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Mastering our Chariot of Divine Fire
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chi'Ra 8/11/11

Chariot of Divine Fire - an image for this Family of Light oneness energy channeling article by Cosmic Consciousness Online.In my recent article "Cresting the 9th Cosmic Energy Wave" I promised you further information. This was regarding the relationships between the Universal, Galactic, Solar and Planetary cosmic energy waves.

Herein I will present a good look at these and how they affect us as human beings on Earth. I also share what can be done to transcend and move into experiencing the more expanded dimensions of these cosmic energy waves.

These massive and very powerful energy pulses that are channeling in from the Great Central Sun through our galactic center are taking us into the greater field of cosmic consciousness and oneness.

We can learn to ride them within what I refer to as our Chariot of Divine Fire, rather than feeling like we are being helplessly tossed about on a stormy sea in a small rickety boat in the midst of a cosmic fire storm.

First, we need to have a clear fundamental understanding of what is actually happening. This understanding needs to be generated from the cosmic plane of awareness. This provides us with a universal reference point for everything and clears a lot of confusion.

Starting with the most expanded level of energy, that which emanates from what we call the Great Central Sun or Source Intelligence, we have a series of powerful energy harmonics being generated.

The Big Bang - an image for this Family of Light oneness energy channeling article by Cosmic Consciousness Online.These harmonics have been released in waves of energy over a vast period of time spanning the entire cycle of what we call our manifest universe. This cycle spans 16.4 billion years, it began at what we call the Big Bang.

Each of these cosmic energy waves builds upon those that preceded it. It is like adding layers to a cake. You add one on top of the other until you have the whole cake.

This is therefore not linear wherein one layer completes and another begins. In the cake analogy this linearity would be akin to laying all the cake layers side by side. You would not build and complete a layered cake that way!

In like manner each new universal cosmic energy wave puts down a new strata or layer of harmonics in the universe which sets the foundation for the evolution of consciousness and form.

Mayan Calendar Stellae , an image for this Family of Light oneness energy channeling article by Cosmic Consciousness Online.These waves or layers and their smaller sub-cycles are what the Mayans identified and subsequently designed their long count calender to represent.

These massive cosmic energy pulses or waves then initiate various dynamics within the manifest universe as they are released.

In a sense, the terms 'wave' or 'pulse' are not even a correct terminology. A wave or pulse infers a time element is present in how they propagate throughout the universe.

This is not how this occurs. Rather these harmonics appear instantaneously in all dimensions, realities and par secs of the manifest universe simultaneously.

There is therefore no time propagation component. These are energy dynamics that exist within the quantum field versus the electromagnetic field.

However, these cosmic energy dynamics emanating from Source Intelligence within the quantum field of oneness, i.e. the Great Central Sun, do have very powerful effects on the electromagnetic fields that exist within the manifest aspects of reality.

For example, these cosmic energy dynamics within the quantum field will trigger certain responses from celestial bodies like stars, quasars and black holes. They shift the energy potentials present within these celestial bodies.

As a result the electromagnetic fields in these celestial bodies respond with various types of dynamics as they seek a new balance point with the additional energy potential present on the quantum field.

This new energy potential also carries with it new quantum packets of reality information. These packets emerge in the form of photons and other wave forms from within the celestial body being triggered into response.

These photons or light-codes and the wave forms being generated from the celestial body will carry new frequencies and harmonics. These new frequencies and harmonics are representative of entirely new reality potentials in form and consciousness.

Therefore when one of these cosmic energy potentials is released into the quantum field by the Great Central Sun, we will have our galactic core responding and all stars and celestial bodies within the galaxy will go into resonant responses of some sort.

Each celestial body has its own unique energy patterns so the way each responds differs. The way celestial bodies in higher dimensions of reality respond is quite different also.

Some celestial bodies have representations on all dimensional levels or multiples of dimensional levels. Others may only be manifest on one dimensional level.

As stars and other celestial bodies respond to these cosmic energy waves from the quantum field of oneness, their sub-systems like planets and other parallel worlds within their overall solar envelope then also respond. Beings within these worlds, like us, then also have their own unique responses.

We can entertain this whole host of inter-connected responses as being non-linear. They are all in fact responding simultaneously to the cosmic energy wave released into the quantum field of oneness by the Great Central Sun.

Yet, when you enter into dimensional strata of the universe that incorporate a linear time component then there will be a linear sequencing which appears in that reality.

So for us here on Earth the way this goes is that our galactic core responds to the harmonics of the energy potential released into the quantum field by the Great Central Sun.

Our Sun responding to cosmic energy pulse - an image for this Family of Light oneness energy channeling article by Cosmic Consciousness Online.Then our Sun responds and we see this manifesting as solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CME) and other solar phenomenon. Our Sun can also be triggered by emissions and events related to distant energy sources in our galaxy or even beyond.

Once our Sun responds with solar flares and/or CME's, there are two basic levels of emissions released which are measurable scientifically. There is a fast component which is comprised primarily of xrays and gamma rays. These arrive here on Earth within a few hours of the event on the Sun.

I also know from my own inner study of these dynamics over the last 15 years that we will receive these fast component solar emissions even when the solar flare or CME is not directing its slower charged particle emissions towards the Earth.

This is because these high frequency cosmic rays radiate out into a 360 degree sphere from their point of emanation and are largely unimpeded by the Sun's own mass.

They pass right through it in other words. It is true, however, that there does seem to be a more potent form of these xrays and gamma rays that we get bombarded with when the charged particle emissions are Earth directed. I have some insights and theories about this but that is another article.

Geomagnetic storm on Earth, an image for this Family of Light oneness energy channeling article by Cosmic Consciousness Online.When the slower component of the charged particle emissions reaches the Earth a few days after the solar event, this then causes various interactions which result in geomagnetic storms on Earth. These result in extreme weather, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions on a geophysical level of manifestation.

Human beings experience these geomagnetic storms as a stirring of the emotional cauldron. This stirring can result in emotional clearing or emotional amplification and reinforcement. Which it will be all depends on how the particular individual responds.

This is the basic sequencing which occurs in the linear time construct when powerful cosmic energy potentials are released within the quantum field of oneness.

As stated, I have closely monitored and studied these dynamics for nearly 15 years. I have been continually aware and observing throughout his whole period of time.

I have been watching closely where we are in the Mayan Long Count Calendar, what is happening with our Sun and our planetary geomagnetic field, and what is taking place within myself and others I know.

Out of this has come a depth of awareness and understanding which I now feel is complete and solid enough to start passing it along publicly. I have observed how 15 years ago I was largely affected by the geomagnetic storms that ensued on our planet.

Back then did not sense the fast component from our Sun or the universal components released by the Great Central Sun into the quantum field.

About 4-5 years ago I began noticing there was shift taking place. I was clearly beginning to respond to the fast component being released by our Sun. I would thus go through my process ahead of the arrival of the geomagnetic storms.

In the early phases of this shift I was involved in processes from BOTH the fast and slow component. During this brief transitionary period it felt many times like I was truly doomed because had to experience everything twice.

Then this shifted and I began mainly experiencing the fast component. I was then able to be in a fairly solid and stable place energetically by time the slower component arrived and set off the geomagnetic storms. This placed me into a unique position to be stable enough to help others.

I also noticed that the process effected by the fast solar component was much easier to move through in my internal emotional processes. The higher frequencies of the xrays and gamma rays are responsible for this more efficient processing. This statement is based on what Thoth has related to me over the years coupled with my own inner knowing.

Now, here with the activation of the 9th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light on July 31st, I have become aware of yet another shift taking place. This was the first time that I felt my inner process being triggered directly by the cosmic energy potential from the Great Central Sun being released into the quantum field.

To clarify, I have clearly felt the energy shifts elicited by the other Heaven-Pulses. However, they have not been of a nature wherein they elicited a process similar to what happens with the fast solar xray and gamma ray components for me.

I would always have to wait for those solar components to arrive to realize the transformation the Heaven-Pulse offered. I would therefore experience the Heaven-Pulse more as a potential being offered but not yet realized at the time of its activation.

This shift represents a further progression in how I am responding to these cosmic energy potentials. I am now shifting into being right in the heart of the cosmic potential facilitating my entire human process without so much of the linear time components involved at all!

This is a very wonderful development, and its around the corner for you too if it has not arrived already! What I noticed is that the process that is elicited by being outside of the linear time sequencing is very expansive and rapid.

I moved through a whole hologram of fear, This hologram was immense it was over and done in a very brief period of time. I emerged into an entirely new sense of clarity and reality as a result. I am still amazed, almost in disbelief!

This is the way it will be happening soon for everyone. I KNOW this in every fiber of my being. For whatever reasons I tend to experience this stuff a bit ahead of the curve. Contemplate what this means for planetary transformation too!

I wish to now share what I know regarding how you can consciously align yourself into being able sync with these cosmic energy potentials and harmonics ahead of the linear time components and thus experience them from within your Chariot of Divine Fire much more gracefully and easily too!

The main requirement is an ongoing expansion of your awareness into the universal cosmic plane of awareness. As your awareness expands in this manner, your whole being starts to incorporate more expanded domains of energy.

These more expanded domains of energy become further and further removed from the limitations of the linear time reality we have on Earth as a world system.

This expansion then continually places you into position to be able to sense and respond internally to subtler levels of these energy dynamics that operate without the time constraints. If the energy you are able to respond to is not bound by time constraints, then the energy it can process isn't either.

This means ultimately that all limited energy from our entire linear timeline on Earth could be completely erased in one very quick and graceful transformational event! Embrace this potential!

There are many ways you expand your awareness in the direction needed. However, the one I have focused on diligently for many years which I know did the job in a very efficient manner is the cessation of projection.

This means taking 100% responsibility for everything we experience inside of ourselves. Nothing external to us can be blamed or held accountable for what we experience internally.

The rational and logical and mind will generally attempt to argue with this to no end. You cannot accomplish this re-orientation and alignment by trying to wrestle or force that part of your mind into submission either. You must continually embrace that aspect of your mind in love and gently point it in the new direction. Gentle, loving persistence pays off!

Adopt the motto "there is no out there." Anytime your mind attempts to place the cause of what you experience inside of yourself, onto something external to you, simply remind it that "there is no out there."

One simple method of getting the mind to accept that "there is no out there" involves using the simple logic it is used to. If you also couple this with the knowledge that the mind always seeks control, you have a winning combination! You will therefore be showing your mind how to get what it really wants and you will not have to oppose it!

Martial Arts Yin Yang, an image for this Family of Light oneness energy channeling article by Cosmic Consciousness OnlineThis method uses principles taught in the martial arts. You do not oppose energy in the martial arts, you use it to your advantage by simply re-directing it according to your desired goal.

Therefore, if you tell your mind that in order to have control over what is going on inside of you (which it wants very badly), it has to stop making its inner reality dependent upon things that are "out there" which it cannot really control very effectively.

Remind your mind how many times it has tried to control things that are "out there" only to fail and feel totally miserable. Then show it how it can change all of that by taking 100% responsibility for what is happening internally, thereby also assuming 100% power and control over that inner experience as well.

The mind loves this... and it will follow you gladly! Then your mind becomes your ally in love-light and expands your awareness so you can get aboard your own Chariot of Divine Fire and ride these cosmic energy waves in truly fine style!

If you would like some Chariot of Divine Fire boarding assistance I am available!

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