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Inner Peace = World Peace Foundation
by Simeon Chiron 01/14/11

I have briefly mentioned the Inner Peace = World Peace Foundation in past newsletters and articles. This focus emerged as the result of a long and intense inner search which occurred just prior to when I left Hawaii in April 2010.

This focus increasingly feels like a major dharma for me. It emerged from the depths of my being at the end of that intense process in Hawaii. Back in November 2010 I finally began creating a website for the Inner Peace = World Peace Foundation and it is finally complete enough to be publically announced!

The whole central theme is as the name of the foundation suggests. This name is also what I call "Our Simple Formula." In other words, our collective individual ability to achieve and sustain a state of inner peace, moment by moment, is the fundamental key to creating a lasting world peace. It's really a no-brainer for most of the people I know personally and who are on this list. However, this is not the case for the masses, and it is also something which easily eludes even those who are keenly aware of the principle.

The Inner Peace = World Peace Foundation thus is being formed to support people like those on this list in actualizing it, and at the same time to bring awareness of this principle to a larger portion of the collective consciousness on our planet as well.

To help both of these efforts and to assist the left-brain aspect of our conscious minds to more fully accept the validity of the "simple formula" there is a logical support platform I have developed. This support platform has two main components:

1) The Common Sense Platform.

2) The Scientific Platform.

I will continue to develop the Scientific Platform over time as I become aware of other research and studies that support the idea that our inner states of mind and emotion affect the world at large and vice versa. Read more about "Our Simple Formula."

As a part of the IPWP Foundation's focus I am also going to be forming and facilitating some "Inner Peace = World Peace" activist groups. There will be two groups called "Inner Peace Anchors" and "Inner Peace Ambassadors." Read more about IPWP Activist Groups... 

There is much more to what this is about and most of the information is available at the new Inner Peace = World Peace Foundation's website.

There is also some content on various blog categories already available as well on inner peace Activism, Peace News, Articles on inner peace and how to achieve it, Videos on how to achieve inner peace etc. Most of this is content that others have produced and which I have found through surfing and researching, and which I feel to be of high value towards achieving and sustaining deeper states of inner peace and/or the connection between inner pace and world peace.

The Inner Peace = World Peace Foundation will have its own email list which you can join by registering as a subscriber at the IPWP website. As an IPWP subscriber you will be able to post comments on blog entries and you will receive the Inner Peace = World Peace newsletter with announcements when new content has been added to the site and any other important news relating to the foundation, its development and work.

I am currently looking for people who are interested in becoming involved in various capacities in the Inner Peace = World Peace Foundation. Therefore if you feel that inner call regarding the IPWP Foundation please contact me.

One of the projected future projects for the IPWP Foundation is to find the funding to develop a means to bring the Regenesis H2Oau water to people the world over on a donational basis only through the establishment of "Peace Water Sanctuaries." The name "Peace Water" (or similar) would be a more common name for this special water which would be better understandable to the masses.

These sanctuaries would be able to produce the water locally and distribute it in their area for donations (only). This is a vision that the alchemists who created this water have had for some time and which I also had come pouring in after getting involved with them. We are all aligned to bringing it into manifestation together if at all possible.

I have recently been providing information on the Regenesis H2Oau  water on my website and this newsletter. I have provided a lot of esoteric and higher-dimensional information on this water. Yet the bottom line is that it truly helps you get into a deeper and more sustainable state of inner peace by helping you to balance right-left brain and heart-mind polarities. This also has profound healing effects physiologically.

I would like to find funding to conduct some research on this water to establish it's activity scientifically and this would open the doors to getting funding for the larger Peace Water Sanctuaries (or whatever they may eventually be called) project and vision. Read more on this Greater Global Vision and Project...

As I announced in the last newsletter, you can also now be put into direct contact with the alchemists who are making this incredible spirit-elixir which has been seen to produce some remarkable healing and transformational effects on consciousness. In other words you can purchase directly from them at a reduced cost. Just click the links below to read more and use the order links that will allow you to fill in a form and send your info request to them.

One more thing! Even if you are not interested in being directly involved in the Inner Peace = World Peace Foundation, I would greatly appreciate your feedback on it, please contact me!

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