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M-STRA - The Divine Molecule
by Simeon Chi'Ra 12/09/10

Back in the early 90's Maia Alaula Kamala Nartoomid translated information from the Illuminari Thoth on what he referred to as the M-STRA molecule. This is an etheric Divine molecule that is associated with our DNA.

M-STRA is actually an acronym for "Metatronic Star Tect Redemption Apex." Simply put this term refers to an interstitial node existing in the universal space between physical DNA molecules whose function is to translate the incomplete light spectrum of matter into the full light spectrum of the Metatronic aspect of the universe.

Activation of the M-STRA molecule is being accomplished through a higher-dimensional dynamic called the Theramid. The Theramid is an energetic dynamic created by the Celestials and Illumined Ones which is associated with the Great Pyramid at Giza. Even more importantly the Theramid is operating primarily from within the envelope of the Great Pyramid's etheric counterpart known as the "Temple of the Morning Star."

The activity of the Theramid upon the M-STRA molecule is destined to fully activate the 12 strand DNA template for the original Adam Kadmon Template for Divine expression in human form in concert with galactic activation signals coming out of our galaxy's core.

"This will in turn reconnect our stellar memory circuits so that we can begin to create imaging that is correlative with the divine image and similitude on a biological level. In short, we will effectively be able to work in closer concert with the universal Hierarchy in reprogramming not only our own biological forms within the memory circuits of eternal life and Light, but the entire planetary genetic database as well. This is the ultimate manifestation of the Grail on earth, divinity fully received unto matter." (REF: "Theramid" by Maia Nartoomid)

So why bring this forth now? The M-STRA molecule must be activated for our evolution beyond 2012 to be successful. It is a key to achieving a state of consciousness that is unified, which in turn takes us into pure states of Oneness.

From our level of personal reality our M-STRA must be activated through our hearts first and foremost. The heart knows Unity and Oneness. It has the necessary frequencies to bring the M-STRA fully to life. The Theramid is setting a foundational energetic tone on the planet to assist us with this. Yet we must make the forward movement to operate from the heart increasingly each and every day in order to make use of what the Theramid offers us.

We are all working on this, each in our own way. It is what I have dedicated my entire life to. I do not live a normal life in the world at this point and have not done so for the last 20 years.

In the "Thine Eye be Single in Love" energy transmission video I offer some very key and hard-earned insights, awareness and tools to accomplish what we must in this regard. I speak more about the M-STRA molecule as well.

Additionally, there is a special bonus segment at the end where I speak a little bit about some rather amazing alchemical technology called Regenesis H2Oau. The Regenesis H2Oau is working with the M-STRA according to Thoth and both Maia and I received information on that which is shared in this video transmission as well.

My own experiences with Regenesis H2Oau have demonstrated to me that it is of great benefit in many ways for our transformation, evolution and healing. The creator of this technology has shared many stories with me of things that have occurred for people over the years she has been producing it.

Thoth has called this the "elixir of Ain Soph" and says that it is the "purest and highest source of Divine Aether available to the general public on Earth" at this time.

Below is a general outline of the various sections in this energy transmission video:

  • 12/12 Energy Dynamics
  • Oneness and Duality ~ the Enigma
  • Our Biology of Oneness
  • The Mind, Dualism or Oneness - a Choice?
  • Tools to Expand Our Awareness into Unity and Oneness
  • Unity Awareness - How it is When Our Eye be Single in Love
  • Discussion and Questions
  • Commanding the Quantum Field
  • Metatron Assisted Process to Command the Quantum Field
  • Regensis H2Oau - Divine Oneness Alchemy
  • The M-STRA molecule and the Theramid
  • M-state (monoatomic) and N-state (non-atomic) materials

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