universal principles of truth, love, unity and goodness.

They therefore all share a very high degree of alignment to universal laws. There is no objective they undertake wherein they will ever violate universal laws to accomplish it. They perceive that doing so is a loss regardless of what shorter term benefit it may seem to produce on the manifest plane of the Earth.

This is an absolute in the Inner Light Network, and any member that loses this alignment effectively disconnects themselves from the ILN's telepathic communications network. If this occurs they can be assisted in regaining the necessary alignments if they have difficulty achieving this on their own.

The primary means all these souls have of communicating and coordinating with each other is through a special telepathic field. This field is light-encoded in such a way that only those who have the necessary decoding frequencies present within their energy fields can make intelligible use of the information within it.

The decoding frequencies are designed such that each Inner Light Network member has to maintain proper alignments to universal laws or they just do not work. Communicating through this network is quite different than channeling, although it does employ some of the same consciousness skills.

Maia Kyi'Ra already had these decoding frequencies present in her field when I met her in 1994. Shortly after we began working together with the Inner Light Network I was taken into a very deep trance-like state. After I emerged from it I also had these decoding frequencies in my field.

I then began receiving periodic transmissions from the Inner Light Network on the "channel" they allow me to receive their telepathic information on. They have many channels, and I am only able to receive information through one of them currently.

The Inner Light Network is generally systems-oriented because it is through the transformation of the world systems we use that significant change can be facilitated on the manifest plane. They also do some very high level work within specific grid and timeline systems on our planet that help to gracefully bring our current reality into fusion with our future New Earth reality.

The Inner Light Network often works in a way that energetically follows the principles taught in the martial arts. They never oppose anyone or anything in any way. They do not deceive or coerce.

Rather, they continually assess the movements of energy and consciousness on the planet within our various world systems and they attempt to engineer new pathways for that energy and consciousness to follow that will benefit all of humanity.

They will beneficially make use of the momentum of potentially harmful or destructive energies already in motion and attempt to re-direct them in ways that will benefit the whole collective.

There is a small grouping of souls within the Inner Light Network that are embodied on the surface Earth in our current linear time coordinates that are embedded in very important key positions within the circles of government, banking, financial markets, the corporate world, etc.

I have only been receiving sporadic messages from the ILN for some years. My work was focused on working with the higher-dimensional aspects of the Metatronic Councils of Light. The Inner Light Network has recently, however, started transmitting a more frequent messages to me once again.

They suggested that I share some basic information about them such as I am in this article. Next they will begin sending some other information to me to be shared in the future.

There is a short but important message they wish me to pass along with this article. This is that all the economic chaos taking place in our world right now is fundamentally as a result of two major energy streams attempting to merge with each other thereby creating a lot of turbulence at the moment.

One of these energy streams is represented by the existing world banking system and its Old Earth way of doing things that marginalizes many for the benefit of a few.

The second of these energy streams is represented in the powerful movements of consciousness flowing towards the New Earth reality wherein the welfare of all of humanity must be considered in the new economy.

The Inner Light Network is powerfully supporting this second streaming of energy in many, many ways. They are also assisting the the Old Earth streaming of energy in finding its pathing into this New Earth energy stream.

This is a very complex task and many efforts in this regard often times do not bear much if any fruit on the manifest plane. However, the ILN views each effort they make as building momentum in a specific direction regardless of its manifest plane outcome. There is something of value in that pespective alone for all of us too!

The ILN has also been slowly developing a number of key elements within our planetary matrix to facilitate the transition of major world systems like the banking and financial system for several decades.

Now that which they have developed is being fairly rapidly activated and deployed. This is causing some additional shorter term disruptions and turbulence as the energy momentum of the Old Earth economic system is being re-directed towards channels of New Earth flow.

There would have been serious problems anyway due to the unsustainability of the old existing system. The Inner Light Network knew this time was coming long before the old banking system realized it was imminent.

The ILN has therefore been planning and working to capitalize on the current situation for our benefit over a significant period of time. NOW is the time for all that they have put into place over several decades to be activated and implemented. We are moving through a significant "ring pass not."

There is a great deal of resistance from the existing power structure to this change of direction. To help those resisting change break through this resistance the Inner Light Network utilizes many methods.

One of these is wherein they employ the consciousness and energy of people in our world who have vision and want change, and who also have the ability to go about it peacefully and in a fairly high degree of alignment to universal laws.

According to what the ILN related to me today, the movements of consciousness taking place now within most of the various "occupy movements" were initially seeded and supported by them. They led me to this article about some significant new developments taking place in the occupy movements to help people with their underwater mortgage and foreclosure issues. The ILN indicates they also initiated this new development as well. It brought tears to read this info I was so happy!

The Inner Light Network also indicated that they have been facilitating the Thrive movie in various ways, although they did not initiate that particular project. The ILN therefore works in these practical ways and many more for our benefit alongside their higher level energy, timeline and grid work. They are beings of GREAT LOVE.

The Inner Light Network will be inviting us to facilitate some things directly with them. They will also be providing some insights and information at times on world events that will help us to see what is taking place from their "inside" perspective.

This will of course include some information on how they are working with some of these global situations and how we might be of help at times!

This is a new development that I was not actually anticipating, but I am excited to have the opportunity once again to facilitate it!

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