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Master Menon's Cosmic Energy Report
via Simeon Chi'Ra 03/29/11

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With so much coming down on all levels as we accelerate through the development of Universal Consciousness harmonics I have been offered the opportunity to facilitate a new series of transmissions from Master Menon. These transmissions will be about the current higher-dimensional dynamics taking place and how they affect our reality on Earth.

Master Menon: each of the 13 Heaven-Pulses of Light within the Ninth Universal Wave's Rainbow of Consciousness will sound its unique harmonic tone within your planetary ether. Each one will be building upon those which have preceded it to create the orchestral masterpiece of universalized consciousness in the cosmos.

Earth's entire field of energy and consciousness will respond to this orchestral masterpiece much like the human ear and brain does when the sound of beautiful music is heard.

The energy fields of your planet, its gravitational, magnetic and higher electric frequencies of energy, which together form its Ha'tuu (life force body), are also similar in nature to the human brain. They sensitively adjust to the environment they find themselves immersed within.

On Earth you tend to primarily think of and relate to your planet and her consciousness as being affected by yourselves. This is good as there is an intimate inter-connectedness that is very critically important for humans on Earth to understand and experience more deeply.

It is, however, now time for the leading edge of awareness on your planet to also come into the greater realization that your inter-connectedness with the Earth is part of a much larger circuitry which she naturally participates within, and therefore by default so do you.

The Earth's grid system is part of a much larger galactic grid system which is also part of an even larger crystalline universal network that spans a myriad of galaxies of form, energy and consciousness on every dimensional level that exists.

The Earth responds to energies that are being transmitted through this larger crystalline network or grid of energy. The harmonics of consciousness evolution identified by the Mayan Calendar (and as interpreted by Calleman) are energy pulses and tones that surge powerfully through this entire crystalline universal network.

Each note of the 13 Heaven-Pulses of Light which sounds throughout the universe will cause the Earth's Ha'tuu to "find pleasure" in her central brain cortex. Each human being's central brain cortex is connected to the Earth's Ha'tuu.

The Golden City in the Human Brain ActivatedThis area in the human brain, when it is in resonance with both the current Earth's Ha'tuu and the New Earth's Ha'tuu, is what Thoth through Maia have referred to as the Golden City.

As the Earth, or Gaia as she has been called throughout your ages, starts to find pleasure in the beautiful orchestral music being sounded by the newly developed universal consciousness her whole being including her central brain cortex within her Ha'tuu will start to resonate very strongly with these energies.

The universal orchestra playing the song of unification and oneness will start to then also be "heard" within the central cortex of all human brains as their Golden City quickens to the pulse of the New Earth through Gaia's Ha'tuu responding to the call of Unity and Oneness.

The human brain is naturally designed to seek pleasure. This has often been experienced as a great nemesis to Earth's humanity throughout your long passage in density.

Yet, it is by Divine Design, and as you will soon see your liberation will come from your natural tendency to seek pleasure.

As the Divine Song which sings of the eternal pleasure of universalized consciousness increasingly beckons to the human soul in incarnation, the human brain will start to orient towards that which brings it truly lasting pleasure.

This is a pleasure that does not vacillate like all of the temporal pleasures you have come to know within density. Its appeal shall trump all other pleasures very quickly once its potential has been initially experienced. This is the core mechanism by which the final human transformation on Earth will take place. Hold fast to this knowing and you can help accelerate the process.

The initial two Heaven-Pulses of Light and their unique tones of universal consciousness have already been sounded. Eleven more tones await you. Many beings are already responding, in other worlds as well as your own, to these first two Heaven-Pulses of Light and their liberating tones.

The coordinated work of the recent Zenhidron Crystallex Transmission that helped attune your planetary crystalline grid and collective to the EL'ephen Quasars was of prime importance. The EL'ephen quicken the tone of universal consciousness.

This occurs because it is the development of that level of consciousness that eventually takes an individuated being from sentience through full consciousness. As this progression occurs that individuated form of beingness is then eventually absorbed back into the Totality through the body of the EL'ephen on the Ha'reem membrane. This occurs as an in-breath of God consumes them and brings them fully back to their Source.

The final installation of the New Earth operating system by the Metatronic Councils of Light was successful. The download of the first data bits of New Earth Flame geometries from the Zenhidron EL'ephen was also successful.

These primal flame geometries are already now being processed by a number of humans on your planet which have "found" them and are connecting into the New Earth operating system to figure out how to make proper use of them.

This involves learning how to "unpack" them and then to create secondary archetypes from them within your planetary akashic fields. From there New Earth forms can be created from the secondary archetypes.

Previously, the celestial hierarchy of consciousness on your planet did that for you. Now, it is your role as the New Elohim to assume that role for all your brothers and sisters in your world.

The dolphins and whales on Earth are also interacting with these New Earth flame geometries. Their right-left holographically synchronized brains more easily work with the New Earth operating system and that is one of your keys as well.

As the cetaceans start working with these new flame geometries within their own planetary sub-realities this establishes various new resonances which assist humanity in doing the same.

The Metatronic Councils working with your system have also decided to start coordinating the Archangel Arhaiel Golden Orb Transmissions with the remaining Universal Heaven-Pulses of Light. This synchronization was undecided at the onset of these transmissions, although a definite potential existed.

In observing the most recent Archangel Arhaiel Transmission response by those who participated in this group energy it was seen that there was indeed enough resonance with the Universal Heaven-Pulses of Light to make this an effective modality of linear time synchronization.

Each of these Heaven-Pulses of Light sounds its tone throughout the universe and the Earth's Ha'tuu responds. Archangel Arhaiel and the Christic Sun Spirit of your system are hosts for the energies of the Blue Star Rigel in Orion.

As such, they will simultaneously send forth a Christic Blue-White Fire Transmission with each Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light to be received into the magnetic and light bodies of all humans directly participating as surrogates for ALL of Earth's humanity.

As a result, many more humans who are not directly participating will receive direct benefit from these transmissions than would otherwise occur.

These transmissions have the frequency codes necessary to fuse the Earthly Fire of Human Life Vitality with the Heavenly Fire of Divine Love. To the degree that these two energies become a complete integrated form within human experience, duality on Earth ends.

This is the initial seed needed for formation of the Pure Gem body of the New Earth. It is to this end I summon all who resonate to serve this purpose with myself and the Metatronic Councils of Light.

In the Light of Supreme Solar Illumination,
Lord Menon

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