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Master Menon Transmission
Aton Solar Disk & the Golden Orb
by Simeon Chi'Ra 01/24/11

In response to my last newsletter where I shared my story with the Golden Orb I received an email from a friend who was relating her experience with the Aton Solar Disk and Sun Chakra, which she felt were closely related.

This triggered a transmission from Master Menon regarding the Aton/Akhenaten Solar Disk and Sun Chakra work and initiations that were originally used in the latter period of Atlantis and which carried forth into the ancient Egyptian experience.

The Master Menon Transmission below opened up a huge channel of energy that is related to previous work Maia and I were doing together as well. I will be relating a bit more on that in the next newsletter.

1/23/11 Master Menon Transmission

The Akhenaten/Aton Solar Disk or "Sun Chakra" was implemented by the Councils of Light within the latter epochs of Atlantis and the early "pre-historic" stages of Egypt. It was being used then as the primary foundational harmonic for what was to come in development of the Solar Christ Consciousness on Earth.

Akhenaten became a primary vehicle for this manifestation in the human experience in his day. His monotheistic focus within the Solar Orb energies brought human collective consciousness into a more clearly defined focus upon the higher nature of the purpose of Solar Deity.

This program of light was working primarily within the indigenous or lower Solar Logos of your solar system, that which is referred to as the 666 solar threshold in previous transmissions I and Thoth have provided you.

After the incarnation of Isho'a (Yeshua) and his embodiment of the Solar Christic Sun-Spirit Arhaiel at his baptismal Solar Initiation, the Cube of Stars 999 harmonics were fully activated within the higher aspect of your solar system's double Solar Logos (666/999).

The full inversion of the 666 into the 999 has not yet fully occurred. Your collective consciousness is steadily progressing in this direction. The older programs of light related to the 666 in many respects have not been fully realized, and this must occur prior to full activation of the 999 and inversion into the Cube of Stars collectively.

The Akhenaten/Aton Solar Disk and Sun Chakra procedures were/are meant to complete the 666 fundamental harmonics which set the stage for the full activation and inversion into the 999 Cube of Stars. The 9/9/9 stargate-timegate on Earth was a major nexus point for this movement of consciousness. It de-marked a point of "no-return" wherein the collective consciousness crossed the dimensional membrane completely enough that entry into the Cube of Stars was solidified as a planetary movement.

The Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi (GODS Chi) that you have become recently aware of incorporates the previous Akhenaton/Aton Solar Disk and Sun Chakra program within it and also it holds the new codes of deliverance into the 999 inversion that the Cube of Stars represents. This was activated within your biofield during your 999 Tele-Transmission process which you had organized and facilitated for others as aspects of yourself who joined you in this process.

Whereas the Aton Solar Disk brought the initiates into consolidation within the physical nexus point in their incarnate vehicle thereby more fully grounding the indigenous Solar Deity of your system within their experience. The Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi, as we are referring to it, builds upon that solar chi foundation and also begins to incorporate the more expansive matrix of the Cube of Stars within it.

Therefore, whereas the work with the Aton Solar Disk / Sun Chakra would/will bring you into a point of power, that power was/is administered through the lower Solar Logos of your local system using the harmonics of 666. This was/is a factor of Divine Grace, not an evil manifestation as some have believed on your planet. It was/is the foundation of the Greater Temple.

Since Isho'a (Yeshua) grounded the primary Christic incarnational cycle on Earth the harmonics of the Higher Solar Logos of your system have become increasingly present within the Aton Solar Disk / Sun Chakra programs of light. It is important, however, for current initiates working with these previous programs of light to more fully understand, at both a conscious level and in terms of pure energy resonance, the different components of energy that are now involved.

This is important because it is entirely possible for current initiates engaging the Akhenaten/Aton Solar Disk procedures to inadvertently focus intently on the original program of light these processes worked with and to therefore not find their way as easily into the new programs of light being added as a capstone through the Higher Solar Logos of the Cube of Stars from the Blue Star Rigel and her Councils of Light.

There are many different forms that the 999 Cube of Stars and higher Solar Logos of your system will present itself as to various individuals. The Golden Orb dynamic is only one symbolic representation of the dynamic, for Spirit is not limited and will meet you on your own ground of conscious understanding.

These Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi transmissions from the Higher Councils of Light that I, Menon, work with and belong to, are therefore meant as a further planetary attunement and transmission of these new light codes of deliverance from within the unique station that you, Simeon Chi'Ra, hold and represent within the planetary collective at this time.

These transmissions are making use of the Temple of Light, the merkabic vehicle, that you and your kindred Maia built in the planetary ether over the years of your intimate work together. It is a powerful and radiant structure that will outlive you both for some time...

A personal message to Maia and I also followed. All of it was entirely unexpected...

Further correlations have opened up as a result of this Menon transmission along with some corresponding guidance that directed me to some information Maia and I had previously worked with. It involves connections between the Golden Orb / Aton Solar Disk and the Sacred An, the Ark of the Covenant (the Ark of Grace version), the "Sun Born" of the Solar Shepherd Races and more.

Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi (GODS Chi)
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